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Harp Splash Harp & Chrysanthemum Migrate Wizard


2014-06-28 3 years 8 months ago 19
The Maimed God's Saga Migrate Wizard

Intrigued by a cryptic call for heroes from a rural priest, you arrive in the hamlet of Riverford on the Delimbiyr River.

2014-07-14 4 years 6 days ago 18
The Soul Cages - Chapter 1 Loose Ends PJ156

Honour, your long time adventuring companion needs to find her mother.

2014-07-25 4 years 10 months ago 17
The Wizard's Apprentice Chapter II: The Talisman and the Eye Migrate Wizard

This is a sequel to The Wizard's Apprentice. If you have not played The Wizard's Apprentice, I recommend that you do so before starting The Wizard'...

2014-07-07 4 years 6 days ago 15
The Wizard's Apprentice Migrate Wizard

by Matthew Rieder
How many orcs can you blow up with one fireball?
Is it a good idea to insult the...

2014-07-07 4 years 6 days ago 15
Asphyxia Migrate Wizard

In the depths of the frozen north, secrets of the past lie buried under the thick sheets of ice and snow. Icewind Dale, a recently settled land at the peak of Faerun,...

2014-07-13 4 years 6 days ago 14
Trinity Migrate Wizard

One man seeks to make the Dalelands his. Will you be the one to stop him?

2014-07-23 4 years 6 months ago 14
Misery Stone Migrate Wizard

Enter Ravenloft, the realm of mist and shadow in this Neverwinter Nights 2 adventure by BouncyRock Entertainment.

2014-07-09 4 years 6 months ago 13
Path of Evil kamal

Module Types : City Adventure, Freeform, Roleplay

2013-12-20 7 months 1 week ago 13
Fate of a City Migrate Wizard

Determine your destiny, and shape the Fate of a City.

2014-07-15 3 years 8 months ago 12
Woodburrow Fanglewood alupinu

Eyeing you questionably, the guild officer starts to explain. "It should only take a couple of days.

2014-07-25 4 years 5 months ago 11
Welcome to The Wizard's Apprentice Chapter III: The Ascendant The Wizard's Apprentice III: The Ascendant Migrate Wizard

This module is the conclusion to The Wizard's Apprentice trilogy. I recommend you play the first two before playing it or it will not make any sense.

2014-07-07 3 years 8 months ago 11
New Phlan: Docks Pool of Radiance Remastered Migrate Wizard Markus "Wayne" Schlegel, the author of the A Hunt through the Dark series has formed a team to create his own interpretation of the mother of all AD&D computer... 2014-07-04 3 years 8 months ago 10
16 Cygni Claudius33

Human Datation: 2261.
Young Lieutenant Junior Grade, you are a new crew member of Epsilon Eridiani, a frigate class exploration ship, heading toward the 16 Cygni...

2014-07-20 1 year 6 months ago 10
Icewind Dale NWN2 slowdive

Icewind Dale (NWN2)...

2013-12-14 4 years 6 days ago 10
B2: Keep on the Borderlands (NWN2 edition) Carlo

Keep on the Borderlands is a conversion of paper and pencil module written by Gary Gygax, first published by TSR in 1979.

2014-07-15 1 year 2 weeks ago 10
Live Forever Migrate Wizard

Hello everyone,

2014-07-26 3 years 11 months ago 9
The Corruption of Kiahoro Migrate Wizard Your wanderings bring you to the Mere of Dead Men. Tucked away in the southeast corner is the tiny, insignificant and completely overlooked Kiahoro County. Overlooked until... 2014-07-01 3 years 8 months ago 9
A Hunt Through the Dark Remastered Migrate Wizard Did you ever want to play the dark side? How about being one of the most evil, dreaded, despised creatures of Faerun? How about being a drow? Find out in this roleplaying... 2014-07-22 3 years 1 month ago 9
Legacy of White Plume Mountain Migrate Wizard

Legacy of White Plume Mountain is a 'treasure hunt' sandbox campaign for single or multiplayer parties of 7th level and upwards.

2014-07-14 4 years 6 days ago 9
Subtlety of Thay - Chapter 2 Migrate Wizard

Continuation of the Subtlety of Thay series. Support of Ch 2 standalone has ceased.

Note that v1.4 and higher are compatible with SoZ. There are currently no means...

2014-07-13 3 years 8 months ago 8
Traveller Migrate Wizard Your wanderings bring you to the manor of the honourable Lord Harcourt, north of Waterdeep. You have spent many weeks on the open road and need a rest. Luckily the manor is... 2014-07-01 3 years 8 months ago 8
From This Comes Strength PJ156

Revenge! The need to pay back the people who owe you your life, and your fathers life is the only thing that has kept you sane these past four years.

2013-05-05 4 years 6 days ago 8
Pilgrim: Chapter 1 Grog

The world is dying. Escape is the only hope we have left.

2017-09-09 1 year 8 months ago 8
Tragedy in Tragidor Migrate Wizard

Traveling on a Caravan bound for Sundabar, a terrible storm has whipped up forcing Caravan Master Sergei Wettell to pull in for the night in the tiny hamlet of Tragidor....

