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D20 Modern: Roads and Crosswalks

Week 8 update on the modern tilesets. It has been  was a mournful week for my brother. His dog has passed away with kidney failure. It stalled me but I wanted empathize with him. Moreover from the saddening news, I resolved my Photoshop problem by simply reinstalling it. I'm eager to reveal in what I've done so far, but I want to point out a problem when I was remodeling the aqueducts. The problem: the roads and streets. It may sound trivial but it does pose a problem. They're going to be used quite frequently, such as making bridges over the aqueducts. Thus, I needed to remodel the roads and streets first before I do anything. So far their base look is done but I need add the detailed touches. Once that's done, I can add the variants. For now, let me show what I've done so far to the roads and streets.
In this first picture is the single tiles that make up the road. It may not look like it at first but I’m using them as "what if" they were used. The textures themselves contain the asphalt and street lines. "Why can’t you use a plane to make the road lines?" you may possibly ask. Well, I have a few problems with it. One, it's an unneeded amount of geometry count. Two, it may cause z-buffering issues if zoomed out too far. Three, the lighting doesn't make it feel natural. Four, the NWN engine is picky about transparent geometry. So, I cut to the point and made them into textures.
Obviously, these single tiles are going to have variants. First, the side tile is going to have three variants (aside from base look): a new street light, a gully (or drainage) and a bits of junk in the gutter (soda cans and leaves for example). The inner and outer are going to have at least two variants of the "bits of junk in the gutter" look.
These single tiles will be able to make a straight, left or right roads. Notice I said "or" not "and". When it came to the three-way and four-way intersections, it got quite tricky. Luckily, I had an quick solution: the intersections will be used as 2x2 group tiles. 
As you can see, both are going to have three different groups respectively. Also, both the three-way and four-way intersections are going to have the same look. So, for the first group, is going to be a merging into or exiting the main road. Plenty of roads have main roads somewhere in the city. The second group is the typical stop and go. You know the one where you take turns in who goes next. The final group will simply have traffic lights. It's pretty much self-explanatory. 
Lastly, the streets. They're still in a rough draft state but I have plans for them. The streets is going to be used as a crosser as planned. As you can see, the street meets the road in a "what if" way. They're used as one-way directions because it's only able to accommodate one vehicle at a time.
The roads and streets are slightly off-plan because, originally, it was suppose to accommodate more vehicles. It's a minor setback to be honest. I'm not content with the result of the textures. I might return to retexture the sidewalk and road lines. Make the road lines a little more aged and the sidewalk more towards the original sidewalk texture. Once I complete the roads and streets tiles, I can return to the aqueducts again. Got a question or a comment? Let me know!
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