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Setting up a Meeting (2)

In the first blog I mentioned wanting to see if NWN tooolset could offer anything to a Computing Dept. in my former school. I wasn't delding myself that this would be easy. I could see a few issues if not problems straight away. This second entry moves us up to January 2019 so is still lagging a little timewise through trying to record thoughts and issues arising in my mind from that time.  These were :

1.  It had taken me some time to become acquainted with how to use the toolset. Time is precious in a school course and it just might not be possible to achieve much in the time  available. If I'm honest, it had taken me about 7/8 hours to successfully complete the Fern original tutorial from Bioware and that is a lot of time before you add in the building of your own module. 

2.  IT in schools, or certainly our schools screws everything down pretty tightly for obvious reasons and we might have trouble with the technical side. I was guessing that multiplayer would be a world of pain and wasn't planning to go near it any time soon, although the idea of pupils testing and critiquing a module by playing it together really appealed. 

3.  Courses in Computing are pretty well defined. Something like this would have to find its niche in existing qualifications or coursework. I was content to leave that for now though, hoping that the PT Computing would see the links with what he currently did. 

4.  My friend ( as with any overworked teacher) doesn't have the amount of time required to get fully to grips with the Toolset. I was clear from the start that I'd have to offer to help in class if it was to take off. Might be a different story once we'd been through it once to look at pitfalls but from a standing start it would be a big ask for him to lead it alone. Being an ex teacher the thought of demoing stuff didn't really faze me, though. 

If those were the downside, I was sutained by two massive ups.  I was certain that once the kids saw what could be achieved with the toolset they would want more. I'd seen enough of the toolset to know that was the best thing I'd seen in my whole teaching career in terms of the results obtained from game creation software. Being someone who dipped their toe into the Project Spark Microsoft effort ( and being pretty downheartened by the path they chose and thier eventual downfall) I knew this could be a winner. The second was that, being retired, I was in a position to do the heavy lifting for them - and pretty keen to do it. 

So, I contacted the school and asked the PT if I could come up and show him something which would take about an hour. He agreed and we were off to the races !

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