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D20 Modern: Surmounting the High-rises

I’m diving right into this week’s update because there’s a lot to go over what I did this week.
What took the most of my time was the street group tiles. Firstly I addressed the traffic lights. It has received a new model and texture. For the street/road texture itself has gotten a new texture. These textures are 1024x1024 and contains the street lines too. I didn't like the planes being used as street lines. It didn't feel realistic to me. Yes, I know it’s crazy to have giant textures but it’s superior than its predecessor. Originally I created about 25 of these giant textures but I was versatile to curtail 12 of them.
Afterwards, I created four new street group tiles: 3-way stop and go (2x2), 4-way stop and go (2x2), small hole (1x2) and a huge hole (3x2). The interesting feature of huge hole that has a gapping entrance. Both of the holes are similar to its older cousin, sinkhole. Suffice to say, the base and new group street tiles took about three to four days to complete.
Now, High-rise 1 has gotten a massive overhaul. However its height has remained unchanged. So why do I it? Well, it’s not visually appealing compared to its cousins, the other high-rises. I gave it a more similar appearance as high-rise 5 and 6. It had no walkable roof because the walk-mesh was not the same height as the roof. Plus it had ico-spheres on the roof as well. I think they, d20 Modern Team, forgot to delete to them or never got around to it. I was only able to think of two new tiles for it for high-rise 1: a side tile variant with a door and an access roof.
Aside from high-rise 1 new appearance, I also animated the windows for it too. It was a breeze this time around but it was there's bit of a challenge. I needed one unlit window and one lit window. To work around this, and for future problems, I made the lit windows to have an alpha channel. From there, I simply animated the lit windows in front of the unlit windows. I'm not pleased with the lit window texture. I may be go back and redo it again.
High-rise 2, as I’m posting this, is near complete. All I have to do is simply animate the windows. Aside from that, I’m only able to think of two new tiles for it: an outer-corner tile with a door and side tile variant with no door.
That’s it for now and high-rise 3 is next on my list. Well, all the high-rises are. For high-rise 4 will be renamed to something else. I still have no completion date at this time, I apologize. Granted how animating the windows are being nice to me but I soon realize that slums 1 has 29 side variants. That’s a lot of animating but I'm willing to undergo the unenviable task.
As always I’m still accepting any ideas in what you gals and guys like to see added. See you next week!
Edit: For typos and proofreading.
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