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Know Your Audience

Firstly I do apologise if I ramble on here a lot however it really is helping.  Rather than posting a new project page of demos and such it would seem far more appropriate here.

Someone on the Vault discord contacted me recently with some very helpful ideas on methods to overcome creative blocks.
One such suggested idea was to aim as though creating material for an RPG or similar.  "Know your audience" as it was written.
I remembered I have RPG Maker MV and since then myself and Alhana have had non-stop ideas!  Amazing how such a simple method helps so much!

Creative Block -.-

I'm sure you'll all agree that coming up with something original and different isn't always straight fowards.
In all truth i'm out of ideas, that or maybe it's still early days.  I havent used my DAW in over half a year.  It's like learning stuff all over again, time consuming and im highly impatient.  I've gone through everything I have looking for something that hits a spark.

I turn to my colaborator on Discord.  "Alhana, we need new base material..."

A Long Bumpy Road

Uploading all previous content is proving to be awkward. Why?

Each track goes through various changes and each revision is saved.
I use an incremental system to name the files, e.g. The Deeper Caves v1, The Deeper Caves v2a etc, and I separate them by the year they were modified, so a project that was started in 2013 but resumed or altered in 2017 would be stored in their separate yearly folders, yes not a particularly efficient system I know, but im working on it.
This is what makes it tricky to find the actual finalised version.

Damage Control and Repair

I've spent the past few days pondering my next steps and moving forwards.

2020: A Fresh Start

I have collaborated with a fare few people in and outside the vault.
I never have had much belief in my work and many times I have wondered what's the point in uploading at all.

Anyway, earlier last year I was taken to court over copyright issues.  How the hell this happened is beyond me as all my work is totally original.
Seriously, how could there be any confusion?!

Now, did I overreact? Was deleting everything really necessary?

Plot Ideas #1 - Studying the Signs

Studying the Signs
[A young ranger, his mentor, and an elven druid examine the scene of a curious battle.]
The wooded land rose and fell on either side of the noisy stream as it poured over moss covered stones toward the farmlands many miles below. The sonorous calls of song birds contrasted with the harsher cawing of a dwindling number of crows.

Only a Winter's Tale, just a Neverwinter's Tale . . (12)

So, feeling full of festive spirit, and even more fully aware that the line following my title is "why should the world take notice of one more love that's failed?"  I trotted into school Tuesday for the last session of the year with the Games Design class and Neverwinter Nights.

The Magus Eternum - A Lady In Distress

Download from the Rolovaut here -

Areas are decent enough, plot and dialog are both uneven. Some mistakes in the dialog will leave you stuck if you did not save before talking to an NPC.

One enemy cannot be defeated without magic or magic weapons. Limited gear and not enough starting gold to buy the needed magic items.

Weeklong Project - and we call this work ? (11)

The more astute among you may have noted a tone of disappointment mixed with pit of soul despair in my last entry about Custom Objects. 


Well, that was then, this is now, as they say . . .


Custom Objects: a.k.a Mother told me there'd be days like this . . . (10)

No update on the blog for just over a month and although that included two weeks holidays, if I'm honest I've been kinda putting this one off. Largely because it came close to turning into a nightmare but also because it was extremely finnicky and doesn't make for good reading.


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