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Neverwinter Nights / Neverwinter Nights 2 - a gamer retrospective 2002 - 2019

It was always about content.

Content produced by an incredible artistically talented Community and ongoing talented Community support.


Damn the Baldur’s Gate Series!

Perhaps that is a bit strong for a retrospective on Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2; however it is a fair sentiment.

Working with the Class (5)

It's been a couple of weeks since I've updated this blog, largely as I've been making sure I was ready for showing off the Toolset to the Games Design class. Since the last entry I've been in twice to this class which is a collection of 15/16 year olds interested in Games Design but coming to the end of a course and heading into the examination diet after Easter so I wasn't sure how responsive they would be. 

Best NWN Modules according to Greg (A.D. 2019).

Hi NWN folk, following your encouragement I have prepared the 2nd edition of "Best NWN modules according to Greg" originally posted back in 2017.

Up to Date (4)

Ok, so the last blog was dealing with my first meeting at the school which was a few weeks ago. I was left with plenty to think about and even more to do but it had been well received. We are now back up to date as I had my second meeting today. 

Preparation for first Meeting (3)

So, a meeting was set up and I now had to decide what I would show the PT computing to persuade him.  It was only a few days away (sometime at the start of February) and I needed to pull something together which would come across as coherent, spectacular (!) yet workable. I knew I couldnt overload him but wanted to show him that the toolset had quite a bit of depth.  I also didn't really know where it fitted in with his classes although as he had a Games Design class I was fairly sure that the toolset would strike a chord there. In the end I decided to go with :


Setting up a Meeting (2)

In the first blog I mentioned wanting to see if NWN tooolset could offer anything to a Computing Dept. in my former school. I wasn't delding myself that this would be easy. I could see a few issues if not problems straight away. This second entry moves us up to January 2019 so is still lagging a little timewise through trying to record thoughts and issues arising in my mind from that time.  These were :

Toolset in Schoolset(ting) !

I'm going to use this as a record, largely for myself, of a project I'm hoping to become involved in with the Computing Dept. of my local Secondary school ( ages 12-18 for those not in UK).  So, feel free to stop here and resume your life ! It will probably be the better choice . . . 

The Flight From Death v1.2

Available from the vault here - The Flight from Death 

A short adventure that is exactly what it says it is. You start off in a cell. Oddly your PC is not stripped of gear but that's your choice. It's best to simply start a new PC and see what happens. It could use a little polish and a lot more furnishings but all the important parts are there and they work as intended. Better loot drops would also be an improvement.

The Dead of Winter

Download from the vault here - The Dead of Winter 

For new first level characters, you may have up to three companions.

The companions include fighters, a ranger, a cleric, and a barbarian. I started with a new 1st level rouge equipped with basic gear and finishing at level 5 with some issues.

Landon Watson, I got your message [Please Read]

I know this is the worst place to put on a random post, but recently I've found out someone I called a dear friend long ago, has been looking for me desperately. I didn't know there was anyone left trying to find me, and he did by one of these posts on the web,


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