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DeLucas HotU Character Tester Turkeys

This mod is designed for testing characters. It includes free levelling, alignment change, and some items. In this deluxe version there is also a good selection of...

2016-10-22 9 hours 21 min ago 0
Delthan - World of Danger Turkeys

a world i have worked on... not enarly what it should be in final fo9rm and it has yet tp reach the final form:} but figured id post for some to try, some doors may not...

2016-10-22 9 hours 22 min ago 0
Deja Vu - Green Turkeys

You happen into the town of Haleburg on your journeys. You have heard of their famous orc problem and hope to cash in on their plight. Seems like a straightfoward plan...

2016-10-22 9 hours 23 min ago 0
Defense of Snowtop Turkeys

The city of Snowtop has been attacked by a monstrous army of fierce kobolds. The forces of Snowtop have made a desperate attempt and were defeated--badly--in the city...

2016-10-22 9 hours 25 min ago 0
Delvanus Turkeys

Strife ensues as an ancient artifact is stolen from the Elves and traced to the city of Delvanus. Includes side quests.

2016-10-22 9 hours 26 min ago 0
Deeper Down Turkeys

Just a little kobold magic, and I do mean 'Little', only three areas. Could be added to an exhisting mod too.

2016-10-22 9 hours 32 min ago 0
Deep in the Sea - Part One (Revised Version) Turkeys

The world is slowly rotting, and the world's greatest minds have left and not yet returned. These great and smart people are in Keldar, a under water city in a nearly...

2016-10-22 9 hours 33 min ago 1
Deep Creek Turkeys

You are a well-seasoned traveler who has just arrived in the town of Deep Creek via the sailing vessel Wave Skipper. Your aim is to earn some coin by doing odd-jobs, while...

2016-10-22 9 hours 36 min ago 0
Deathtrappers 1 - The Lard Guard Turkeys

After getting out of Deathtrap Dunghole, you find yourself thrown into a murder mystery over the missing national treasure of a town and you've been sought to help them...

2016-10-22 7 hours 27 min ago 0
Deathtrappers 0 - Deathtrap Dunghole Turkeys

You've been sought after to find the man responsible for the construction of Deathtrap Dunghole, who went missing and has to be found before its grand opening. Your...

2016-10-22 7 hours 28 min ago 1
Death's Door Turkeys

A Reletively in depth module based in the Lands of many seasons, E.T. trys to bring you the best in landscape, versatility, plot and gameplay in this module. Still no plot...

2016-10-22 9 hours 46 min ago 0
Death World Arena Turkeys

Death World Arena is designed to acomidate large scale multi-player battles. It includes useful terrain and fancy cinematics to keep the action going.

2016-10-22 9 hours 47 min ago 0
Death World Turkeys

A hack & slash adventure. Still under construction. Has several things around town to do. Is going to be open ended.

2016-10-22 9 hours 48 min ago 0
Death Rock Turkeys

based on a warhammer fantasy roleplay mod

2016-10-22 9 hours 49 min ago 1
Death Valley Turkeys

Death Valley is a re-remake of a text adventure game I designed years ago. I created this module to mimic a text adventure style game as closely as possible, while...

2016-10-22 9 hours 15 min ago 1
Death of a Street Urchin Turkeys

This is a short side quest type adventure that I made late one night after downloading the winter tileset. Requires the hak winter_6.hak. Seeing how I am retarded and...

2016-10-21 1 day 10 hours ago 0
Death Incarnate Turkeys

ur Instantly Teleported to a dungeon of immesurable evil, surrounded by demons, liches, and IRS officers:) at the center is an enemy so powerful, none can destroy it! (it'...

2016-10-21 1 day 10 hours ago 0
Death Grounds Turkeys

Death Grounds may be familiar in its setting and play to those who recall the entertainments that were popular before the turn of the century. Yes way back then we had...

