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D20 Modern: A Brief Overview

A brief overview in what I‘ve done so far. After going back and double-checking the slums, they seems to be in order, cleaned, aligned and ready to exported. That would be later though because I do plan to add some of my own. High-rises 2, 3, 5 and 6 received minimal to some changes. High-rise 5 was had an improper inner corner. It was a roof tile but wasn’t modeled into an inner corner.

A Crack In The Foundation (New Module in development)

A few months ago I started something that i've had ideas about and wanted to do for a long time. Namely, creating a Module for Neverwinter Nights. I discovered the game late back in 2008 and have been playing it ever since, mostly because of the wealth of community made adventures that exist and I have always wanted to be a part of that.

Realms of Annakolia

Realms of Annakolia is once again accessible - down for a bit due to computer HW failure, we have it once again active - this 2004 and onward massive (2000+ areas) world is RP centered but easily played as action as well.

Developed by CEP team members it is rich with custom content and unique scripting that provide a cutting edge D&D (under NWN) experience. Not a Faerun world, but a world based on campaign material from many years (1970s actually at D&D release) of campaigns and games.

D20 Modern: Slums Complete, For Now

This is going to be short update for this week. I have finished all of the slums now. Slums 3 had slightly more models than Slums 2 but nothing compared to Slums 1. Before, however, I start cleaning-up on the high-rises, I'm going back to double-check everything: models placed correctly, walk-meshes aligned and cleaned up, both lightsources and mainlights are working, textures realigned and resized, and add any missing models.

D20 Modern: A Little Backtracking

I apologize for not posting yesterday. I got caught up with my family and watched the Cowboys-Chargers football game (I expected more from Dallas but oh well). I’m sure you gals and guys can agree that family time matters is more important.
Anyways, with Thanksgiving done for the year, I had to backtrack somewhat. After doing a quick test, to ensure that the models are placed evenly and textures properly aligned, roughly about a quarter out of 36 redone models weren’t.

EE Headstart 1st impressions

So I decided to download the NwN ee Headstart/early access/whatever. Normal download speed for my location - 1750 KiloBytes per second. Download started at that speed. Should take about 50 minutes for a 4 gig download so should be about an hour roughly to download. In reality it took over three hours because (while my back was turned) their server decided my normal speed was too fast. It averaged about 350 KB went as low as 10kb with a max of 1mb.

D20 Modern: Problem Resolved

After spending two days to resolve the issue of the toolset error, I finally understand what was causing the issue. The issue was the point of origin of walk-meshes. When I apply their location, their point of origin isn’t centered because it shoots off randomly on any axes ranging from 20 to 100 units (both positive and negative). I did a quick experiment to confirm my suspicions.
After properly re-centering the point of origin for all the walk-meshes, the toolset no longer crashes.

D20 Modern: Problems

I'm keeping my updates brief and informative majority of the time. So you gals and guys don't have to read a giant wall of text. Unless, you enjoy... such... long reads. Anyways, slums 1 is complete (the corners, the sides and the alleways) buuut the toolset is encountering an error but I can't indentify the problem. I remember fondly encountering this problem before. And the solution was to remodel it from the ground up. However, I'm going to hunt down the problem first.

D20 Modern: Refreshed

I've been playing a lot of Baldur's Gate 1: Enchanced Edition (through Steam and about 50 hours in), and I have to say that the 2nd(?) AD&D rules is rough and tough. I'm playing with the core rules difficulty. It took me awhile to comphrend the THAC0 system works. Playing Baldur's Gate really helped me to clear my mind and got me thinking a lot on projects I want to do in the future. However! I want confer with you gals and guys about the modern tilesets. I started this project and want to finish it at least on a good note.


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