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Twilight Doomknight Migrate Wizard This is a new and improved version of the original Twilight Doomknight Hak, this time including Portraits. Version 4 now, including V1.27 support! Enjoy! 2014-12-31 5 years 1 month ago
Anphillia Skybox Pack Migrate Wizard Extract the contents on this file into your nwn/override folder and logon to Anphillia. 2015-02-22 4 years 12 months ago
Silvercloud's Builder Base (Ultimate Edition) Migrate Wizard +Builder Base 2.1 by DOA with LOKS XP1, XP2 and fixed hills + Builder Base 2.1 CRF winter by Pasili. Additional Content: Airships, Caravels, Carracks, Galleons, Longships... 2015-02-08 5 years 2 weeks ago
The Island HAKs Migrate Wizard These are the HAKs required for 'The Island' server. 2014-12-26 5 years 2 months ago
Abishai - Repolished JimDandy I took the liberty of adding a green Abishai to the horde. These are originally made by Devils_Hitman, kudos! Stats are not included but can be found for each in the... 2015-01-20 5 years 2 weeks ago
Final Fantasy Legends Migrate Wizard I was browsing the Vault one night and came upon this FF7 gem. The original version was in an override format with no FF7 swords. I combined both haks into what you see in... 2015-04-25 4 years 9 months ago
Necromancer Packs (SoU Version) Migrate Wizard UPDATE/WARNING: I appear to have made a minor error in my haste to get this out to the community. I believe my parts numbering system may be too close to Thallion's on his... 2014-11-23 4 years 5 months ago
WFRP - Araby HAKs Migrate Wizard These are the required haks for the server 'WFRP' running the module 'Araby'. It is a roleplaying server found in PW Story set in Games Workshop's Warhammer world. For more... 2015-01-04 4 years 11 months ago
World of Dragonlance - Creatures Migrate Wizard This is a creature combo hakpack of mundane creatures for the World of Dragonlance Persistant World. Animals by Hydromancer, others, and the DLA Ogre. It is CEP compatible... 2015-03-15 4 years 11 months ago
Swordcoast Combo HAK Migrate Wizard Current Version: 1.2 (4/12/2005) The Swordcoast volume 1 hak has: CEP/PRC merge files, Gothic City, CODI Swamp, Grassy Mountains, Full Forest Rural, Elmer's Pure Rural, Snowy... 2015-02-26 4 years 11 months ago
ALOE HAK Combo Migrate Wizard This is a combo hak that adds a lot of features to CEP 1.50 thatwill be used by the ALOE modules. Simply extract the contents of this hak into your NWN directory. It will add... 2015-02-13 5 years 1 week ago
A 'Ready to Wear' Nude Pack Migrate Wizard Greetings and welcome to the Koca nude pack, the best of the net's offerings, plus much-much-more !!! A Cowboy costume, the Spidey costume and the Pimp costume, all for thin... 2015-02-01 5 years 3 weeks ago
Sundar HAK Migrate Wizard This Hak is required by the World of Sundar Mod contains many haks for monsters and other creatures, tilesets, cloaks, robes , hills, etc the file is about 30 megs and... 2014-12-17 5 years 2 months ago
Xx's Complete Combo Hak (SoU Padded) Migrate Wizard Included haks: MGS's All Purpose, Firebowls & Fountains, Egypt, BRolanda's Beds v2.1, Killer Axe's Bookcases, Danmar's LOK Bar, Janus's Chairs, NewAge's Columns &... 2015-01-10 5 years 1 month ago
RTC & CTP Combo Migrate Wizard This is the cumulation of my work to bring RTC compatible with CTP and CEP2. I have created two haks. A top hak called "RTC_CTP_Top" that goes above "cep2_top_v1". Also a... 2015-04-07 4 years 10 months ago
Selendi Combo Hak Paks Selendi Combo Hak Paks Migrate Wizard Selendi Combo Hak Paks for Selendi: A Call For Heroes 3-4 (ACFH3, ACFH4) modules by Aulslime. This combo is full of custom monsters,... 2014-08-14 4 years 5 months ago