2016-10-21 1 day 10 hours ago 0
Death by Winter Turkeys

I'm not much of an advocate of PvP based social/arena modules but after hearing the countless complaints of how unbalanced PvP combat is.. The result is this mini module....

2016-10-21 1 day 10 hours ago 0
Death Turkeys

Finally a battle that will test all you level 20 folks out there. Get a big group together and be prepared to hit the respawn button a few times (don't say i diddn't warn...

2016-10-21 1 day 10 hours ago 0
Deadly Contest Turkeys

You have come to Lord Ran Ty'rune's estate hoping to enter the great Ty'rune Dungeon which nobody has ever completed, if you get to the end you win 3 million gold. But be...

2016-10-21 1 day 11 hours ago 1
DBW1 - Red Knights, Pale Knights Turkeys

Mysterious factions arise in a remote frontier, vieing for control of...what? The Count of Tallryn has asked you to investigate, before their conflict sweeps away his...

2016-10-21 1 day 11 hours ago 0
Days of Thunder Turkeys

The Year is -34975 DR. The Sarrukh have ruled much of the world these many years, repressing all other races and religions. They keep the lower races separete and apart...

2016-10-21 1 day 11 hours ago 0
Davood Final Fantasy 1 Turkeys

I took Rey Neval's creation, and I changed/added alot of things!

Here are a run down of some of the things ive added changed :


2016-10-21 1 day 11 hours ago 0
Days of Winter Past Turkeys

This is a sneak peak of sequel to Death Mountain. Days of Winter Past is a persistant type multiplayer world where you are expected to start at level 1 and earn all your...

2016-10-20 2 days 6 hours ago 0
Day & Night Turkeys

This module is intended to demonstrate one way to do time based scripting in NWN. It is based off of a request for a script by someone on the bioware forum. During the day...

2016-10-20 2 days 6 hours ago 0
Dawn of Winter Turkeys

This is only a beta of the module i am working on. Still alot of things i need to work on but still pretty interesting Module. This is the beginning of a series of Modules...

2016-10-20 2 days 6 hours ago 1
David and Goliath Turkeys

Goliath and the Philistine army face off for battle with the Israeli army. Goliath, the Philistine champion defies the Israelites every day for forty days. It is time to...

2016-10-20 2 days 6 hours ago 0
Dave's Cave No. 1 Turkeys

Just a simple Hack & Slash module for 1-3rd level characters. Difficult for single player (3-5th level) but easier with multiplayer. This module contains some of the...

2016-10-20 2 days 7 hours ago 1
Dashi's Apartment Turkeys

My First Submission Just Something I Threw Together. Any Level There Is A In Game Leveler As Well As A Shop With Almost Anything You Will Ever Need. I Don't Know How Well...

2016-10-20 2 days 7 hours ago 1
Darl's Dragonlance Template Turkeys

This is a template release for those that wish to create a dragonlance/krynn persistant world. Integrated into this .mod is: persistent player character system, persistent...

2016-10-20 2 days 8 hours ago 0
Darkwoods Forest Turkeys

This is my first attempt at a Moudule using the NWN toolset. MOst of the scripts used are from various tutorials found here on the Vault. I made this for my 4 yr old to...

2016-10-20 2 days 8 hours ago 0
Darkom's Test Turkeys

Little NPC feedback, tests consist of going from point to point doing hack and slash. Bonus area added at end.

2016-10-20 2 days 8 hours ago 0
Darkness Rising Turkeys

Something is wrong in the town of North Rock. The citizens are being murdered, people are missing, thieves are rampant and if that weren't enough gnolls are blocking the...

2016-10-20 2 days 8 hours ago 0
Darkholm Turkeys

This is a module that was passed to me a while ago. I don't know who made it or where it came from. It's a great MP world, seems a shame to let it go to waste. Hopefully...

2016-10-18 4 days 11 hours ago 1
Darkest of Times Turkeys

This mod lets you explore many areas, and gain lots of experience.

