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D20 Modern: A Little Backtracking

I apologize for not posting yesterday. I got caught up with my family and watched the Cowboys-Chargers football game (I expected more from Dallas but oh well). I’m sure you gals and guys can agree that family time matters is more important.
Anyways, with Thanksgiving done for the year, I had to backtrack somewhat. After doing a quick test, to ensure that the models are placed evenly and textures properly aligned, roughly about a quarter out of 36 redone models weren’t. Which is a bit careless of me, but it didn’t take long though. Also, the same toolset error returned but it was an easy fix. I gave a few small models a texture upgrade, such as the lamp and AC unit. They do, however, use the same texture name.
I just started working on slums 3 models. Speaking of models, slums 1 had 20 different side variants compared to slums 2. I imagine slums 3 will probably have much less than that. After I finished redoing slums 3, I can begin redoing the high-rises.
That’s all for now. Got a question, a suggestion or a comment? Let me know.
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