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Swordflight Chapter One rogueknight333

The beginning of an epic series, you begin this tale as a novice adventurer looking for work in the bustling city of Calimport. A chance meeting in a tavern may provide...

2013-07-19 3 years 1 month ago 69
Map of Calimshan Swordflight Chapter Two rogueknight333

After your adventures in the Calim Desert, you have returned to Calimport, ready to assume your new duties as one of a noble's personal guards.

2013-07-19 9 months 2 weeks ago 64
The Aielund Saga Act I - Nature Abhors A Vacuum Savant1974

In the Kingdom of Aielund, trouble is brewing. While the King leads an army against enemies in the far west, the poorly-protected realm is under attack from brigands,...

2014-07-04 2 years 1 month ago 54
A Dance with Rogues Part 1 2.0 (EE Compatible) 2acornupper
So this is A Dance with Rogues 2.0,
  • aka Eye Candy Edition,
  • aka Extended Edition,
  • aka Big Sister Edition,
  • aka Second Life Edition,...
2020-12-13 5 months 1 week ago 52
A Dance with Rogues (Part One) 2acornupper

“The armies arrived at the city several weeks ago. Before, the Kingdom of Dhorn had been my Father's closest ally. Well known for its fearsome and disziplined warriors, it...

2014-07-04 1 year 1 month ago 48
Prophet - Chapter III - That Which is Destined Migrate Wizard "From slumber shall a sleeper wake to a hundred years of pain, and behold the resolution of the hopes that still remain. And all the dreams that are to come, and all the... 2014-07-04 5 years 3 weeks ago 46
Almraiven Fester Pot

This module was created for a single player first level Wizard or Sorcerer of any sex and race. The adventure takes place within the nation of Calimshan on the eastern...

2013-06-29 8 months 1 day ago 43
Swordflight Chapter Three rogueknight333

After departing Calimshan, you sail north to the Nelanther Isles and Tethyr, fighting pirates and monsters, as you search for a book valuable enough to gain entrance to...

2016-08-31 10 months 3 weeks ago 41
A Dance with Rogues (Part Two) 2acornupper

"Your path is twisted, child. Your future is not clear. There are many possibilities yet. I see a dark path... It's a foreign land you walk in, knowing no happiness, just...

2014-07-04 1 year 1 month ago 36
A Dance With Spies prwo

Cold wet stone.
The taste of blood... My blood.
What happened?
Where am I?
And... Who am I?

2014-07-03 9 months 1 week ago 35
AL2: Crimson Tides of Tethyr (Canceled Premium Module) Migrate Wizard "Old friend, I fear that Tethyr's future is once again in the balance. The Sythillisian Empire has turned its gaze towards us for reasons I cannot fathom. How can this... 2014-06-30 5 years 8 months ago 31
Darkness over Daggerford (Canceled Premium Module) Ossian Studios

To many, the town of Daggerford is of little consequence. To others, however, it is of immeasurable value. The nearby great cities of Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate would do...

2014-06-30 3 years 7 months ago 31
Prophet - Chapter I - By the Will of Kings and Mortals Migrate Wizard

From the north, a king shall come, and glorious shall be his tale. Never shall his weapon falter. Never shall his wisdom fail. Yet though the lands all bow before him and...

2014-07-02 3 months 3 weeks ago 31
The Cave of Songs Migrate Wizard

It is said that the dark forest of Grimwood is home to the most foul of creatures, and few who enter its gloomy depths ever return. Those who have speak of horse-sized...

2014-07-02 3 years 1 month ago 31
Swordflight Chapter Four rogueknight333

Trapped in the Underdark, you must search for a way to return to the surface.

2018-11-29 2 years 3 months ago 30
Shadewood Fester Pot

This module was created for a Wizard or Sorcerer of any sex and race that has completed Almraiven. It is a continuation of that adventure and is not a stand-alone module....

