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Deep Spelunking/Thinking

Everything in this tileset is big. The space is big. The polycount on static parts is big. The texture files. Just big.

Karst Caves and More

As I mentioned last week, this week I'll be going over the basic tile layout I discussed before I went back to school full time. One ot the things I really enjoyed about Sword Coast Legends was the potential in the tilesets to be something amazing. Potential is about all it had though, and the dungeon builder never ended up having ease of use. A DM had to randomize the dungeon 100 times to get the layout they desired. But not all was lost...

Many Groups to Choose From

Dark Concepts

In this week's update I give you a look at some concept art I've been making at work in my free time. These are based on researched real caverns and features you can find in real places.

Now I just need to make a few more repeatable pieces that I like better than the ones I already have, work on the texture a bit, and make these come to life.

Caverns of Delight, Ahead

As promised, pics are available for some of my work so far. Not going to show the entire collection, or the tileset factory yet, but I'll show  you some of the library of parts, as well as some of the textures.

"Underdark teeming with activity," says Drow Ranger

Word of my demise in the NWN community has been somewhat misleading. While I haven't been active in CCC challenges, I have been quietly watching from behind my books.

I've also been working heavily on the Middledark Tileset, and while I won't show any pictures today, I have made some substantial progress. Having last been on here talking about Sword Coast Legends, I got fairly deep into building arrays of placeables in a mid to high poly range. They're mostly for static use, but also for use as parts in a unity-engine way of constructing tilesets.


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