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D20 Modern: Decisions, Decisions

Week 5 update on the progress of d20 Modern. I want to take this moment to explain the problems of updating. When it comes to updating hakpaks, especially well-rooted ones, changes will be noticed but it may come at a cost. Meaning, while updating tiles is superb to hear, it will also affect older modern modules. Fortunately, modules with using older modern hakpaks (versions 1.3 and 1.4) will be unaffected. So, I thought I will explain my three options I've made.

Option A: Create a separate .set file to change any tiles without consequences.
Creating a separate .set file alleviates the worry of setbacks to a module builder's work. This gives me full remodeling freedom but with the intent to give it an old-and-new style.
Option B: Only remodel the looks without changing the physical locations of doors or the height of the models.
This limits my remodeling freedom but may cause minimal setbacks to a module builder's work, or none at all.
Option C: Create new modern tilesets from scratch.
This option has a low probability but it's my final option.
My intent of adding new tiles, such as the construction site and the subway, will remain as planned. I'll be switching back and forth options A and B. I may need to confer with the current hakpak holder/owner in which is the better course. Or you guys and gals want share your thoughts on the matter, please don't hesitate.
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