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SimpleFix: Cleaving jestemwlodzimierz

This very simple script will trigger the actual "cleave" animation during combat. Here's a video.

2017-02-22 13 hours 17 min ago 0
DMFI item scripts khaevil

A few scripts used to create and manipulate objects for DMs.

2017-02-15 1 week 4 hours ago 0
ABJECT Placeable Upgrade System ABJECT_SELF

Placeable Upgrade System V1.0

This script is the result of something I've been working on for

2017-02-10 1 week 5 days ago 0
Magic Vestment upgrade khaevil

Changes Magic Vesment so that if cast on a creature with a shield equipped it casts on the shield instead. 


2017-01-21 1 month 2 days ago 0
Gigaschatten's PW engine V4 - Arelith edition Mithreas

This is the final version of the Gigaschatten engine, as developed for Arelith (, along with a couple...

2017-01-05 1 month 2 weeks ago 0
Gigaschatten's PW engine Mithreas

The GS Persistant World Engine is a full-featured PW basic environment that replaces almost all Bioware standard scripting.  Demo areas are included.

2017-01-05 1 month 2 weeks ago 0
DMFI Language System StraightOuttaAvernus

In my ongoing effort to assemble my server, I just happened upon the language cipher premade as part of the DMFI package but I didn't want to have to bulk up my module...

2016-12-31 1 month 3 weeks ago 0
OverCritical kevL's

Neverwinter Vault thread:

2016-12-20 2 months 4 days ago 1
Guile's Simple Cheat System Guile's Simple Cheat System Genisys

This simple cheat system can be used in two ways...

2016-12-19 2 months 4 days ago 0
Dynamic Trade System v0.2/ Sistema Dinamico de Mercado v0.2 Luckybastardo

Real system for trade between cities.

This system can be controlled by Dm online, they can adjust goods at desire. To create demand or surplus in each city only...

2016-12-14 2 months 1 week ago 0
Armor Speed Reduction v0.1 / Penalizacion al movimiento por Armadura v0.1 Luckybastardo

Apply a penality armor speed when an armor is equipped.

When armor is unequipp the penality is remove.

Only two scrips,
put then on Module_Propeties...

2016-12-13 2 months 1 week ago 0
Gladiator´s Net 0.31/ Red de Gladiador 0.31 Luckybastardo

This script includes 3 routines an object "Gladiator´s Net" and a placeable Gladiator´s Net.You could find it under:


2016-12-13 2 months 1 week ago 0
Magus' Rest System henesua

Module rest event scripts which allow you to configure rest requirements in your module.
Rest restrictions can be both hard (preventing rest) and soft (limiting the...

2016-12-01 2 months 3 weeks ago 1
Magus: Use Event for Animatable Placeables henesua

This script offers control of your animatable placeables.
Want to animate an object which opens and closes rather than de/activates?
Want to turn off...

2016-11-20 3 months 1 hour ago 1
Alternate Horse Scripts Migrate Wizard

This is an alternate / replacement for BioWare's horse scripts. The override version gets decompressed into your override directory. The import version is only for...

2016-11-15 2 months 3 weeks ago 0
Markshire Portable Persistent Chest System Migrate Wizard

Now on Facebook! 

Tested in 1.69 

2016-11-13 3 months 1 week ago 0
Area NPC One Liners Asharin


2016-10-28 3 months 3 weeks ago 1
NWN2 Special attacks CromFr

Latest version


2016-10-17 4 months 1 week ago 1
Mannast's Throw System v.0.3 Mannast

This system will allow your PCs to select a valid item from inventory to throw, then try and throw it at a selected target. We say try, because the script takes into...

2016-09-20 5 months 5 days ago 0
Mannast's Trap Prodding v.0.3 Mannast

Trap Prodding by Mannast v.0.3  9/5/2016
"staff_trigger", "staff_end_dam" scripts
"staff_end" npc blueprint
"staff_trigger" item blueprint

2016-09-07 5 months 4 days ago 0
255 known spells crash-prevention-fix Rasael

The 255 spells known crash: NWN2 crashes whenever a wizard knows 255 spells or more.

2016-08-26 5 months 4 weeks ago 0
Turnbased Mode for NWN1 (For DMs) MadHatter

Intensive scientific research has led to the conclusion that 106% of DMs and players like Turnbased Mode for NWN1. That's a pretty impressive statistic!

2016-08-24 6 months 1 day ago 0
SubdualDamage 1.5 diavlen

This system allows PCs to be subdued in PvP battles. (Based on Rocc's script)

2016-08-11 6 months 2 weeks ago 1
Detect Evil 1.1 diavlen

This script, along with the two items will simulate the DnD 'Detect Evil' spell. It has been updated to comply with DND 3.5 Spell 'Detect Evil' Player's Handbook pages 218...

2016-08-11 6 months 2 weeks ago 0
Merchants of Borgo 1.5 diavlen

Merchants of Borgo, or MoB, is a system where your players can hire a standard NWN Merchant to sell their items.

