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Your Choice for January 2018 CCC Theme?

Not Just Walking XP
14% (9 votes)
9% (6 votes)
Make Them Feel Special
8% (5 votes)
19% (12 votes)
Colonial Times
14% (9 votes)
Combinations for Variety *
8% (5 votes)
Cultism Is In *
28% (18 votes)
Total votes: 64
The Amethyst Dragon
Theme Descriptions

Not Just Walking XP: Make goblins more interesting than just two-dimensional walking XP for many low level PCs. They should have goblin-made lairs (placeables, tiles), they should have goblin-made/found weapons, armor, treasure (item models or prefabs), they should use devious traps (scripts), they should use underhanded tactics (ai scripts, encounters, etc.), they should have interesting pets (prefabs, models), they should have better quests for them (beyond "bring back 10 goblin ears"), and they should have more personality (conversations, one-liners, etc.). Goblins also have ancestral enemies (such as ugly, hairy, grumpy dwarves) that might have spells/items that target goblins. Kobolds should also be included in this theme.
{ Suggested by: The Amethyst Dragon }

Machines: Any crazy contraptions, gizmos, doodads that might be useful for something. I know those gnomes have created more than just a "gnomish contraption" since NWN came out. Things like: Mechanical horse, Wagon car, and an elevator that would fit nicely into some of the small interior rooms.
{ Suggested by: GhostOfGod }

Make Them Feel Special: New items, feats, and more for characters with different prestige classes. Maybe create new prestige classes.
{ Suggested by modderpunk }

Golems: NWN already had loads of golems. Some better (all Project Q ones), some Worse (Default Flesh Golems), but hey... constructs are pretty cool type of mobs, in my opinion and such theme would give the creators pretty wide range to choose with, eg. Inevitables from Planescape (we already have Marut) or Sand Golems, or some crazy Arcane Constructs from WoW... or something entirely different.
{ Suggested by Haverok }

Colonial Times: Content that would help a builder bring NWN into the time period of the colonial era and Revolutionary War. Possible examples might be forts, cannons, muskets, clothing and uniforms, blockhouses, printing presses, and flags.
{ Suggested by Wall3t }

Combinations for Variety: Gestalt/Combined Classes (Custom classes with features from two different classes, like Bard/Rogue, Cleric/Monk, Fighter/???) and Creature Templates (Vampires, Lycanthropes, Lich, etc...)
{ Suggested by Soul_Thievery }

Cultism Is In: Most fantasy games have some kind of cult, evil or otherwise - druid cults, we-sacrifice-people-to-evil-gods-cults, werewolf cults, happiness-through-abnegation-cults, we're-all-facelessly-identical-cults... give them all the blood-filled bowls and pools and sacrificial animals they could ever need. Sacrificial pit tiles, skull totems. Jars with faces in them. Wearable masks, hoods, robes. Painted drums and gongs. Cultist creature models, and creature models for the sinister overlords they might worship. Bone daggers. Mystical wall-decorations for the secret temples. Secret doors, to lead to secret temples. Book items full of gibberish ranting and sinister prophecies. Floor triggers that send sinister messages to the player. Chanting sounds. Internal organ inventory icons. Secret identification symbols - on amulets, rings, walls, floors, furniture, bodypart tattoos.
{ Suggested by TheBarbarian }