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Working on the UE blueprint for Neverwinter Door scripts.  Fairly straightforward there, just branch off a function for all the NWN scrpts OnOpen, OnDestroyed etc. and port the character to the object with the Tag.

Also discovered the Constructur scripts in UE.  So you can write your own initialization routines.  I got excited for a minute, thinking that it might be possible to directly import a NWN mod...   just fill data tables with your imported data, and initialize your objects with data matching the tags.

That will work for individual items, but I was kinda hoping that I could make an Area blueprint, which you would just drop on a map, and it would automatically create all the individual objects, but alas, that doesn't seem to be possible.  What we can do, is make an import that would match object tags and fill in the data, but you would still have to draw the area map and drop in the objects.

Also worked on the Wereraven model for one of my areas.  Finally got the hang of the UE skeleton and managed to get it mostly rigged.  That will make animation a lot easier as UE has a tool that allows you to map animations onto different skeletons that have the same basic shape, and the started kit comes with walk, run, idle animations.

Note to self.  Make sure that the the skeleton and the mesh are facing the same way.  Spent a lot of time trying to figure out why my walk animation was looking so weird.





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