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D20 Modern: Problem Resolved

After spending two days to resolve the issue of the toolset error, I finally understand what was causing the issue. The issue was the point of origin of walk-meshes. When I apply their location, their point of origin isn’t centered because it shoots off randomly on any axes ranging from 20 to 100 units (both positive and negative). I did a quick experiment to confirm my suspicions.
After properly re-centering the point of origin for all the walk-meshes, the toolset no longer crashes.

D20 Modern: Problems

I'm keeping my updates brief and informative majority of the time. So you gals and guys don't have to read a giant wall of text. Unless, you enjoy... such... long reads. Anyways, slums 1 is complete (the corners, the sides and the alleways) buuut the toolset is encountering an error but I can't indentify the problem. I remember fondly encountering this problem before. And the solution was to remodel it from the ground up. However, I'm going to hunt down the problem first.

D20 Modern: Refreshed

I've been playing a lot of Baldur's Gate 1: Enchanced Edition (through Steam and about 50 hours in), and I have to say that the 2nd(?) AD&D rules is rough and tough. I'm playing with the core rules difficulty. It took me awhile to comphrend the THAC0 system works. Playing Baldur's Gate really helped me to clear my mind and got me thinking a lot on projects I want to do in the future. However! I want confer with you gals and guys about the modern tilesets. I started this project and want to finish it at least on a good note.

D20 Modern: A Week Break

I'm going to be utmost honest with you gals and guys, I'm... getting a little bored and uninterested because I'm only remodeling and retexturing. All the while maintaining the idea of "half-new and half-old" look. I believe, if the d20 Modern Team returns, they should have the honor of remastering their own work. Flawed it may be, but it stands in the forefront as an example that any era can be possible.

D20 Modern: Shortest Update

Week 11 for the moden tilesets. I'll get to the point with gals and guys, I haven't got that much done this week. Most of my week was spending time with my father. We most certainly had a blast that's for sure. Anyways, with my father's vacation over and went back to work, I'm back in my comfy chair again and ready to get back to modeling. I'm changing gears from three (cruise speed) to four (high speed). What I'm saying is I'll be modeling a ton this week. I'll see you gals and guys next week.

Got a question, a suggestion or a comment? Let me know!

D20 Modern: Short Update

Week 10 for the modern tilesets. This time around it's going to be a short update because, my father's vacation is almost over and I want to spend time with him much as I can. Next week, I may give a more detailed update in what I did. For now, I'll give the current and short update in what I did this week.

D20 Modern: Taking New Roads

Week 9 update for the d20 Modern tilesets. I put in plenty of work this time around. I completed all of the variants for now. I may add one or two more later down the road (no pun intended). I'm still debating if should do the bits-of-junk-in-the-gutter look variants, because I'm sure builders will add their own junk. Let me show you what I’ve done so far this week.

D20 Modern: Roads and Crosswalks

Week 8 update on the modern tilesets. It has been  was a mournful week for my brother. His dog has passed away with kidney failure. It stalled me but I wanted empathize with him. Moreover from the saddening news, I resolved my Photoshop problem by simply reinstalling it. I'm eager to reveal in what I've done so far, but I want to point out a problem when I was remodeling the aqueducts. The problem: the roads and streets. It may sound trivial but it does pose a problem. They're going to be used quite frequently, such as making bridges over the aqueducts.

D20 Modern: Stepped in a Pothole

Week 7 on the d20 Modern tilesets. I'm aware it's Thursday because Tuesday and Wednesday has gotten a little more busier now. Probably because the season is changing and that normally means Autumn Cleaning for my household. I did, however, get some remodeling done at least. Two days prior to this update, my Photoshop CS3 decides not to work. And my brother's dog, her health is questionable. With my Photoshop out of commission, I'll instead be detailing a road map on my project because I hate being disorganized. First, here's my thoughts on a few particular tilesets.

D20 Modern: Stalled

Week 6 update for d20 Modern tilsets. Last week has been rough this time around and will be a short update. I spent most of my time care giving my brother’s dog. She has been recently diagnosed as an anemic. I won't go into details in the saddening story. If you have read my previous post, where I explained my options, I decided to go with option A. Allow me to explain why.


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