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Sea Of Shadows - Page Seven Migrate Wizard 2015-09-28 4 years 6 months ago

The first two ninja's circled around the two adventurers untill they where behind them. A scraping sound drew the crowds attention towards the ceiling where the wizard was being lowered on a pedestal towards the floor, a gag over his mouth to prevent him from casting spells. Ybiral grinned, happy to see the wizard was going to die beside them. The pedestal touched the floor and the wizard was forced off by some invisible force. The moment Mayseth stepped off the platform raised, and the ninja's in the arena spread themselves out to form a circle around the three. Ybiral was gripping and re-gripping the sword he was giving by the ninja master when they entered the arena. Gwaemos instead put the sword in his belt and talked towards the wizard, intent on getting his gag out. Before he reached the wizard a black blur appeared in front of him then reshaped back into the ninja. A glint of light to his left gave him the warning he needed and Gwaemos threw his body to the right landing in a roll narely avoiding the blade, he came up with the sword drawing and glanced over his shoulder to check on the others. Ybiral was holding one off, well the other two stayed back waiting for their moment. Gwaemos began an intricate dance with the sword dodging and parrying his foes attacks. With a great effort he forced the sword out of the ninjas hand, it flew straigh into the wooden wall and sank almost 4 inchs in. The ninja had a look of terror in his eyes as Gwaemos brought his sword around for the final blow. Inch's from the ninja's face a clang of steel halted his blade and forced him into a back flip just to keep away from the new threat.

Neverwinter Nights Anticipation Migrate Wizard 2015-09-28 4 years 6 months ago

Never Winter Nights Anticipation

A poem by MMZ>TimeLord

Making what I can with the toolset beta, I'd keep creating content, but I'm out of data.

The Land of Caern - Seeker (Prologue) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-28 4 years 6 months ago

Gareth Beckwin looked out over the Hall, which was more than half full just two hours past sunrise. Gareth stood on a dais, left hand resting on one of the back posts of Duke Olandis Pell's throne. The grand chair was the only seat in the Hall. The many benches in the great room had been removed in order to fit more people into the Hall. The commoners all had their reasons for being present this day, and all looked forward to speaking to their Duke. Olandis Pell had not yet arrived and was not expected for another hour at least.

The Land of Caern - Mornin' Time (Chapter One) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-28 4 years 6 months ago

A strong wind whipped up as Sarah stepped out onto the battlements. It almost pushed her back through the door, eliciting a giggle from the eleven year-old princess. The gust was a prelude to the storm that was surely to follow; Sarah hoped it marked the coming of winter to the province of Yew. It was much colder on the battlements than it had been inside the castle, but to the young princess it could not have been more comfortable. She really didn't understand it, but temperature fluctuations never had much effect on her. This ability continually amazed her father, Prince Ren Perti of Yew. Prince Ren would walk around the castle in multiple layers of wool and deerskin, still shivering from the cold, and in would walk Sarah with nothing more than a silk robe covering her lithe shoulders.

Esperan's Tears - The River of Tears and Blood (Chapter Three) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-28 4 years 6 months ago

Dalanthanar pulled fiercely against the reins trying to regain control of his steed amidst the torrential rain, which was now blowing nearly perpendicular; a bolt of lightning had struck an ancient oak just a few feet away, splitting its trunk in twain and startling the horses. Dalanthanar's mount ceased bucking as he patted its neck, and whispered soothing words; promising Relad carrots and sugar beets if he would just cease his rearing.

Nar's Night Out Migrate Wizard 2015-09-28 4 years 6 months ago

Bonjourno signori, signora anda spaghetti bolognesa. Anyway, I'ma thinking to maself that I shoulda shara soma ma pearls of ma vasta wizdomio to da world anda maybe ma famillia, da Lafia, will learn from it. Taka dis down Petal, I'ma gonna dictata a story to curla your nostrils.

"Praise be to Lolth. Is it alright if I, er, interpret your words of wisdom?"

Esperan's Tears - Sun's Song (Chapter Two) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-28 4 years 6 months ago

"Could you please ask Lord Berbadasa how much longer it will be until we make camp?" asked the Singer. It was the fifth time today & Astagar was beginning to feel very put out.

Astagar looked at the sky. Despite its rainy disposition the weather was still clear enough to shed some stray beams of light upon the small party-clearly it was daytime. He raised one eyebrow at the Singer and said with exasperation, "I think the sun is still up, and according to Lord Berbadasa we keep riding until sunset."

