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Signs, signs, everywhere signs

Ok, liking the dialog on site ads, I've gone ahead and implemented it.

To my horror, a slip of the mouse resulted in me generating 612 notifications (How was I to know updating projects to be promoted to the front page (necessary to add them to the feed) would result in 612 update notification?! Ouch.

Anyway, the way the ads work right now is only users with "Author" or "Moderator" permission may add an ad.

If you want to place an add, PM me or email me for the role.

Lotsa space in this mall!

I am *so* impressed.

I am impressed with the donations received in our hour of need. I am impressed with the friendly constructive criticism (did I mention "friendly"?) that helped guide us toward this server. I am impressed with the speed with which Niv migrated and set up all the innards. I am impressed with how freaking fast this server is!

Growing pains

Ok, we have *very* generous donors who are basically financing the shift to a Virtual Private Server. I am hoping this clears up most of the 500 errors as we are no longer sharing memory with other sites.

Of course, last night, immediately after taking the plunge, and after I was fast asleep, our shiny new apache server hung itself around midnight PST and the site was down until... well, a few minutes ago.

Next up, tracking down why comments work for everything except forums :-P

Site Maintenance

One of the things I've been putting off doing is updating the Drupal core with the new security fixes. This because the last *maintenance* fix borked the entire site and I hadn't backed up the code portion of it (blog entry down a bit in the list).

Well, things are so bad now, that borking the site may actually help :-/

I'll be taking the site down and updating to drupal core 7.26 in about 2 hours.

*After* a complete back up, thankyouverymuch! :-P

Wish me luck...


 As the first step toward revamping the crowd-sourced sorting, ranking and recommending process (voting :-P) on the Vault, I've instituted Vault-karma.

Vault-karma (Vk) is earned by posting new content, making comments and having content attractive enough to attract attractive (or otherwise) visitors.


My bad!

Drupal just issued an update (from 7.24 to 7.25). 

My usual routine is to backup the site (click a button, wait a bit, fire up SyncBack Free, run a batch) before I apply updates.

But this was just a little maintenance update and it's from What could go wrong, right?

:-P :-P :-P

Fix things, break things

A recent update to drupal has broken a couple things while fixing others.

Images have lost their titles and captions. I'm still working on patching this. The info is still in the db, but changing it or adding new info is not working.

File uploads were also broken for several days, due to a similar (I think) cause - The last version of Drupal appended a unique suffix to form elements on upload to work with the AJAX asynchronous data transfer. The new version does not, so the various form elements no longer have the same name.

File uploads are working again.

Movin' a bit

Dreamhost is looking into our mail blockage...


Hot mail!

There seems to be an issue when registering with certain email accounts - primarily hotmail and outlook. The one-time registration email runs into an error that looks like: ": delivery temporarily suspended: lost connection with[] while sending RCPT TO" If you have not received your email within an hour or so, use the contact form to let me know and I will set your password manually. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it looks like the mail daemon really has a grudge against hotmail :-/ Or vice versa :-P

Watching Alexandria burn

I first knew we were in trouble when Maximus accepted my offer to help with what sounded almost like relief. Couldn't be. I just have a vivid imagination. Then we started having probs with email. And with the Hall of Fame. And... Well. I floated the idea of a vault backup, well, a long time ago. Fire extinguisher, sprinklers. Maybe even a safe place to put the files. Last October I was seriously frightened by the things I saw and didn't see, the things everyone heard and the things only I heard. A few other people started talking to me and helping out. And the vault got worse.


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