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Bad Habits by Tsongo

While Tsongo's other mods are here on the Vault, Bad Habits is only available on the Nexus. 

You start at level one with basic gear which, as a monk, is pretty minimal. Like Tsongo's other works this is a largely linear hack-n-slash with romance options and a lot of dialog. Role playing consists only of a few Diplomacy checks to avoid certain fights and one or two other opportunities to be either compassionate or disdainful of others. 

There are enough merchants and sufficient loot to equip your party adequately but OC magic item creation is also supported so you can make or modify some gear to suit your style of play. 

There is some adult language and nudity consistent with the storyline and characters. Dialog is extensive and you should stop and chat with your companions periodically to keep up to date on their feelings. There is also quite a lot of flirting with the romantic interest so be prepared to click through the occasional overly cute chat-fest.

I took one level of cleric early on to deal with a tactical problem and finished at level 20 as expected. I didn't hit any bugs.

I give this an 8 for writing, plot, and execution. IMO this is Tsongo's best work.

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