2016-08-11 6 months 2 weeks ago 0
GOG's Underwater System Migrate Wizard

I needed a robust water system for my mod and couldn't find quite what I was looking for so I tackled the problem myself.

2016-08-01 6 months 3 weeks ago 0
Magus's Persistent Inventory Examples henesua

An example project illustrating one method of implementing persistent inventories.

2016-07-25 3 months 11 hours ago 1
Dynamic Deity Populated Pantheon graywolf.theheathen

the Read Me


2016-05-29 8 months 4 weeks ago 1
Improved cantrips GoodLuc

After I played for a while, I decided that cantrips become unnecessary very soon and that fact didn't sit right with me.

2016-05-21 9 months 2 days ago 0
Dynamic Merchant khaevil

A demo module for a dynamic store. The store inventory will vary based on settings stored as local variables and using an item list stored as a .2DA.

2016-05-10 9 months 2 weeks ago 0
Magus Loot System henesua

Old school piles of treasure defined by the builder which scale in value with player level. Multiple treasure sources to select from at each loot drop. Percentage chances...

2016-03-01 3 months 11 hours ago 0
Treasures SiliconScouts Treasure Spawn system 1.8a - Updated Feb 4, 2006 Migrate Wizard

This treasure system has been designed and refined from the ground up to be useful for both novice and veteran builders.

I was looking for a versatile system that...

2016-02-28 11 months 3 weeks ago 0
effect_inc Vendel Dawnfield

Uses PSTR v13

Main point of this include is to link an effect with an Effect Line (string)
that contains all information to create the effect.

2016-02-05 1 year 2 weeks ago 0
Mannast's Coin System Mannast

This erf contains a Coinage system that grew from the Community Roleplay Adaption Project (CRAP) system.  

2016-01-30 1 year 2 weeks ago 0
PRH Riding System Vendel Dawnfield

  The purpose of the PRH system is to get more realism to the entire riding
  situation in NWN. If having your own warhorse becomes the pinnacle of cool-

2016-01-18 1 year 1 month ago 1
Area transition effect Vendel Dawnfield

OnAreaTransitionClick for Door or Trigger, OnUsed for Placeable

2016-01-06 1 year 1 month ago 0
Module OnPCChat event script Vendel Dawnfield

With this script in module OnPlayerChat event, every PCs last spoken string is stored as a local string ("PC_LAST_CHAT_MESSAGE") on the PC.

2016-01-06 1 year 1 month ago 0
pstr Vendel Dawnfield

With 1.69 came the nifty possibility to edit and save strings on descriptions of items, etc, in the game. SetDescription() opened up a new world for me.

2016-01-06 1 year 2 weeks ago 0
CEP2 tailor system remade for PRCONV Vendel Dawnfield

The script converted is the "mil_tailor", residing in the "cep24_add_sb_v1.erf".


2016-01-06 1 year 1 month ago 0
PRCONV Vendel Dawnfield

  Instead of each conversation using its own scripts for testing conditions and
handling events, make a set of scripts used by all conversation.

2016-01-06 1 year 1 month ago 1
Cover Screen Advanced Following/Formations System - By Lustabel Lustabel

This system is made for Players and DMs, allowing them to Follow or build an Entire Custom Formation.

2016-01-04 1 year 1 month ago 0
Random dungeon map generator [WIP] Shadooow

This is a project I was working on several times and never finished. This is work in progress that I might never complete.

2015-12-16 1 year 2 months ago 0
Clangeddin's Fixes Clangeddin

This mod will fix the following bugs:
1) Spell Resistance from items firing only the first time.

2015-12-08 3 months 1 week ago 1
Numos' Minion Command Tool Numos

This system allows PCs to direct followers using the feat PlayerTool01. Requires an NWN 1.69, and for PCs to have a creature skin attached.

2015-12-04 1 year 2 months ago 1
Numos' In-Game Transition Tool Numos

This sytem allows DMs to set up area transitions, via a clickable placeable, while in-game.

2015-12-04 1 year 2 months ago 0
Brief example Metachannels Dagesh

Metachannels version 1.0

by Dagesh

2015-11-29 10 months 4 days ago 0
Razare's Creature Spawn System (RCSS) NWN2 v2.03 CryptRaz This is a creature spawn system which I made several years ago that ran on a couple PW's.  This is the NWN2 version. 2015-10-24 1 year 4 months ago 0
Razare's Treasure Spawn System (RTSS) NWN1 v1.00 CryptRaz

This treasure system was used back in the day on at least 2 different PW's around 2007-08.

2015-10-21 1 year 4 months ago 0
NWN1 Player Utilities calgacus

Old project, backing it up here in case bioware pulls their project support pages.

2015-09-30 1 year 4 months ago 0
Generic Button System v.1.5 Mannast

Generic Button System by Mannast v.1.5

2015-09-20 1 year 5 months ago 0