2016-10-18 4 days 11 hours ago 1
Dark Sun Over Athas Turkeys

This is a demo to bring to life the DARK SUN campaign. Athas is a scorched land of strife ruled by evil sorcerer kings. This is a sneak preview of the module yet to come...

2016-10-18 4 days 11 hours ago 0
Dark Sun Online Turkeys

Dark Sun Online

2016-10-18 4 days 11 hours ago 1
Screenshot Name Author Description Postedsort ascending Updated Votes
Demeter de Lemnos Turkeys

Est-ce un cauchemar ?...

Ce bourdonnement dans ma tête, cette lueur étrange qui m'enveloppe... Je ne comprend pas ce qui m'arrive... Il faut que je me réveille...

2016-10-22 9 hours 26 min ago 0
Defouloir K Turkeys

Une petite tour pleine de monstres et d'ennemis diverses (dont beaucoup viennent du vault). Pas de dialogue, juste du combat bien gros bill! - No speak, just fighting!

2016-10-22 9 hours 30 min ago 0
Deathdealer Turkeys

Après un millénaire de paix la guerre dévaste l'Empire Dargh: les Ordres des Chevaliers Dragons se font la guerre tandis que les hordes Krulls et Huruk-Haîs envahissent...

2016-10-22 9 hours 41 min ago 0
Day of Dawn Turkeys

Note: german language. Small/First Module I created. The name 'Day of dawn' is just I didn't find a better one :). Module is designed for new created chars.

2016-10-20 2 days 6 hours ago 0
Das Rstsel von Capablanca Turkeys

Reist nach Capablanca, Stadt der M÷glichkeiten. Dort streiten zwei Parteien um die Vorherrschaft in der Stadt. Erkundet ihre Ziele und fnhrt eine der Parteien zum Sieg.

2016-10-20 2 days 7 hours ago 0
Das Problem der Sha'Lari Turkeys

Fan Aras, der Oberste des Wüstenvolkes der Sha'lari, hat euch zu sich gerufen. Nach einer lagen Wanderung habt ihr nun das Dorf der Sha'Lari erreicht...

2016-10-20 2 days 7 hours ago 0
Das Nebeltal Turkeys

Hoch oben im eisigen und wilden Norden Faeruns, genauer gesagt, in dem Teil der Welt, der als "The Silver Marches" bekannt ist, geschah es, dass Siedler in einem...

2016-10-20 2 days 7 hours ago 0
Das Gasthaus im Schwarzen Hain Turkeys

Die Nacht ist kalt und regnerisch als Ihr den Schwarzen Hain erreicht. Nebel hängt zwischen den Bäumen und hin und wieder zuckt ein Blitz über den dunklen, regnerischen...

2016-10-20 2 days 7 hours ago 0
Das Auge des Drachen Turkeys

Ihr kommt nach Nimrod, Hauptstadt des Königreiches Delain.
Irgendetwas scheint hier nicht zu stimmen. Schon bald erfahrt Ihr mehr.
Die Geschichte spielt in...

2016-10-20 2 days 7 hours ago 0
Darkness Turkeys

Módulo curto em português, onde você acorda numa floresta sem se lembrar de nada. Agora é com você para decobrir o que aconteceu.

A short module in portuguese,...

2016-10-18 4 days 11 hours ago 0
Screenshot Name Author Description Postedsort ascending Updated Votes
PRC 3.0d and CEP v2.0 BETA 2 Merge Turkeys

This hak merges the Community Expansion Pack v2.0 Beta 2 and Player Resource Consortium 3.0d files.

Builders place as top priority in a CEP & PRC module.

2016-10-21 1 day 11 hours ago 0
Screenshot Name Author Description Postedsort ascending Updated Votes
Tileset Combo Pack (10-in-1) Turkeys

Updated! Content : Jungle, Drylands, Desert, Valley, City Rural grass, Drowcity, Winter, Eqyptian Crypt, Tree City , Swamp. Other : Cloaks, Hidden Door, Black Balor. All...

2016-10-20 2 days 6 hours ago 1