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Tale From The World of Argyle - A Matter of Trust Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 9 months ago

Dor Bloodstone grunted as he was struck again in the face by a massive fist. The dwarf could taste the blood from his broken lip and despite one of his eyes being swollen shut from the beating, he could still see the mocking smile of the human that commanded the half orc enforcer to inflict the blows on him. It had been several hours now and he had still not been broken despite the torture.

Tale From The World of Argyle - Shadows in the Night Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 9 months ago

The seasons change fast in the mountains. The first snowfall of the coming winter had settled across the lower Argonian Mountains, blanketing the entire area with a beautiful white coating of snow. This mixed with the remaining gold, red, orange and brown of the hardwood leaves and the green needles of the evergreens to make a truly amazing sight. Dor had healed well over the passing months and once again, remembered why the people here loved this area so much. Most people thought of gnomes and dwarves as only loving caves and stone. While it was true that the cool rock of the mountains was their first love, they also loved what the mountains gave them topside too. These mountains were home, top or bottom, inside or out.

Tale From The World of Argyle - The Storm Rises Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 9 months ago

Greywolfe sat near the door to the large storage room turned prison that their captors had tossed them into for 'safe keeping'. All his companions were still alive and surprisingly well considering who their captors were. Drow are not known for their kindness nor for their lack of quick action. This reputation added with the gruesome deaths of the dwarven and gnomish miners and guards made the group look despairingly at each sound that came from outside the door. The drow sleeping drug had long since worn off everyone, who were now wide awake and scared. Apart from the six companions, no other survivors had been seen or even heard of the fifty or so miners and guards. Greywolfe figured that they were all dead from what they had seen before. Probably taken unaware in a fight that was hard fought but all to short for the defenders. He looked over his companions in the dim light of the lone candle lantern that was in the room. Apart from a wound on Gath's side, the only thing really hurt was their pride. But, each of them was bound hand and foot and had a gag securely placed in their mouths. He tried to break the ropes one more time and again, like all the other times, couldn't do it. In fact, his wrists were very sore now, as the rope had rubbed them raw. He slumped back against the wall dejectedly and began to pray again. After all, it was truly the only thing left he could do.

Tale From The World of Argyle - The Darkness Falls Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 9 months ago

Dor grimaced into the wind as the bite of the cold air crossed his face. It was not the cold however that had brought the sour expression there, Greywolfe and the Lightning Company had not returned last night nor during the day. That could only mean one thing, something had gone terribly wrong up at the mine. The other townsfolk were beginning to show signs of worry also though, none spoke what was in their hearts. All feared for their friend�s lives even more then their own. The sun had already sunk behind the mountains and the cold night was just beginning, few were still out, save the sentries at their posts, huddles about their fires for what little warmth they could find. Dor turned from the door to his forge, shutting it with an absentminded push and returned to beating on the beginnings of an axe head on his anvil. He never even heard the door open up and was taken by surprise when a deep dwarven voice bellowed,

The Fallen Leaf - Chapter One Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

There is a leaf. There are many leaves, but this one is special. Just before it was going to hit the ground, a wind gust came. The leaf is taken high up in the air, and below the leaf you can see a forest. It is not just a couple of trees growing near each other, it is a really large wood, like the ones that used to be on earth before man came. This particular forest is not what you would call your average forest. It is a really old and magical forest. It gives an impression of grace, and it could have been standing there since the great winds that shaped the earth first came. It is night, and all over the forest there is peace, and quiet. Even the trees seems to be sleeping?.but wait! I almost forgot! If we had been on the other side of the forest, we might have heard groans and curses. Let's go to the other side, shall we?

Silvertongue - Prologue (Ends and Beginnings) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago


"...and I tell you again, my research is not in error; it is an exerpt from the hidden writings of King Ryalin II. I recognize the Church's ardor over preserving their doctrine; that Ryalin saved us when he drank from the godswell, from which only a man of Purity and Goodness might partake and live. The following events as described leave us with three choices: Ryalin did not drink from the godswell, or the godswell does not exist, or the godswell does not hold to the properties described of it by this Church. In any case, I urge this hearing to consider the implications of these words. We must remember that Truth can be both beautiful and ugly; to deny one side of the coin is to deny the coin itself..."

