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D20 Modern: Short Announcement

This is going to be a short announcement because I'm too eager to hold it back.

The d20 Modern tileset will be released either on tomorrow or the day after! As for time, I haven't decided yet but it'll be released within those days.

D20 Modern: Completion is Near

Hey, everyone, I’m back! Yes, I know, I haven’t posted in four weeks (or a month). I humbly apologize for that. But I’m sure everyone wants to know where I’ve been. So allow to go over that briefly.
When I was getting to the slums, I knew it was going an arduous task to animate all the windows. Luckily, it went smooth. However I didn’t want to post each week about the slums in how I animated the windows or how much progress I made. It took me two weeks to complete all the slums.

D20 Modern: Surmounting the High-rises

I’m diving right into this week’s update because there’s a lot to go over what I did this week.
What took the most of my time was the street group tiles. Firstly I addressed the traffic lights. It has received a new model and texture. For the street/road texture itself has gotten a new texture. These textures are 1024x1024 and contains the street lines too. I didn't like the planes being used as street lines. It didn't feel realistic to me.

D20 Modern: All Work and No Play

Around Tuesday morning, my garden is prepared and my daily chores are now caught up. So I got back onto working on the models. Didn’t want to wait on those last two days. On Tuesday, I had to redo the entire window animations for the apartments. Allow to me elaborate my ordeal: I was testing the windows in the toolset and working as it should. In-game, however, they’re not. Going back and redo the windows again in a different way. It was a vice-versa: the windows aren’t working in the toolset but in-game it is.

D20 Modern: Finalizing has Begun

This week has been quite productive and I've just started finalizing the tiles now. At this point I'll be checking all the tiles for any errors: missing textures, lights not working, walk-meshes behaving correctly, normals facing the wrong way, and so on. Additionally, it gaves me one more chance to inculde any more variants, features and groups. When thoroughly checked, I can begin exporting the tiles and test. Once all the tiles are safe and error-free, it should be ready to be used. However I got good and bad news. But!

D20 Modern: Delay

A short update this next week.

In my last blog, I mentioned I missed several tiles. Well, it seems I missed several more as well. I didn't know some of the terrain tiles on connect to Raise/Lower and over the water. It was a minor delay really. I can say, approximately between two to four weeks, I'll be finished with D20 Modern Exterior. One day of finalization, I can put a list, which is huge, of fixes and changes.

D20 Modern: All Base Tiles Done

Quite happy to announce that all of the base tiles are complete. From here I'll be adding a couple to several more tile variants, features and groups of my own. Additionally, new crossers to a select few. Here's some of mine to share:

D20 Modern: Really Close to the Halfway Mark

This is going to be a very short update because I got back from a Christmas family-gathering. I'm really tired. :(

Before the Christmas family-gathering, I was almost done but I've completed three-fourths of the group tiles. However I didn't want to rush it because it'll be a messy result. I'm already in the process planning more new variants, features and groups.

D20 Modern: Near the Halfway Mark

Here’s a short update for this week.
The terrain tiles are now complete… for now. I’m almost finished with group tiles. Under features it only had one and was for wall 2. As I mentioned in my pervious blogs, I will add some of my own once I complete all of the features, groups and terrain tiles first.

D20 Modern: Fruitious

Firstly, I want to mention I did post last week until it was drowned by other news. Which I have no quarrels really. You may read my previous blog entry on my profile. Now on with the week’s update on d20 Modern tilesets.
I have to say this has been a fruitious week for me because I didn’t realize how much remodeling I’ve done. Both of the warehouses, hospital, police station, all high-rises and all of the fences are complete.


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