2014-07-15 4 years 6 months ago 7
The Darkening Sky - Prologue colorsfade

Story Synopsis...

2014-02-26 3 years 10 months ago 7
Lolthanchwi Migrate Wizard

Did you ever want to play the dark side? How about being one of the most evil, dreaded, despised creatures of Faerun? How about being a drow?

2014-07-22 3 years 8 months ago 7
A Secret In Stone Migrate Wizard Goblin Raiders, virgin suicides and people disappearing. What is the secret of Stonedale? And what is the purpose of the mysterious stone circle that overlooks the village? 2014-07-27 4 years 6 days ago 7
A Fairy Tale Migrate Wizard

Once upon a time in a far away land you were given a job to do, a job that would take you on a journey that would alter the way that this land would be forever....

2014-07-21 4 years 6 days ago 7
Planescape: The Shaper of Dreams Milena

Planescape: The Shaper of Dreams is the first part of a single-player campaign consisting of six chapters.

2014-07-26 4 years 6 days ago 7
The Subtlety of Thay Migrate Wizard

Subtlety of Thay ...

2014-07-13 4 years 6 months ago 6
Sarmates! Claudius33

Sarmates! A bilingual French/English single player campaign during Antiquity.

2014-07-25 4 years 11 months ago 6
Vordan's Hero Creator Migrate Wizard Vordan's Hero Creator (VHC) is a trainer module for Neverwinter Nights 2. It gives you the power to set up a character with gold, items and XP. The latest version includes... 2014-07-20 3 years 3 months ago 6
Old Sal mans the bar! FRW Character Creator Berliad

FRW Character Creator, v.3.0.0...

2014-07-20 4 years 6 days ago 6
Dark Avenger Chapter 2 Migrate Wizard

The saga continues. With Barrington's death you now have the location of the militia fortress and Elder D'Arque - those responsible for your, and your family's, murder.

2014-07-26 4 years 6 days ago 5
Ravenloft: Dreamscape Migrate Wizard

Ravenloft:Dreamscape is our way of melding the worlds of i6 and i10 together in a new way.

2014-07-26 4 years 6 days ago 5
Tomoachan Migrate Wizard

Tomoachan is an adaptation of C1: The Hidden Shrine of Tomoachan, a module that was originally used for the Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons tournament at...

2014-07-26 4 years 6 days ago 5
Murder in Dunlop alupinu

Having left your parents house some days ago, you where not thrilled at the idea of spending the rest of your life being a farmer.

2014-07-18 4 years 6 months ago 5
The Dana'an Unvanquished J.E. McKellar Your war is over, but their war has just begun. You are the last of the Dana'an, a group of rangers led by Finn Dana'an all but exterminated by the Empire. The war has taken... 2014-07-15 3 years 7 months ago 5
Crimmor kamal Crimmor is a module for solo rogues of level 8 (you can level up and receive appropriate gold ingame). Use skills and rogue abilities as a Shadow Thief in the streets of the... 2013-04-13 3 years 8 months ago 5
Conan Chronicles 2 - The Zamorian Chronicles Migrate Wizard

"Tired of the grim and frozen north, you have headed south to Zamora to see what the so-called "civilised" lands may offer.

2014-07-20 3 years 6 months ago 5
Dark Waters (full) PIPBoy3000

Set sail on the high seas for this grand piratey adventure. Over three years of development and many people's effort went into this project.

2014-07-20 1 year 8 months ago 5
Howls in the Dark Migrate Wizard

After having defeated the Kobold King and rescuing a woman from death by burning at the stake, you travel to the village of Lost Acres.

2014-07-26 4 years 6 days ago 5
Crimson Cherry 2: Demon Womb (Chapter1) PaladinXtreme

Mankind have turned their backs on the gods...

2014-07-26 4 years 6 days ago 4
Legacy of the Dragon Migrate Wizard

Arriving in Port Trinad on a hijacked ship is bad enough, but something in this small port town is not as it should be.

2014-07-26 4 years 6 days ago 4
Serene Migrate Wizard

You wake up at home in the village of Marintree slightly the worst for wear after a night of partying with the local dryads.

2014-07-24 4 years 6 months ago 4
Untold Tales Of Tolkien: The Indanthrine Prince (NWN2 Edition) MERP UK

The history of Middle Earth is sewn with legends. Exceptional people renowned as heroes of their time; or held in terrible infamy.

2013-11-20 2 years 9 months ago 4
The Red Prison Migrate Wizard

A desperate request for help launches you into the unknown, sending you to strange lands far from home.

2014-07-15 4 years 6 days ago 4
The Chronicles of Azaelus 1: The Tower in the Marsh Migrate Wizard

You are travelling with your mentor to the hamlet of Westfeld, to visit an old friend.

2014-07-27 4 years 6 months ago 4
Dark Avenger Chapter 1 Migrate Wizard

You died. But you came back. You return to your home village with little memory of your past, save for a burning desire for revenge.

2014-07-26 3 years 8 months ago 4