-from the hearing of Father Abel Dunston, accused of heresy against the Church; these are some of his last words before the burning...

Home Is Where the Heart Is Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

The following document was recently discovered during an excavation many miles south of the Arberdan, along the west bank of the Sober, enclosed in a magically sealed chest. Both parchment and chest have been positively identified as pre-plague. The magus in the dig party needed four days to successfully disarm the trap, which he referred to as �beyond anything our Art can currently achieve�. While the author is unknown in current histories (and indeed, I have not been able to correctly identify the city he refers to), the below-mentioned �Gray Brotherhood� is even more of a mystery. No such organization has ever left known records in any of the former Imperial provinces. Furthermore, the footnotes listed at parchment�s end, while possibly meant to explain matters to the uninitiated, do little to answer the questions raised by the words in this document; more questions are raised than answered. I hereby submit this document to the Council, with attached report, that you might grant me a sabatical, at which time I will travel to the excavation site and search for more clues.

-Theodrin, Lorescribe/2nd Circle of the Arberdan Library

Snake's Tale Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

Snake stood outside the hut, weighing caution and need in her head...

The clearing had come upon her suddenly, a welcome respite from the raggged lands of the North Cape. Three days she had spent evading the undead, scouring the hills for Belzelensibrum's tomb; her Master had given his usual decree before she left - "Return with what I seek...or do not return." - and she knew him well enough to know his words were truth. The tomb had been easy to find, her Master's directions being accurate (and Snake often wondered how he knew this cursed land in such detail), but getting the damn book from it had been a different story indeed. There had been a creature inside that was different from the usual filth roaming these hills, and she had almost died from the encounter. It was certainly not anything living; she would have to give a description to her Master and hope he was in a talkative mood - he parted so rarely with his knowledge, the miserly bastard! In any case, Snake had outrun the thing days ago, and the throbbing headache had begun to subside. Shroudgard was only days away, and from there, home...

The Fetch Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

Ardru Haefdane stared into the blackness of the corridor, trying to determine the nature of the beast that lurked ahead. Faint light from the city streetlamps filtered through the hallway's one small window, yet it only seemed to accentuate the shadows. The experienced warrior lowered his hand to the hilt of the heavy broadsword at his hip, steeling himself for the inevitable attack.

Journey of A Lifetime - The Journey Begins (Chapter One) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

Aljanon sat near the warm hearth of his room in Warhammer Hall. The flames danced within the ancient fireplace, casting strange shadows on the walls about him. He was busy writing down his latest adventures in his journal when a knock on his door brought him from his work.

The Game Masters of Spire Island - Chapter Two Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

William had indeed heard mention of the Game Masters in a few of the more ancient texts he had researched but it was normally just a passing reference. All he really knew about them was that they lived on Spire Island before the Plague and they were near god-like in power.

Order of Mithril Warhammers - A Time of Beginnings Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 9 months ago

As Simeron walked out the door of his small home in Underhill, he could sense something was wrong. He could feel it in his bones and beard. The darkened street was totally empty of life. No beggars or urchins, no travelers, not even a rat was out...except him. He didn't like it at all but, he had a job to do and by Mordain�s hammer, he was going to get it done. So, with a heavy sigh, he hefted his own hammer and shield and walked out of his small house, locking the door behind him. He wished to be with his fellows this night, sitting in front of a warm hearth spinning tales over warm honey mead with a cinnamon stick. It was Magnus that had got him started on that brew on a dare and now, while a good dwarven ale still tasted good, he honestly preferred the mead. He was torn from his musing by something in the back of his head that screamed an alarm. Reacting on pure reflex and instinct, he dropped to one knee and raised his shield in a defensive mode. A loud KLANG resounded off it as he felt a heavy blow strike first the shield, then his door. He turned to see a rather shocked human dressed in black studded leather and wielding a pair of jagged black orc scimitars. He was ugly, even for a human but as Simeron caught his scent all became clearer.

