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Armors and Body collection

The pdf file below list all the bodies and armor I have done. Most of them are finished and work in NWN 2. Some are WiP and not yet usable. (0)


I have made some progress on my Angelina's head project.

I have almost finished the low poly mesh and begin to work on the details of eyes, mouth and nose.

Here is a preview :

For those interested, more informations on my blog





Those who played The Witcher 1, have met letho, the bad guy.

Here is how he wishes to look :

A truly badass, you would not like to meet in a dark alley.

But do you know that, while in private, Letho likes to wear wigs, like this one

Less intimidating no ?

Hair 23

Same as hair 22 without the long curls. Still with my "winterlara" head.


Update to hair pack - hair 22

Now that I have successfully re-installed my modding environemment (3DS, NWN2, tools), first preview of the update being done.

I have modified the mesh and refined it (twice more poly, making the head scalp less angular).

This model has also my "supple hair" rigging : the curls above the breast are rigged to the ribcage bone, so they don't enter into the body when the creature moves.


Karst Caverns Update III

This week I spent some time fixing the textures in the corridors. While testing, I accidentally stumbled across this cool side view that looks through the corridor wall. This was made at the edge of the map region, so there is no other rooms in front of the corridor. I was thinking I could make a cool side scrolling adventure just using a huge assortment of corridor tiles. Kinda blew my own mind on accident.

D20 Modern: Surmounting the High-rises

I’m diving right into this week’s update because there’s a lot to go over what I did this week.
What took the most of my time was the street group tiles. Firstly I addressed the traffic lights. It has received a new model and texture. For the street/road texture itself has gotten a new texture. These textures are 1024x1024 and contains the street lines too. I didn't like the planes being used as street lines. It didn't feel realistic to me.

Karst Caverns Update II

I took some time this weekend to fix a few visual issues with some of the basic room varieties. Shown in these shots are approximately half the basic room tiles. The images below are taken while holding a white color torch with a 30m radius. The area lighting is pitch black, with an amount of black fog.

Fixed a little bit of pathing issues. I'm also using partial walkmeshes instead of fleshing out the entire edge. It seems to work without any fuss. As long as every tile has a closure of type 7 or some other non-walk type, the character doesn't fly away to the ceiling.

D20 Modern: All Work and No Play

Around Tuesday morning, my garden is prepared and my daily chores are now caught up. So I got back onto working on the models. Didn’t want to wait on those last two days. On Tuesday, I had to redo the entire window animations for the apartments. Allow to me elaborate my ordeal: I was testing the windows in the toolset and working as it should. In-game, however, they’re not. Going back and redo the windows again in a different way. It was a vice-versa: the windows aren’t working in the toolset but in-game it is.


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