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come one come all..

Since neverwinter nights enhanced is out now and we can all play online I invite you all to come to " LordLens Hack N Slash 2" server and try out my pw mod. Yes its a hack and slash you can go where ever you want fight all kinds of creatures and earn special loot from bosses or just kick back and enjoy all the social activities of the city including a world class casino..aka Khyrons funhouse! I even made it easy as hell to start off with gold easter eggs all over the city and items for noobs to get you right into the action. So check it out give it an hour then get your friends on too.

NWN2 Playable Content List

Here it is on Google Docs -

I assembled this from at least three other lists on this and other sites and checked to see that we actually have the files somewhere. I've removed older titles that are no longer hosted here and items that link to dead sites. Special thanks to Berliad, Werelynx, and rjshae for preserving so much of this info. 

New Dreamwidth Blog

A few weeks ago I created a new blog at Dreamwidth to document my progress (or lack of) for my never ending Meverwinter Nights module project.  I doubt there are many who have any interest in reading the blog, especially since it's unlikely that this module will ever be fully completed and/or released, but that's okay. Just as Lord of the Rings Online is more about the journey than getting to endgame, my Heart of Ancaria module is more about the enjoyment of building rather than rushing through and tossing the module out there. And I really do enjoy the building process.

I need FLAGS(request/advice???)

I cant seem to run the dds compressor tool on my pc, i cant do any texture re-skins on anything in my module. It's super frustrating. Does anybody have any advice for editing textures or could I request somebody upload some modern flags?? 

I need an american flag, a florida flag, and a confederate flag for a project I'm working on....

D20 Modern: Short Announcement

This is going to be a short announcement because I'm too eager to hold it back.

The d20 Modern tileset will be released either on tomorrow or the day after! As for time, I haven't decided yet but it'll be released within those days.

D20 Modern: Completion is Near

Hey, everyone, I’m back! Yes, I know, I haven’t posted in four weeks (or a month). I humbly apologize for that. But I’m sure everyone wants to know where I’ve been. So allow to go over that briefly.
When I was getting to the slums, I knew it was going an arduous task to animate all the windows. Luckily, it went smooth. However I didn’t want to post each week about the slums in how I animated the windows or how much progress I made. It took me two weeks to complete all the slums.

Armors and Body collection

The pdf file below list all the bodies and armor I have done. Most of them are finished and work in NWN 2. Some are WiP and not yet usable. (0)


I have made some progress on my Angelina's head project.

I have almost finished the low poly mesh and begin to work on the details of eyes, mouth and nose.

Here is a preview :

For those interested, more informations on my blog





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