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Helm Models for NWN2

This is a brief survey of the existing NWN2 helm models available from this site. For each project below, the table lists the included model identifiers for any helmet, hat, or mask models. Unless otherwise noted, each model ID includes variants for the following race/gender combinations: halfling (AAF/AAM), dwarf (DDF/DDM), elf (EEF/EEM), gnome (GGF/GGM), human (HHF/HHM), and orc (OOF/OOM).

ProjectAuthorsModel IDNotes
The Valsharess / La Valsharesse, impératrice drow4760HD_Helm05No halflings
ACME Assault & HatteryACME StudiosACME_Helm01-ACME_Helm12 
ACME Full Metal PacketACME StudiosACME_Helm15 
Ar_Pharazon's LOTR pack 1ArpharazonPF_Helm10, PF_Helm30

PF_Helm10: HHM and OOM only; PF_Helm30: elf and human only

Ar_Pharazon's Elven/Paladin HelmArpharazonPF_Helm30Elf and human only
DMCB: Yeoman of the GreenwoodBarrel of Monkeys and RunnerDuckDMCB_Helm04-DMCB_Helm07 
Shirtless Saga Armor Pack, Volume 2Barrel of Monkeys and RunnerDuckDMCB_Helm01-DMCB_Helm03Male only
Death Dealer HelmCyric_the_DarkPF_Helm50 
Moon HelmCyric_the_DarkPF_Helm58, PF_Helm59 
Eph's ExtrasEphralia Blessedacme_helm51-acme_helm54 
Kaioh's Armor from Ken's RageKoei (armor) NicotineCaffeine (port)PF_Helm25HHM only
Scum and VillainyKomuroLE_Helm40, LE_Helm41HHM only
Naihaan's Horns PackNaihaan Krag'naidaelNK_Helm30No dwarf or half-orc
The Complete Beldin CollectionNinjaChip StudiosCL_Helm90 
Aribeth and Valsharesss' Armor 2.1NytirPF_Helm97AAF, EEF, and HHF only
Modern -- HeadgearrjshaeCL_Helm80-CL_Helm92, HD_Helm80, LE_Helm80-LE_Helm83, PL_Helm80, PH_Helm80-PH_Helm81PH_Helm80 is HHM only
Hatsplosion! Hat & Helmet PackSchazzwozzerCL_Helm51-CL_Helm54, PH_Helm51-PH_Helm53Includes models for HAF and HAM
Hatsplosion! 2.0: Hats for All Races and GendersSchazzwozzer/Amphibious BagelPF_Helm20, CL_Helm40, CL_Helm128CL_Helm40 is missing halfling models
Christmas PackTrinitalTRT_Helm10HHM and HHF only
Hatsplosion Steampunk - ContinuedTrinitalTRT_Helm02-TRT_Helm07No AAF, AAM, OOF, or OOM models
Hair to Helm ConversionsVarious
hair_helm01-hair_helm19, hair_helm50-hair_helm56, hair_helm66-hair_helm82, hair_helm94,
There is some duplicate numbering. hair_helm01-hair_helm19 includes some EHF, EHM, ELF, ELM, HEF, HEM, HIF, HIM, HTF, HTM, HWF, and HWM variants;
hair_helm50-hairhelm56 only includes EEF, EEM, ELF, ELM, HHF, HHM, HTF, and HTM variants;
hair_helm66-hair_helm82 only includes AAF, AAM, EEF, EEM, ELF, ELM, HHF, HHM
hair_helm94 includes HEF, HEM, HFF, HFM, HIF, HIM, HWF, and HWM variants
hair_helm96-hair_helm98 only includes EEF, GGF, and HHF


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