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D20 Modern: Taking New Roads

Week 9 update for the d20 Modern tilesets. I put in plenty of work this time around. I completed all of the variants for now. I may add one or two more later down the road (no pun intended). I'm still debating if should do the bits-of-junk-in-the-gutter look variants, because I'm sure builders will add their own junk. Let me show you what I’ve done so far this week.

Let start off with the road variants first. Here is the side, outer corner and inner corner variants:
In this picture, starting from the left to the right, is the base variant, a street light, a gully (or drainage) and a street light with a gully. That white up-right rectangle is my (human male) height reference.
These two share the same look. Both have their base variants and have a gully as a second variant.
If you're like me who gets irritated when people park in the blue painted curb with no handicap placard, we can rejoice! Not only we can see it in reality, we can also see it in the digital world. But not all, I also included the fire lane (red curb) and limited time parking (green curb). All share the same variants as the ones mentioned and shown above, because I’m sure you'll get the idea.
Now, for the features and group tiles. I can now start adding some features and groups. Remember the three-way and four-way intersections? I have finished my rough draft and I need to texture them now. I'm still debating if I should add signs (such as stop signs) for the stop-and-go groups. I'll eventually come to a conclusion.
An interesting idea came to me, "If doing a new and old look, I should include the old features and groups as well." For example, the sinkhole. I thought it would be a great return for it. So, here is the new sinkhole:
Of course, it's still being modeled and isn't textured yet. For this idea, it's going to have pipes jaunting out, sewage water, and a street light bent inward. Just like its original.
Well, I have no more time to spare. Got a question, a comment or a suggestion? Let me know!
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