2013-06-29 3 years 8 months ago 28
See that door I left open... He won't talk to me unless I go close it first. Honor Among Thieves Migrate Wizard They say there can be no honor among thieves. They say that human greed is stronger than human loyalty, and that no promise is safe from the corruption of gold and power. But... 2014-07-02 5 years 3 weeks ago 28
Sanctum of the Archmage - The Sight and The Quest Andarian

Sanctum of the Archmage is a story concept...

2013-06-29 10 months 1 week ago 28
The Aielund Saga Act IV - The Fall of Aielund (Part Three) Savant1974

Terinus the Black, former King's wizard and the man responsible for the war, reveals to you the terrible truth of your situation, and the legendary foes that you are about...

2014-07-04 2 years 1 month ago 26
Lords of Darkness 1 - The Fugitive (V3.0) Migrate Wizard

Original description: The Kingdom of Arboril once was a peaceful and beautiful place.

2014-07-04 4 years 3 months ago 26
Tales of Arterra - The Lost Migrate Wizard

Your stepfather was slain before your very eyes. Cast out into the world with nothing but the clothes on your back, you journey to the city of Edinburg to find a job, and...

2014-07-04 3 years 5 months ago 26
The Aielund Saga Act II - Defender of the Crown Savant1974

'Fairloch - the majestic capital of Aielund, which has stood for over two hundred years, through war and strife. But all is not well in the City of Justice. With the King...

2014-07-04 2 years 1 month ago 25
AL1: Siege of Shadowdale (Canceled Premium Module) Migrate Wizard "Like a tide of darkness they came, butchering the folk of the Dale with wanton glee. Many are the foes I have battled in my long life, but were it not for the actions of one... 2014-06-30 6 years 1 month ago 25
The Aielund Saga Act III - Return of the Ironlord Savant1974

With the city of Fairloch safe for the time being, and the Royal family secure at last, you turn your attention now to the West, to King Seamus and the Aielund military in...

2014-07-04 3 years 8 months ago 24
Gladiatrix FallynRayne Born into nobility, your adventurous spirit eventually leads you to the arenas of Waycross, an unlikely place for a Lady of the realm. Fame and fortune await in the midst of... 2014-06-29 5 years 9 months ago 24
QuenGalad's The Tale of Fur and Frost The Tale of Fur and Frost QuenGalad
2019-03-15 2 years 10 months ago 22
Shadowlords, Dreamcatcher, and Demon Campaigns PIPBoy3000 This is an all-in-one bundle for the Shadowlords, Dreamcatcher, and Demon campaigns, packaged in a self-installing executeable. For those who want to play the entire... 2014-07-04 5 years 2 months ago 22
Demonheart - Chapter II Lovelamb
2014-04-29 6 years 10 months ago 22
Demonheart - Chapter I Lovelamb 2013-05-19 6 years 10 months ago 22
Bloodright - The Blood Royal Migrate Wizard As your mother lay on her deathbed, breathing in her last ragged gasps, she at last told you the identity of the father you'd never known--King Aelfrecht of Elondria.... 2014-07-05 5 years 8 months ago 21
Prophet - Chapter II - The Century of Sorrow Migrate Wizard On the seas of dust and silence, where dreams and memories entwine, therein the halls of wordless voices does Fate reveal her grand design. But those who see it cannot speak... 2014-07-02 5 years 3 weeks ago 21
Snow Hunt rogueknight333

You are a bounty hunter who has pursued a dangerous criminal into the frozen north. Aside from a small hunting lodge, all civilization has been left behind.

2014-09-20 6 years 1 week ago 21
Madness and Magic Sphynxette

A single-player adventure with heavy roleplay elements for 15th level characters, providing 4 to 6 hours of gameplay.

2013-10-03 1 year 9 months ago 21
Aribeth's Redemption - Chapter One Daniel Muth

This module is a continuation of the Official Campaign (OC) for Lawful and/or Good male characters interested in pursuing the Aribeth romance. Your character should have...

