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Minor Rant

Over the past few months I've recieved messages via Discord asking why I have stopped uploading content?

In short, I haven't.  I said I would be seldom uploading.

While were on the subject im getting a little annoyed with the edit and format requests that then turn into complaints because I dont reply or stop.
I mean it's not that hard to convert flac to another format.  Also if you want something specific, learn to use a DAW!


Well, that aged well . . . (14)

"This will give them maybe 4/5 full weeks to complete their module".


Who knew?  When I wrote that in the last blog post all was well in the world, the sun came up about as often as it went down and my mind wasn't preoccupied with toilet paper. 

Moving Onwards

I just typed out a long post and the site decided to log me out and clear it all so this is going to be a much shorter version as I cannot be bothered typing it all out again.

As of today I will be seldom posting new content to the vault or forums, not that anyone would really care or notice :P
To make matters worse my file hosting has closed my acount and so all links on my forum post will no longer work.

Just to be clear I am not leaving the discord server or closing my account on the vault website.


Available here on the Rollo Vault -

A pretty typical introductory adventure for a new PC. 

Into the unknown

As some of you have seen we've, myself and Alhana, have taken to posting ideas in a thread on the forums. This should allow some freedom to throw ideas out there without cluttering the main site.

The past few weeks have been quite productive as well as dealing with splinters of past failures.

Were both quite taken with Disney's Frozen II, Alhana more so, and this has given rise to a direction, a plan and a theme to apply to all our current and future work together.
Now if I can just pursuade her to join the vault's discord... :D

The long run for Home (13)

Seems a while since I last updated this blog. For anyone coming across this for the first time or unexpectedly fear not. Single sentence synopsis upcoming.  

Daemons of the Mind

Maybe im just being paranoid, it's all in my head kinda thing but I am detecting a little resentment in the Discord server.
I mean I wasnt expecting a welcome back party, far from it, and I dont expect things could ever go back to how they were.
Just feeling a little nostagic these days.  I seem to remeber a small group of us singing xmas carols in voice chat just a few years ago... heart
You know who you are.

Know Your Audience

Firstly I do apologise if I ramble on here a lot however it really is helping.  Rather than posting a new project page of demos and such it would seem far more appropriate here.

Someone on the Vault discord contacted me recently with some very helpful ideas on methods to overcome creative blocks.
One such suggested idea was to aim as though creating material for an RPG or similar.  "Know your audience" as it was written.
I remembered I have RPG Maker MV and since then myself and Alhana have had non-stop ideas!  Amazing how such a simple method helps so much!

Creative Block -.-

I'm sure you'll all agree that coming up with something original and different isn't always straight fowards.
In all truth i'm out of ideas, that or maybe it's still early days.  I havent used my DAW in over half a year.  It's like learning stuff all over again, time consuming and im highly impatient.  I've gone through everything I have looking for something that hits a spark.

I turn to my colaborator on Discord.  "Alhana, we need new base material..."

A Long Bumpy Road

Uploading all previous content is proving to be awkward. Why?

Each track goes through various changes and each revision is saved.
I use an incremental system to name the files, e.g. The Deeper Caves v1, The Deeper Caves v2a etc, and I separate them by the year they were modified, so a project that was started in 2013 but resumed or altered in 2017 would be stored in their separate yearly folders, yes not a particularly efficient system I know, but im working on it.
This is what makes it tricky to find the actual finalised version.


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