Ninefinger's Tale Migrate Wizard 2015-09-28 4 years 6 months ago

"Moradin's balls, boy, you look a fright."

The dwarf had no idea. I'd have remedied his ignorance, but my teeth were still chattering, whether from the chill outside or from the fear twisting my stomach into a hard writhing tangle, I couldn't tell. I pulled my cloak tighter about my shivering torso, wincing where the cloth brushed against the strange burning cold still embracing my shoulders.

Esperan's Tears - The Sun & The Moon (Chapter One) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-28 4 years 6 months ago

A harsh wind blew through the leaves that surrounded him, ruffling his feathers and chilling his ancient bones; an autumn wind, fresh and clear-he didn't much care for either its purity or the pain its cold brought to his creaking joints. He shook his head in irritation, and preened his jet feathers with a time-worn beak. Cawing softly he stared through the canopy of silver veined leaves to the once dark sky, now lighting with the first signs of predawn. It was time.

A Storm at Candlekeep Migrate Wizard 2015-09-28 4 years 6 months ago

Meddwynn hurried up the stone steps of the tower towards his master's chamber. Lightening flashed in the storm riven night sky, illuminating the steps through a narrow slit window. Meddwynn caught a brief glimpse of the rooftops and towers of Candlekeep as he passed the window and reached the door he was seeking.

Lumumba Migrate Wizard 2015-09-28 4 years 6 months ago

Most of my early childhood is a blur. I vaguely remember creaking wheels, taught ropes, and the stink of sweat in my earliest memories. Never have I known happiness, or love, or kindness.

The Land of Caern - Stirrings (Chapter Two) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-28 4 years 6 months ago

Arames Kragen sat on the edge of what served as his bed, staring a little too intently at a chair just out of arm's reach. As if he finally concluded that the chair was not going to come to him, he pulled himself up and went over to it. He ran his hand over his face, stretching his skin, as if he hoped it would help clear the cobwebs from his head.

The Land of Caern - Dreams End, Dreams Begin (Chapter Three) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-28 4 years 6 months ago

Yenti Joncet stood dumbfounded, not able to comprehend how such animalistic shrieks were coming from the young princess. His left hand still pulled on the alarm cordon in the corner of Prince Arrinn's living quarters. Yenti wondered if he might still be dreaming; he could swear just a few seconds before he had been in the royal bakery with Lola, the chef's apprentice-

Any thoughts Yenti Joncet had of dreaming came to an end when Drona Twoblade came charging into the room.

Embers of Black - Chapter Six Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

As the sun touched the western horizon, the wind had picked up again, howling fitfully across the tundra. It pulled and tugged at the trailing tatters of Talomanes' cloak, threatening to tear away what little protection the ragged fabric gave. The gale was like a living thing, seeking to drive its icy fingers into his heart.

A Tale of Eight Migrate Wizard 2015-09-28 4 years 6 months ago

Eight companions set out to Sherman Wood,
All stalwart, brave and true.
They had taken up a per'lus task,
To find their patron's due.

Embers of Black - Chapter Eight Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

The sounds a scuffle woke Talomanes from his dozing slumber. An unknown feminine voice swore loudly, which caused a stir in the dozing woman beside the paladin. Something cold and metal brushed past his arm, causing him to recoil. A blade? His hazy mind was still trying to anchor itself firmly back in reality.

Embers of Black - Chapter Seven Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

The dim light that suffused the air didn't do much to help the silver-eyed man see in the dark tunnel he found himself in. Looking back over his shoulder, he saw that the skeletons were still milling about at the entrance to the passageway, prevented by some force from entering.

Embers of Black - Chapter Five Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

Cold and dark pervaded everything. Each movement brought agonizing pain in a stomach that felt strangely warm. Probing fingers came away hot and sticky, sending shooting pains up and down a body that felt battered beyond belief. Rocks dug into skin from above as well as below.

Embers of Black - Chapter Four Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

As the sun passed well into midday, a column of riders several hundred strong wormed its way out of Develor, bearing southeast. A breeze whistle across the frozen plains, snapping pennants and flags, no two alike. The expedition of Lord Ithad had begun its ride.

Embers of Black - Chapter Three Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

The man slipped through the eastward-facing doorway of the small stone church quietly, making sure not to disturb the figure clad in a pale rose-colored robe who kneeling in front of the icon of the Morninglord. It was just barely sunrise and there was just the two of them in the building.

Embers of Black - Chapter Two Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

"I dun care iff'n yer mother was a priestess o'Tymora! Y'can't win tha' many hands inna row, Ix!" The one-eyed man across the table snarled, scraping his chair back and getting unsteadily to his feet as he slapped his cards down onto the table.

