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Karst Caverns Update

Finally got a chance to get a screen shot. Sorry the variety is not showing well in the photo. I need some more time to work on the base room parts, and then I'll put out the first playable version. I also need to fully redo the SET file so the tunnels shows correctly. Not sure what happened there, but I'm sure I did something wrong in the text editor.

The room in the picture above is the most square 3x3 room that can be made. Off in the distance are two diagonal exists to other rooms. This is what the base room will look like. The basic corridor is half as tall. The corridor opening will be more round. The other two corridor types will be squat and wide, and tall and thin. the tall one won't have a visible ceiling.


These are the near-final textures for walkable floor without decals, the unwalkable surround region, and basic walls. The textures for speleothems will be modified and will vary greatly. The texture for the cieling is going to be separated and redone. Right now it is just duplicating the floor. Ceilings in different corridors, as well as prefab rooms, will have differnet textures.

There is a light colored splotch on the wall that is part of the base texture. I don't like it, and intend to darken it out. As with the spider caves, I'm going to make some alternate cave wall textures that are NOT decals. I may end up with 3 base wall textures which are randomly used on tiles.

The cave shown is not illuminated by the torch because the tile light chosen is white so I could show the room better. This is the base color, so they're going to be quite dark. I plan to release an alternate color scheme that is lighter with a yellow tint, and some red. The above texture set is going to have splotches of dark purple manganese  formations.

The base corridor will use the same texture scheme. The other two corridor types will have different texture kits. The tall/thin corridor will be more jagged. The squat corridor will be more bumpy, and will be shaped like an upside down U.