The Game Masters of Spire Island - Chapter One Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 9 months ago

William cursed as he stuck his finger for the third time while trying to repair a tear in his guild tunic. It was bad enough having to wear the beat up thing before Councilor Aquilar as it was. It was not often that Trainers of the Crucible were even allowed to see one of the Council of Five much less be summoned before one of them. This could only mean that his many weeks of research into the origins of the Tournament and the founding of the guild had reached her. Whether this was a good or bad thing was yet to be seen. He grimaced as he put on the tunic and examined himself in the full-length mirror in Schoolmaster Cedric's room. How pathetic it looked.

Untitled Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

Twas the night before release and all through the forums,
Flames were flying and tempers were stormin.
The pre-orders were made online with care,
In hope that neverwinter would soon be there.
Trent Oster was nestled all snug in his bed,
While visions of gnomes danced in his head.
With Poly and his kobold and Jay locking the crap,

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter One (The End of the Beginning) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

The White Stallion base camp looked similar to the base camps Thunder had seen before. Logs had been lashed together to form a wall around the entire base. A large pit had been dug around the entire outside of the wall, large spikes hidden at the bottom of it by large mounds of dirt heaped up on the other side of the pit. At the entrance a few logs lay across the pit to allow entry to the camp. The camp was filled with activity; soldiers moved about talking amongst themselves, soldiers stood guard in towers spaced at hundred foot intervals around the inside of the wall, as well as soldiers practicing swordplay.

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter Two (Beyond Kara-Tur - Part Two: Swift Departure) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

It was some time after the Eleint Feast had begun that Killian showed up at the common grounds hand-in-hand with Seraphina. A large fire had been constructed in the middle of the grounds to provide light since the sun was quickly sinking in the horizon. Tables had been put together around the fire some-odd twenty feet away to provide room for dancing. It was a strange tradition in Valdaire, but they always had dancing after the Eleint Feast as well as Highharvestide Feast. Since Highharvestide marked the time for journey and it was always traditional for travelers and townsfolk who planned on traveling this time of year to leave the day after Highharvestide, the dancing was meant for family members and loved ones to bid farewell to the travelers. Although Midsummer was normally the holiday for feasting, music, and love, Valdaire always celebrated Highharvestide in a similar fashion.

The Fallen Leaf - Chapter Two Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

Now, let's go somewhere else, shall we? Oh! I know! Let's go to the other side of the world!

"Trees, trees and trees. There be goddamned trees everywhere! To the south there are trees. To the north there are trees. To the west and the east there are trees. Lots of trees. There be pinetrees, oaks, maples, and who knows what other kinds. I hate them trees and forests!"
"Of all places in the world, they had to hide here... We could have hidden ourselves up in the mountains; we could have hidden ourselves by the sea, or even underground. But nay! We had to go hide in a forest, of all possible places! The forest is full of animals and plants and pinecotts and durned trees!"
"And now, we seem to be lost! Lost! Damn the elves fer the forests!"

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter Two (Beyond Kara-Tur - Part One: The Beginning of Another Tale) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

Killian looked up from where he was writing at the sound of knocking at his door. With a grunt, he heaved himself up from his chair. Stiff from writing for so long, he stretched and knuckled his back as he approached the front door to his cottage. He lived a very quiet life, dwelling in a small log house near the Lake of Mist, several days' travel away from the city of Almorel. Visitors were most uncommon this far away from the Golden Way, an extremely well-traveled trade road in the middle of the Endless Wastes.

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter One (Traveling is Training) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

Thunder woke with a start when the door to the room he was in opened. His eyes felt heavy from the strange dreams which he had had the previous night. Most of his dreams involved him regaining his magical powers and blasting it all into the darkness which surrounded him. The strange thing was he always felt something or someone watching him. It was a dark presence of some sort. A man stood in the doorway, his hands on his hips.

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter One (Second Chance) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

Galen looked up with despair as several soldiers strode up to his cell and began unlocking the door. He had no idea how he'd summoned up that strange magical electricity, so there was no hope for escape. Two guards nervously approached him and put manacles on his hands and chained both of his feet up with shackles. Galen moved along behind one of the guards. Slowly they strode down the hallway of cells.

