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D20 Modern: Stepped in a Pothole

Week 7 on the d20 Modern tilesets. I'm aware it's Thursday because Tuesday and Wednesday has gotten a little more busier now. Probably because the season is changing and that normally means Autumn Cleaning for my household. I did, however, get some remodeling done at least. Two days prior to this update, my Photoshop CS3 decides not to work. And my brother's dog, her health is questionable. With my Photoshop out of commission, I'll instead be detailing a road map on my project because I hate being disorganized. First, here's my thoughts on a few particular tilesets.

The Slums
I decided to rename them to Urban (1, 2 and 3 respectively). While their variants are done but I feel they're too generic. I've been doing some research for urban building ideas. New York and Chicago are my strong points for references. Keep in mind, the alleyways are part of this too. However I spent too much of my time on these and I will revisit them again later.
The High-rises
While I was researching some urban buildings, I also gathered some ideas for the high-rises as well. They're going to get a massive overhaul. High-rise 2, however, as planned, will be repurposed as a state capital with features of a courthouse.
The Lab
I'm not entirely sure where to begin with this. To be honest, it just feels really... out of place. Still, I want to give it chance and I'll do research to gather some ideas. However that will take some time and, thus, it won't be high on my to-do list.
The Walls
Their fate is still unknown but I really want to keep them. They may be repurposed as time passes, but only time will tell I'm afraid. They'll be listed somewhere near as the lab.
In summary, here is my to-do list (top being the highest priority). These may change as I proceed down the list:
  • ​Aqueducts: Add variants, features, groups and modify textures a little more.
  • ​Fences: Organize them, remodel a little, update textures and add variants.
  • Roads and Streets: Update textures, add features and variants.
  • Water: Change name to Waterfront, remodel and update textures.
  • Freeway: Change name to Overpass and remodel.
  • Police Station: Remodel, re-texture and add variants.
  • Hospital: Remodel a little and add variants.
  • Green Bridge: Change name to Bridge, re-texture and add variants.
  • Apartments: Research and plan.
  • Lab: Do some research to acquire ideas.
  • Walls: Waiting.
  • High-rises: Remodel overhaul and add variants.
  • Slums: Change names to Urban and add more variants.
While the ideas of a construction site and a subway are planned, but I'll add them after my to-do is finished. Though my brother's dog has questionable health may advert my attention a little. Plus, I will investigate why my Photoshop decided to stop working. As I said, my apologizes if this is two days late. From here I'll be posting a blog each Thursday. Hopefully, just hopefully, this week can be more forgiving. If you guys and gals got a question or comments, let me know.
First Release: 
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Man, it sounds great!  And...What do you think about making a new bridge model, like the Brooklyn bridge? Is it possible?

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I do plan to make a new bridge model and the Brooklyn Bridge does sounds like a great idea. It's quite possible to model it too, but I don't know it'll fit the style I'm going for. Perhaps I can experiment the idea by extracting its looks, and make it half-metal and half-brick. Nonetheless, I'll take it into consideration.


Thank you for commenting. :)

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