The Sword Coast HAK Migrate Wizard The Sword Coast Hakpack is required in order to play The Sword Coast Trilogy. It should work with all basic NWN versions up to 1.32. To install, unzip the zip-package and put... 2014-12-26 5 years 2 months ago
UW Combo HAK Migrate Wizard UW3 - New Hak featuring Helvene and Lord Rosenkranz's elven interior tileset, Helvene's Elven interior placeables, and a few extras from lillistas hak ( parkbenches and ivies... 2015-03-26 4 years 10 months ago
Night of the Living Dead HAKs Migrate Wizard Should be fixed. Unzip to C:\NeverwinterNights If you use another destination it might not put the files in correctly. Contains models for guns, creatures, clothes and cars... 2015-03-08 4 years 11 months ago
Tavern Items Migrate Wizard Contents - holdable goblet, gold goblet, mug, wine bottle, quill. Holdable broom. Holdable waiters tray male and female versions (necessarcy because the female model for some... 2015-03-13 4 years 11 months ago
Ultiaris PW Clothing HAK Migrate Wizard This is the set of clothing haks for the world of Ultiaris. Contains hundreds of new additions from many different authors on the Vault. There are three haks in the... 2015-02-24 4 years 12 months ago
Darkness Falls Tilesets Migrate Wizard The new builders and players hak of Darkness Falls. None of the tiles are our own work we just merged them into one hak. With the download you get a read me file with credits... 2015-02-12 5 years 1 week ago
Krynn Haven - Overrides Migrate Wizard Krynn Haven goes CEP! This file is needed along with the others mentioned below to be able to play on Krynn Haven. ** You can download this file if you want to enhance the... 2015-01-28 5 years 3 weeks ago
Elvish Drow Valley Migrate Wizard For avoiding the limit number of 24 tileset of nwn here's the elvish-drow-valley. This tileset is a combination of Pasilli's Lost Valley, standard bioware drow underdark and... 2015-01-24 5 years 1 month ago
Etheria PW HAKs Migrate Wizard These are the necessary haks and music for Etheria PW. 2015-05-01 4 years 9 months ago
Silverwind's Placeable Collection Migrate Wizard This is a collection of placeables I've put together from other hak packs, primarily for use in the City of Kathria (Isle of Burning Sands) module. Some of the highlights... 2014-12-11 5 years 2 months ago
Wings, Cloaks & Helms Migrate Wizard This is a combination HakPak of the three coolest haks I have seen, thusfar. I did not write any of them, but I use all three in a planar module I am working on and will... 2015-01-09 5 years 1 month ago
Amen PW HAKs Migrate Wizard All-In-One Combo hak. Separate entries temporary removed and will be added separately as soon as each of them is updated. 2015-04-04 4 years 10 months ago
Saber Kit Migrate Wizard The machine translation is used. Character of animation "Fate/staynight" broadcast in present Japan "SABER" Sword and shield(The shape of the sheath was had. ) The cave in... 2015-03-22 4 years 11 months ago
Merkavah HAKs Migrate Wizard NEW heads included here.. MANY are not shown on the pic, btw... ( note: this pack is marginally compatible with Dryndalen's. the override file can be used in place of it if... 2015-03-06 4 years 11 months ago
WOP Override Migrate Wizard Head and Voice selection for the World of Pallus. The best of the best of the communities heads. If you see your work here and would like to be listed email me and I will... 2015-02-19 5 years 5 days ago
Ambrosia Creatures UOAbigail

Ambrosia Creatures -- This hakpak contains many creatures not found in the CEP or CEP Companion. Many of HydromancerX's animals, as well as the CODI Nightmare, Manor...