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter One (The Power Within) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

Galen stared at the mage. Was he telling the truth? Was he doing this just to spite him? Something inside him said the mage was speaking the truth. Something inside him had sparked a small flame of anger. That flame was growing into a bonfire at a rapid pace. Hatred glinted across his eyes. The Western Alliances was truly gone. He had no reason left to fight. There was nothing left for him to fight for. Freedom? Where would he go if he were free?

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter One (Imprisonment) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

Galen awoke with a start. At first he thought he'd gone blind, but then he realized the room really was pitch black. Feeling the cold hard floor, he recognized it to be stone block flooring, a design used for most forts. He must be in a room of some sort inside a fort. Or else a prison. He hadn't thought of that until now.

'Blast this head wound,' Galen cursed. 'It's sure slowing me down some.'

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter One (Assault on Achim) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

Galen stood at attention.

"This is it men," Commander Reece Relken shouted to the assembled soldiers, beginning to pace back and forth on his review stand, overlooking the thousands of knights lined up. His voice echoed across the parade grounds to every knight. "Our target is Achim, capital of the Valarian Province. Right now, many other units along the Outlaw's Boarders are being given the same speech I am giving you now. We have drilled for this moment for many a years. I will not tolerate failure at this point. I will expect every single one of you to willingly give your life for the mission. Achim must fall. Your country depends on you all. Take no prisoners, and fight to the death. When we win, you all will be honored among the Western Alliances.

The Relic Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

They would not get away with this. There was no way that Syndira was going to let those goblins keep the precious artifact, which her village had held sacred for centuries. She blamed herself somewhat for the disappearance of the relic. Had she not been away visiting an old friend in Hillsfar, she could have defended the village from the goblin raid. But the news had reached her soon enough, and her friend had agreed to accompany her to help reclaim their prize possession. And although the two of them had not fought side by side in years, Syndira knew that she and Tomas would still be a formidable pair in combat.

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter Three (Uprising of the Shadows - Part One: Divine Calling) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

Thunder looked to the horizon as the sun quickly descended. Daggerford was easily another twenty miles away; there was little chance of reaching it before nightfall. All around him for as far as he could see along the Trade Way was rolling hills of grass. It had been the same for the past few days.

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter Three (Uprising of the Shadows - Part Four: Mazes of the Artifact) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

Thunder took a step back from the four black men. The shadows cast by the setting sun nearly made them invisible. The only factor that gave their presence as well as location away were their glowing red eyes. Slowly they moved, their limbs flowing with serpentine grace, moving into a semicircle.

Retreat was definitely out. Thunder knew that with his injuries he could never outrun them. He couldn't fight them either though. Jus one of them had nearly killed him, and would have too had it stayed to deliver the final blow. Thunder hoped that the others weren't running into as much trouble as he was and were safely at the castle, if the castle even was safe.

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter Three (Uprising of the Shadows - Part Three: The Watchers) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

Thunder's sword cut deep into the back of the monster's neck. It gave out a gurgling howl as it slumped to the ground. Before its wound could heal fully, Dengar swung his large axe, decapitating the beast entirely. They both stood over the unmoving corpse, waiting for something to happen.

"Werewolves," Dengar spat. "There be bloody werewolves 'ere!"

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter Three (Uprising of the Shadows - Part Two: Shadows in the Palace) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

Thunder shut the door to his chambers as he entered the halls, saddlebags slung over his shoulder. He had not been sure as to what had happened between Helm and himself, just that when he accepted to carry out the mission, his mind was suddenly full of maps and locations, most likely for his quest. All that had happened earlier that day and the sun was already beginning to set. He had to move with due speed because what he sought was an important relic made by the elves tens of thousands of years ago.

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter Two (Beyond Kara-Tur - Part Eight: The Puzzles of the Weave) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

The tenday seemed to pass by slowly. Everyday Killian would meet with Elric for a few hours and in that time, Killian was making slow progress. Keeping hold of the Weave proved to be very difficult and kept slipping from his grip. He'd stretch his mind and grab a handful of the Weave, then touch the symbols with his mind before realizing the Weave had drained through his fingers entirely.

