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Currently which of these do you use the most?

NwN 2
19% (76 votes)
56% (225 votes)
NwN Diamond/1.69
16% (66 votes)
NwN 2 & NwN EE Roughly Equally
2% (9 votes)
NwN 2 & Diamond/1.69 Roughly Equally
3% (11 votes)
NwN EE & Diamond/1.69 Roughly Equally
3% (14 votes)
All Three Roughly Equally
0% (1 vote)
Total votes: 402
EE steam woes.

I had bought it on steam, but I think I regret not buying it on, since that had the diamond edition paired with it, which is great for older mods from what I heard. I think someone should say that, just in case they want a wider experience? just my opinion.