2014-07-31 4 years 5 months ago 20
Tales of Arterra - The Awakening Migrate Wizard You've had frequent dreams of the land of Istar. Somehow you know that there lies the answer to the one question you cannot answer: who are you? 2014-07-10 6 years 1 month ago 20
The Aielund Saga Act IV - The Fall of Aielund (Part Two) Savant1974

After the defeat of the Archmage Auberon and his forces, your party follows the mercenary Robert Black to a Tusone military outpost to set in motion the daring plan...

2014-07-04 2 years 1 month ago 20
Enigma Island - Complete Proleric

[Mature Content] Hall of Fame module Enigma Island Parts 1-3 for level 1-20. 15-35 hours of gameplay. Over 250,000 words of dialogue. Role play, puzzles, diplomacy, some...

2014-01-13 4 weeks 1 day ago 20
A Dance with Spies Developer Zone prwo

This is the Developer's Zone for the A Dance with Spies project.

2013-08-20 9 months 1 week ago 20
Lords of Darkness 4 - For Crown and Country (V1.2) Migrate Wizard This is the fourth installment of the Lords of Darkness series. Use a character you have played the previous parts with, if possible. Requires CEP V1.5 or higher! This is a... 2014-07-04 6 years 1 month ago 20
Prophet - Prologue - It Cannot Be Denied Migrate Wizard It began with a dream. A dream of fate, a dream of sorrow. And through the dream the future wept, grieving for the lost tomorrow. For again the wheels of time shall turn.... 2014-07-02 5 years 3 weeks ago 19
The Wink and Kiss Part 2 wkbuilder

WARNING:  Contains...

2014-12-24 3 weeks 5 days ago 19
Bastard of Kosigan - English Version Migrate Wizard This is a translation of the Le batard de kostigan part 1 to 4 to english. Note: I put the all the files needed in one zip folder. Old vault IDs: 5081, 3984, 5931 2014-07-28 5 years 6 months ago 19
Gladiatrix II - In the Shadows of Darkness FallynRayne During your career as a gladiator in Waycross you became involved with a mysterious organization called the Shroud. This group works in secrecy to stop the designs of the... 2014-07-22 5 years 9 months ago 19
The Aielund Saga Act IV - The Fall of Aielund (Part One) Savant1974

It has been two years since the Battle of Fort Highmarch, and in that time fears about the King's newfound power have slowly come to fruition. Aielund is at constant war...

2014-07-04 2 years 1 month ago 19
Gladiatrix III - The Hand of Destiny FallynRayne

The final chapter of the Gladiatrix trilogy is here.

2014-07-27 5 years 9 months ago 18
AL3: Tyrants of the Moonsea (Canceled Premium Module) Migrate Wizard

"The Moonsea, lad? Imagine this, if ye will: A land as hard and unforgiving as a steel blade, ruled by tyrants who covet power as greedily as a dying man clings to his...

2014-06-30 2 years 4 months ago 17
Pretty Good Character Creator / Customizer (PGC3) powered by IGIPE Migrate Wizard

Pretty Good Character Creator / Customizer (PGC3) powered by IGIPE is a tool for building, equipping, and combat-testing Player Characters (PCs). It’s optimized for...

2014-07-02 3 years 1 month ago 17
Runes of Blood Migrate Wizard

A 'low-mid level epic' for your consideration... A traveler in a remote land, you find yourself thrown into a terrible prison. Torture and death await you, if you cannot...

2014-07-04 8 months 1 week ago 17
Lords of Darkness 2 - The Dark Age of Arboril (V3.0) Migrate Wizard

Origiginal description: This module takes off where Chapter 1 ended. It is _highly_ recommended to play Chapter 1 first, in case you haven't.

2014-07-04 6 years 1 month ago 16
The Accursed Tower udasu

Explore the Frozen North of Faerûn. Guard a merchant caravan to the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale.

'The Accursed Tower' for NWN v.1.69

2014-02-25 4 years 12 months ago 16