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter Two (Beyond Kara-Tur - Part Seven: The High Priests of Helm) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

The entire ship was on full alert from last night's incident and the loss of over a dozen crewmen. Killian had told the captain the intruder had been after him, but the captain wasn't certain. The captain thought Killian had just gotten in the way when the dark elf was in the middle of some evil task and the captain was thankful that Killian had stopped him. Killian wasn't certain, but he doubted it.

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter Two (Beyond Kara-Tur - Part Six: The Tainted Ones) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

Killian opened his eyes once the cool tingling stopped. He was not sure how the thing he stepped through worked, and he did not want to see what happened when it did. He was now standing back in the hallway he had been in with the two statues and the invisible wall, but they were now both gone. Thunder and Ethan still both lay on the ground unconscious. Ethan groaned as soon as Killian spotted the two and rolled to his side, one hand clutching his forehead. Thunder propped himself up on his elbow, one hand on his forehead as well.

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter Two (Beyond Kara-Tur - Part Five: The Forger of Souls) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

Killian was startled by the sudden blast of cold, nearly losing his footing on the ice that covered the floor. Killian guessed the freezing temperature had something to do with the square hole in the ceiling. Mounds of ice had collected around the rim of the hole. Looking into the depths of it, saw nothing but ice. Thunder quickly moved down the hallway.

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter Two (Beyond Kara-Tur - Part Four: Into The Unknown) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

The bright moon overhead shone down on the group as they set up camp within the ruins of Calledor Nujaal. The firelight from the campfire dimly lit their surroundings. They had carefully picked their way into the ruins, finally setting up camp in what might have once been a marketplace. Now it was entirely bare, the remnants of a fountain lying in the center of it all.

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter Two (Beyond Kara-Tur - Part Three: Ruins of Calledor Nujaal) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-02 4 years 9 months ago

The first night of riding was long. Several hours passed as they rode on their steeds in silence. Killian was afraid the horses would die or go lame after more than two or three hours of this. Nevertheless, Thunder kept a good pace until the sun began to rise in the east. It was a short while after sunrise when Thunder called them to stop.

"Take a minute to stretch," Thunder climbed off his horse.

The Lost Kingdom Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

A Tale From the Land of Argyle

This is just great! thought Linaen. Stuck in the middle of the Yurtrus Morass. No guides, no spell book, no food, nothing! Sighing, the half-elf plucked another lump of fast-drying mud from her now-tattered robes, flung it further out into the swamp with a curse and continued contemplating of her fate.

...Strange Bedfellows Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

A Tale From the Land of Argyle

The chamber remained as it had been for the last thousand years. Large, leather-bound tomes with cracked spines were neatly arrayed along the room�s many shelves. The worktable in the center still held several vials, ewers, and a small cauldron, its contents long since dried away to leave a murky film at the bottom. From the one window a rose-colored light filtered in through the ever-present fog as the sun settled down over the unseen horizon. The light glinted off a jewel-encrusted skull that lay on the flagstone floor near the chamber�s iron-bound door, it�s sockets staring unseeingly into eternity. A thick patina of dust covered everything.

The Guardian - A Tale From the Land of Argyle Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

The man trudged on along the edge of the mist; his boots wearily crunched through the hard snow that lay on the rocky ground, the rim of a battered round shield poked out from behind a tattered cloak. How many times had he crossed this path? How many seasons had he spent circling the edge of the Shroud, challenging the foul, undead creatures that braved the edge of the mist? Four? Five? Even he was not certain anymore.

Chapter One - Aribeth The Willing Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

I stepped through the portal and didn't look back. Bright light blinded me as I appeared back at Castle NeverWinter.
My tasks were done. My journey...finished, or has it just begun?

The Plain of Bloody Tears Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

"The Plain of Bloody Tears"

The battle began, the flights were launched as the horses ran.

The banners unfurled, snapping and popping.

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter Three (Uprising of the Shadows - Part Six: Relics) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

The inside of the inn was dark, the overcast sky outside offering little light. Kessa pulled out her sun rod which still glowed bright red from when they'd used it in the caves before they'd come upon the ruins. The inn room lit up, taking on a red tint as the rod's light spread throughout it.

