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<feeling humbled...>

It's time and past time I expressed my thanks and awe for the people who have jumped in to help preserve the Vault.

This list is not all encompassing, and if I have neglected something or someone, please forgive (and inform) me.

For desperately needed donations - Thank you!

  • Merricksdad
  • The Amethyst Dragon
  • MrZork
  • Phenix-rising
  • Zwerkules
  • PJ156
  • T0r0
  • Squatting Monk
  • Zarathustra217
  • Chief
  • Mistress Of None
  • Lesommer

Maximus for endorsing and encouraging us in the project.
Henesua for the face-to-faces and the backup.
Micheal Darkangel for continued background support and a host when we needed one.
Acomputerdude for scripting support and answering mindlessly repetitive questions about perl.
Meaglyn for scripting support and answering mindlessly repetitive questions about java.
Bannor Bloodfist & Tarot Redhand (Edit: Goddess! Could they be related?! Just noticed after all this time...) for concise yet indepth theming suggestions and generally keeping me from going too crazy with the place.

And a huge, special thank you to Pain of Dungeon Eternal for his incredible work and dedication in building the Vault Storage System, the Vault API and working always to keep the focus of both his Neverlauncher and the Vault on the play-experience, rather than just nifty gadgets (my personal failing ;-)

PS, I rather agonized over this post. I want so much to express how wonderful you all have made me feel, and I want to specifically thank certain people but I don't really want to disrespect others, especially the ones just now starting to really put some effort into the Vault.
If anyone would rather I replace their handle with <sugar-daddy/momma>, just let me know.
If anyone feels left out, *please* correct my oversight!
I want to thank *all* of you, not just the ones I remember :-P

<...and uplifted at the same time>