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Landon Watson, I got your message [Please Read]

I know this is the worst place to put on a random post, but recently I've found out someone I called a dear friend long ago, has been looking for me desperately. I didn't know there was anyone left trying to find me, and he did by one of these posts on the web,

Shadows of Amn - Chapter 1 - Prison Break

No project page for this one, download it from the rolovault.

A short adventure on the order of an hour depending on your style of play, this is a true solo for a single player.

Bad Habits by Tsongo

While Tsongo's other mods are here on the Vault, Bad Habits is only available on the Nexus. 

You start at level one with basic gear which, as a monk, is pretty minimal. Like Tsongo's other works this is a largely linear hack-n-slash with romance options and a lot of dialog. Role playing consists only of a few Diplomacy checks to avoid certain fights and one or two other opportunities to be either compassionate or disdainful of others. 

Karst Kaverns Tileset Discussion: July 2018

This is my brain on 4 shots, a coke, and a new job.

I'm working on another project for the state of Michigan (Using ArcMap/ArcScene) for a few days to a few weeks, with down-time in between. In the meantime, I'm trying to decide how I feel about that bridge crosser for the great chasm room terrain in the Karst Caverns set I'm building.

This is all about walkmeshes and how much I really hate them.

A few things come up that concern me:

Gauntlet (NWN2)

Took a bit to track this down on the vault as there are at least half a dozen mods with "Gauntlet" in the title.

I checked out this one:

I say checked out because I got bored trying to actually play it. 


Helm Models for NWN2

This is a brief survey of the existing NWN2 helm models available from this site. For each project below, the table lists the included model identifiers for any helmet, hat, or mask models. Unless otherwise noted, each model ID includes variants for the following race/gender combinations: halfling (AAF/AAM), dwarf (DDF/DDM), elf (EEF/EEM), gnome (GGF/GGM), human (HHF/HHM), and orc (OOF/OOM).

Roads of Flinrock

No Project Page: Download at -

Your character is looking for the missing niece of dwarf friend. And adventure ensues. smiley

come one come all..

Since neverwinter nights enhanced is out now and we can all play online I invite you all to come to " LordLens Hack N Slash 2" server and try out my pw mod. Yes its a hack and slash you can go where ever you want fight all kinds of creatures and earn special loot from bosses or just kick back and enjoy all the social activities of the city including a world class casino..aka Khyrons funhouse! I even made it easy as hell to start off with gold easter eggs all over the city and items for noobs to get you right into the action. So check it out give it an hour then get your friends on too.


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