The Tale of Thunder - Chapter Three (Uprising of the Shadows - Part Five: The Living Dead) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

The tunnel began to grow darker, making it harder to navigate as the sunlight spilling in from the cave entrance grew farther away. The air suddenly began to grow stale and damp. It was when Thunder could barely see the unevenly formed cave walls that Kessa acted. Thunder could not see what all she did in the dark, but he heard her crack something sharply against the wall, promptly lighting up the tunnel. The object she held in her hand was a stick with a red stone attached to the top of it. The stone flared brightly, lighting the tunnel up to a eerie red tint.

The Stars are Bright Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

The stars are bright tonight thought Cry as he stared into the clear, bright sky, beautiful points of fire in the heavens... His eyes traced the purple tides of galaxies across the skies until he found his favorite star, Cormus, named after the god of storms, the wanderer. As he watched a mass of clouds began to move across the horizon; he narrowed his eyes as it began passing over the herds of glimmering stars, approaching his. As the first wisp passed across it Cry began concentrating intently; the wisp of cloud thinned and the star became visible once again. There... He returned his attention to the rampart he was patrolling. The stones were slick underneath his sandaled feet, but he was used to it having lived by the sea all his life. He strode confidently across the narrow battlement, to lean against the low, stone wall. He scanned the shore of the small island; the beach was within easy walking distance of the fort and Cry could hear the comforting sound of the waves upon the shore. He closed his eyes remembering previous nights like this.

The Calling Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

As he sat on the high bluff overlooking the Fell Pass, Maedros heard the calling once again. He hunched over trying to hold it back, but there was no stopping it. He had lost the internal struggle yet another time. At first, the changes were subtle; his eye color changed from a deep blue to a green-yellow mix. Then the changes became less and less minute; he started growing fur all over his body, the color of the tiger. His muscles grew to enormous proportions, as did his entire body. When the entire transformation was complete, which took about five minutes, the result would have scared off all but the most daring warriors. He had become the fearsome weretiger yet again.

Unknown Guild Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

Vargon Shadowstar stroked his neatly trimmed goatee in anticipation of his forthcoming visitor. Lord Kar'tzal had been a thorn in his side for far too long. Far too long indeed. It was long past time that his little games be exposed for what they were.

Prophecy of the Talisman - Chapter One (Page One) Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

"Death has wrought greater change than any force ever known. Whereas the flesh may return to the earth, what happens to the spirit, if it exists?
Can the consequences of actions here on this plane, be by those of another? I fear, only in death will I know the answer, or will I?"

- Kaleth Mal'ian BR 1225

The Forge - Part One: The Orcslicer Tavern Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

The near drunken dwarf slumped back into his chair that was situated in the middle of the only tavern in Waterdeep that was restricted to dwarves, although the occasional human, or even elf would wander in. When the barmaid came near his table, he grabbed her posterior to get her attention, which definitely got it; and got him a slap across his bearded face.

The Honored Exile Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

"Blood of man and fog of war,
Mixed with grace of elven lore.
Holy knight of a whispered kiss,
Dressed in silver within the mist."

Crowe Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

There was nothing special about Rhobert Crowe. Born in the village of Denier, along the White River, he was the last of six children, one of four brothers, and the bearer of his grandfather's name. Rhobert was the scapegoat of his siblings throughout his childhood, known for his mischievousness and roguish pranks. There was a joy like no other when he heard the startled scream of his sisters as he slunk upon them. Life around his family's farm was rather ordinary, if not competitive. Over the years, the rivalry of his siblings to gain their parents support pushed Robert at an increasing distance from his family. By the age of seventeen, he left them to bicker themselves to death and try to discover more about the world.

Gurt Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

Being of half-orc descent, Gurt is a man of gigantic proportions. He lived in a humble human village in a darker region of the sword coast. No one knew who his parents were, and until the age of 15 Gurt was treated as a normal, somewhat slow-witted human child. But when his orc bloodline became apparent he was banished into the wilderness.

Gurt - Entertainment Tonight! Migrate Wizard 2015-10-03 4 years 9 months ago

"You can't take that in here", Gurt stooped to peer at the man behind the counter at the entrance to the Black Hog Inn "No weapons allowed! Leave it here like everyone else and you'll get it back when you leave." Gurt hesitated, he hadn't planed on this, he hadn't planed at all.