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D20 Modern: Stepped in a Pothole

Week 7 on the d20 Modern tilesets. I'm aware it's Thursday because Tuesday and Wednesday has gotten a little more busier now. Probably because the season is changing and that normally means Autumn Cleaning for my household. I did, however, get some remodeling done at least. Two days prior to this update, my Photoshop CS3 decides not to work. And my brother's dog, her health is questionable. With my Photoshop out of commission, I'll instead be detailing a road map on my project because I hate being disorganized. First, here's my thoughts on a few particular tilesets.

D20 Modern: Stalled

Week 6 update for d20 Modern tilsets. Last week has been rough this time around and will be a short update. I spent most of my time care giving my brother’s dog. She has been recently diagnosed as an anemic. I won't go into details in the saddening story. If you have read my previous post, where I explained my options, I decided to go with option A. Allow me to explain why.

D20 Modern: Decisions, Decisions

Week 5 update on the progress of d20 Modern. I want to take this moment to explain the problems of updating. When it comes to updating hakpaks, especially well-rooted ones, changes will be noticed but it may come at a cost. Meaning, while updating tiles is superb to hear, it will also affect older modern modules. Fortunately, modules with using older modern hakpaks (versions 1.3 and 1.4) will be unaffected. So, I thought I will explain my three options I've made.

D20 Modern: Basc Tiles Complete

Week 4 update. I've finally completed all of the basic tiles: the corners and the sides. "What now from here?" you probably ask. This is going to be a short update because I'm eager to get started. From here I'll be going back and start adding different variants for tileset. I'm hoping I can add at minimal of two variants. Adding these variants won't take long at all. Thus, when finished, I can begin tinkering with the crossers, such as the alleyways for the slums.

D20 Modern: A Steady Progress

Week 3 update on the d20 Modern tilesets. Sorry for the wait, I was finishing up some household chores. Moreover, this has been a productive week. I've managed to get a little more done that I originally expected. I'm more satisfied, this time around, with highrise_01 and highrise_03. Highrise_01, in its original form, was dull and unappealing. My first attempt to remodel highrise_01 felt too generic. So, I scrapped it and started over. While highrise_03 was decent but it needed more here and there.

D20 Modern: A New Purpose and Limitations

Here's another weekly update of the d20 Modern tilesets. Last week I focused my attention on the high-rises. Some got changed but a couple of them have a different purpose.

D20 Modern: New Look, Same Feel

Playing NWN in its early years, I never knew that d20 Modern was in the process of being developed in NWN by d20mm (if I recalled that correctly). I was aware, at the time, there was a tabletop d20 Modern. I was curious in what the adaptation will be like. They had v1.3 out and I wanted to see what it offered. Then, came along the v1.4 and the v2.0. I remember fondly playing on a modern PW called Modern Zombie Survival (MZS). It had three versions, from what I recall. I was elected as lead builder in for MZS2, I believe.

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