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What graphic settings are you playing at?

Maximum graphic settings (Best overall quality, 64bit textures)
87% (194 votes)
Medium (Good overall quality, 32bit textures)
8% (17 votes)
Low (Low overall quality, 16mb textures)
3% (6 votes)
Lowest (Fast overall quality, compatibility (16mb) textures)
3% (7 votes)
Total votes: 224
No offence, but kinda

No offence, but kinda pointless poll, im sure 99.9%  of players are: Maximum graphic settings (Best overall quaity, 64 MEG textures)

Also this poll is flat out

Also this poll is flat out wrong/inaccurate: half the options for Votes are IMPOSSIBLE.


Title and selections are badly phrased:

You are asking only abut the setting for texture "quality" not color bit depth.


First off, There are no such things as 64-bit color monitors, nor Video Cards...


(the average human eye flakes out at about 6 million colors, while 24 Bit = 16 Million) 


Neither NWN1/NWN2 (nor any other game in existance) is a 64-BIT Color texture game:

The setting in Graphis options page is 64 MEG (in File/Ram Size) not BIT if you look again:

- High is most certianly NOT 64-bit color textures (nor is any PC game anywere)

- Medium is NOT 32-bit color textures (high end modern games are)

 - Low is NOT 16-Bit textures


NWN uses typicly uses 24 Bit Textures for the Record (16 Bit Color Depth + 8 bit alpha channel) :P


Poll should be repharased at least (tho im sure most ppl know what you meant)


selection choices reflects letter by letter what you can see in NWN Video Options menu.

Bottom line, everyone plays

Bottom line, everyone plays max settings on texture quality :P