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D20 Modern: Short Update

Week 10 for the modern tilesets. This time around it's going to be a short update because, my father's vacation is almost over and I want to spend time with him much as I can. Next week, I may give a more detailed update in what I did. For now, I'll give the current and short update in what I did this week.

When I was fiddling around in the toolset, the fences (chain link and wood) are odd to use and out of place. So, I'm going to take the opportunity to repurpose them. I have ideas in my head but I'm not skilled in explaining. Once I have the ideas are done, I'll show you in what I did to them.  
You know that some roads are weathered, cracked, potholes and patched up? Well I added a few more variants for the side, inner and outer corners. I added a fire hydrant exclusively for the red lane. Finally, I'm adding telephone poles that'll go along the sidewalk and across the road too. Other than that, the roads and streets are coming close to being finished. 
After researching to find some references, it always gives me a completely different kind of aqueducts. Even I used Google to do a real-time view. Still, nothing. So, I decided to change the aqueducts to canals. It'll be used as a terrain similar to the road terrain. Except, it can go in any direction. It's first group is a small bridge in junction with the road.
I also encountered yet another problem, the default floor. You know when you a create a new area, such as rural the tileset? The default ground is grass with variants. I decided to use the sidewalk as a default floor. It has a couple variants, aside from its base variant: a couple of grass tufts growing out of the cracks and cracks here and there to show age. This opened up a few features for me to add: a tree (the old sidewalk with a tree feature) and a New York-ish subway entrance. I do plan to add more but until I finish the ones I have now.
It's all the time I have for now. Got a question, suggestion or comment? Let me know!
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