2015-02-05 1 year 9 months ago
Tileset Combo Pack (6-in-1) Migrate Wizard 6 tilesets : Jungle, Swamp, Drylands, Desert, Winter, Egyptian. WITHOUT ITP files. (you need winRAR 3.0) Jungle 1.0 and Drylands 1.1 by Baronrage, The Desert tileset was... 2016-05-13 3 years 9 months ago
Tales of Errantys - 2DA & Placeables Migrate Wizard This is the .2da hak file for the Persistent World - Tales of Errantys. Compatible with perhaps all SoU versions, but only tested on 1.30. All 2da files are padded when... 2014-12-22 5 years 2 months ago
Ents Combo Pack Migrate Wizard A compilation of multiple ent or treant hak packs that I downloaded. Currently needed to join my LOTR persistant world. 2015-01-14 5 years 1 month ago
IOS Tiles Migrate Wizard Combination of 11 tilesets for the Isle of Styss Gameworld. Aztec Chateau D'oh City intereior blank Sigil interior/exterior Marble Interiors Wooden Intereiors Ashtefere's... 2015-04-13 4 years 10 months ago
Ghool's Ultimate Egypt Ghool This is a hak pack I created for the redux of my Tomb of Horrors. It has everything egyptian I could find on the vault. It contains the 3 egyptian tilesets by M.G Skaggs,... 2014-11-06 3 years 8 months ago
Ultimate Clothes Migrate Wizard I have taken some of the best clothes haks on the vault combined them and seperated them into individual haks by body part. ie... Ultimate Cloaks2, Ultimate Head, Ultimate... 2014-12-31 5 years 1 month ago
Egyptian Placeables Combo HAK (MGS) Migrate Wizard This is the wonderful MG Skaggs Egyptian Placeables combo hakpack, which includes about 25 Egyptian Placeables. I also include a .erf file for all the new placeables (they... 2015-03-09 4 years 11 months ago
Leyendas de Xenon - HAK de Cabezas Migrate Wizard Hack de cabezas de Xenon, este hack debeis de colocarlo en el override. 2015-02-09 5 years 2 weeks ago
Frozen North Placeables & Skyboxes Migrate Wizard The Frozen North Placables & Skyboxes haks for the Frozen North server. 2015-01-26 5 years 1 month ago
LoM Sky Migrate Wizard This is the Skyboxes hakpak used for the Lands of Mystara Servers. 2015-01-22 4 years 11 months ago
SKLace Migrate Wizard It took five months of sitting on my ass, and five hours of actual work but, I finally decided to release an update to the SKLace series. I understand that it is quite large... 2014-12-06 3 years 4 months ago
Weapons & Shields Migrate Wizard Combo de Armas e Escudos copilado por Tuor NightHawk Weapon & Shield Combo Combined by Tuor NightHawk Savege shields by BigFootNZ - Oriental Weapons Pack v4 by... 2015-01-04 5 years 1 month ago
Castle Combo Migrate Wizard Simple and sane, a combination of small enhancements to the Bioware Castle Interior which work well together. 2015-04-01 4 years 10 months ago
The Crescent Coast HAKs Migrate Wizard This is the required HAK Package for the world of Severyn, The Crescent Coast Epic Roleplay Server in the Roleplay Genre! This HAK is an all-in-one group of 3 actual HAK... 2015-03-02 4 years 11 months ago
Durins Pack of HAKs Migrate Wizard This Package containss several tilesets includeing the C.R.A.P Wilderness pack the doa Builderbase and a few additions and the cave ruins pack ... it also contains the C.R.A.... 2015-02-16 5 years 1 week ago
Core Tileset & Doors for CEP2 Migrate Wizard Version 2.0 This is my core combo tile-set and doors Hak, for use with CEP. Tilesets Included: Cave Ruins roof hak, CC Interior, Codi Swamp (V2), DLA forest with Forest... 2015-02-02 5 years 3 weeks ago
CEP Robes Override Migrate Wizard These are two of the excellent surcoats from the CEP (I think they're originally from the CODI robe pack) configured to work in the Override folder. NOTE These replace the... 2015-09-08 4 years 5 months ago
Superset Creatures Migrate Wizard ****Filename: SS_Creatures**** CURRENT VERSION: v2 ****This is the creature collection I've assembled for use in my world. There are no new models, only the best of what I've... 2014-12-20 5 years 1 month ago