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Once an angel...

...always an angel?

Michael Darkangel may have found us a good home. We're harvesting like mad (because that's the only way to *enjoy* things) and so far the landlord hasn't complained.

Guess we should try to avoid playing load music and clog-dancing... ;-)

I'd also like to welcome Vanya Mia both to the staff on the Vault and here on the VPP. The more help I get, the fewer things I'll foul up! At least, that's the theory ;-P

For now, I'll continue to use this site for production (meaning this is the official VPP), and the site over ---> thataway as the test site (for experimenting with theme and such). Eventually, this domain name and site will move over thataway and settle down for a cozy winter nap... hmmm... wrong connotations... er, build a really cool snow-fort and start throwing snowballs at trolls.



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