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About us

One of my concerns in creating this site has been continuity and commitment. Too many things in NwN fade away, whether from neglect or malice or profit-motive. When I committed to preserving the Vault and the fabulous content this community has created over the years, I committed to developing a community-run and community supported repository that could maintain interest, resist the storms of trolls and personality and would never be profit-driven.

A portion of that commitment lies in the administrative structure we are building here, and the diverse staff we are attracting. With redundant admins, creatively diverse developers and enthusiastic and knowledgeable moderators, we are building a site that can survive the boredom or RL hardships of a single admin, that is designed by our very own community for our very own needs and is both responsive to and accepting of the wonderfully diverse contributions we safeguard.

These are the people managing this treasure vault:

Admins: Admins can administer user accounts,  backup or restore the site and have all privileges of Developers and Moderators:

Developers: Developers can get into the guts of the site and have the power to fold, spin and mutilate the site. But we trust them to build, rather than destroy :-)

Moderators: Moderators help style the site but are primarily intended to aid authors in their contributions and to maintain the ever-vigilant guard against spam and trolls:

Please feel free to contact any of us if you have questions, or if you wish to join the effort to preserve the Vault and it's treasures.

- Rolo Kipp