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Neverwinter Vault Net

I've managed to get the domain, so I spent yesterday getting everything propagated and pointed right and working. This will be a lot easier to work with at the moment.

Next up is massaging acomputerdude's PERL harvester and then getting Meaglyn's post-proccessing to work. After that, we take the processed metadata and migrate it into drupal content types. Viola! Vault Preserves with organic sweetner =)


  • Phase 1: Get ACD's script working harvesting metadata & files.
  • Phase 2: Process metadata with Meaglyn's script.
  • Phase 3: Migrate metadata into Db.
  • Phase 4: Priliminary theming of the site (make it look like a NwN Vault should).
  • Phase 5: Add & Tweak bells & whistles
  • Phase 6: Tweak theme.

And please post all questions, concerns and comments you come up with. This is meant to be a *community-driven* site.

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