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Vault down at 9pm EDT Aug 2nd

I'll be taking the Vault down when I get home to perform some urgently needed security updates to the Drupal framework.

I'm expecting this to take about 30 mins, but could be longer.

Peace, out!

Alternate chat test

We are testing out an alternate chat system using google+ hangouts.

The permanent link is

Try it out. You don't need video or microphone, but can use if you want. Else you can just type away :-)

Vault down for Maintenance 7/10 am

I'll be taking the Vault down for a while tomorrow morning (July 10th) for a security update...




Bring a towel! Anyway, hopefully it'll go quick and smooth. If not, well, we'll muddle through.

Seeing the trees in the forest

After numerous (3) requests to do something to help find new content vs migrated content I added a little "First Release" checkbox to Article, Blog and Project forms. 

This only affects what appears on the front page and does not change either the "Recent" page or the "Archives" page.

If you have a new first release (Not migrated or a compilation), edit your project and check the First Release box to get it back on the front page.

Just remember, it's there by request... :-)

You do not deserve silence

...and I apologise for that.

My life has become very full lately of (mostly) good things. Among them, I am engaged to be married to my long-time girlfriend.

As you might (or might not) agree, Fiancé trumps VR ;-)

I have *not* left the community, nor am I planning to, but I am... um, *distracted* rather delightfully.

If/when you *need* me, shout (as in email, text or phone, not PM as I am checking in very sporadically). 

I love you guys, but I love my love more =)

Site maintenance complete

Site maintenance is complete

Thank you :-)

Scheduled downtime Saturday morning

There's a security update for Drupal that *probably* doesn't affect us directly, but I'll be taking down the site Saturday morning to apply it anyway (there are some other updates in it).

So go watch cartoons or something :-)

backing up roloVault

Thanks again to Niv, we have a read-only ftp folder for me to backup my personal roloVault. This archive contains will contain all the html, screenshots, files and metadata we managed to scrape before being blocked last July.

We have things in the works to vastly speed up uploading this archive, but for now it's going very slowly here at my caffienated HQ :-P

You can browse what we have so far here:

That's a wrap

Well... Ive just had a few frustrating days trying to reset passwords on the Old Vault.

The admin pages (already loaded with spy/mal/adware) say they reset things, but no actual reset takes place.

I can no longer admin the Old Vault, so it's basically just what it is and nothing more. We can continue to use it as a limping-along archive, but...

That's a wrap for me. :-(

Scheduled downtime

Update: Security update completed.

If you experience any (new :-P ) problems with the site, please post them in the forums.


Just a heads up.

There's a security update for drupal core, so I'll be taking the site down for a few minutes tomorrow morning (4/20) around 0700 PDT.



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