Embers of Black - Chapter One Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

The wind came howling across the frozen plains, sounding like a beast possessed as it tore at the man's clothing, trying to rip his cloak from around his body and pierce him with its needle-thin blades of ice. Muttering to himself, the green-eyed man drew the hood of his cloak lower, hunkering down to seek a little bit more warmth from his horse as he rode. Shifting in his saddle slightly, he turned to peer at his companion.

Embers of Black - Chapter Seventeen Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

A shining sun hung overhead as the party left the cavern the next morning. Talomanes led the way, leading them by memory. Anluriel trudged along in his wake, her and the two other drow caught in the ambush moving stiffly from their still-healing wounds. The red-cloaked Anjolina made her way as best she could behind the drow, her heavy clothing sometimes bogging her down in the snow. Korg came next, his axe slung across his right shoulder as he carried a satchel loaded down with books across his left. Illandra and Corenne came after the orc, talking quietly amongst themselves, one of them occasionally moving up beside Korg to ask him a question. Maezinessa and Jaezil held the rear position, keen drow eyes keeping a vigilant watch for another ambush.

Embers of Black - Chapter Sixteen Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

The ground was frozen, making it all the harder for the small spade to bite deeply. It took longer than had been anticipated to finish this hole, though it was the last of the three. Already the sun was touching the far horizon, staining the sky an ugly red.

Embers of Black - Chapter Fourteen Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

A softly-glowing ball of magical radiance flashed into being in the night above the score of orcs in the patrol and then faded, blinding their sensitive eyes.

The white-clad figures that rose from the snow in a semi-circle on the orcs' flank had been careful to keep their eyes closed then that magical light had appeared, and they saw quite well in the pale moonlight, arrows leaping from polished bows, finding targets in the ranks of the bedazzled orcs. Within a matter of moments, the entire patrol was down, lithe shapes making their way among the groaning humanoids, finishing off the wounded with quick motions of sword or dagger.

Embers of Black - Chapter Thirteen Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

Bitter cold hung in the air as dark storm clouds blocked out the moon, throwing the wind-blasted tundra into near total darkness. The wind howled with berserker fury as it scoured the plains for any spark of warmth to steal. From the dark clouds above, a light snow had begun, being driven on whirling eddies by the lustful winds.

Embers of Black - Chapter Fifteen Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

Trundling forward as best he could on the contraptions strapped to his feet, Talomanes made better time across the shifting snow than he would have otherwise. Snowshoes, the man had called them. The paladin had purchased them from the fellow who ran a small supply and sundries store on the edge of Germyn's Rest where he had left a letter explaining his absence.

Embers of Black - Chapter Twelve Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

As she was lifted into the air, Naestra lashed out behind her with her feet, trying to kick her opponent somewhere that would loosen the grip that held her fast. Her foot connected with what felt like a knee, but the blow jarred her as much as it did her assailant.

Embers of Black - Chapter Eleven Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

Overcoming her surprised quickly, Naestra asked, "Who are you?" She knew the reputation of the drow and had even dealt with one or two during some of her darker moments in the Alliance. They were bloodthirsty, vicious warriors who raiding anyone who wasn't drow and killed anyone who was that wasn't an ally. Friends were unknown and love was reviled.

Embers of Black - Chapter Ten Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

Head turning left and right, looking for any possible danger, Naestra sprinted across the tundra. The war cries of the paladin had cut off abruptly, though she didn't want to think what that must mean.

Embers of Black - Chapter Nine Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

The kiss seemed to stretch on for an eternity before Naestra finally moved her lips from his. Touching the tear that trailed down Talomanes' cheek, she whispered, "Why?"

The paladin chuckled softly. "Well, I couldn't let you die on me after we've come so far together."

Blade in the Dark Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

The forest of Cormanthor was host to many different and often dangerous creatures. Theris did not know that the drow inhabited the haunted wood as well.

He almost didn't see it coming. The glint of a drawn weapon, however, alerted him to the danger he and his party were in. He immediately turned to his allies, Zartek and Djarunen, and cocked his head to his left where he saw the approaching encounter. The others nodded their heads and they readied for a fight.

In The Mage-King's Service Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

Amidst the screams of pain, amidst the wailing of victims whose minds and flesh were being torn to shreds, a man stood. Pale green eyes, unkempt gray hair, an aging, weathered face and a crumbling body, he stood emotionless, simply watching the scene, looking for some imperceptible sign only he could recognize that would single out one or more of the writhing bodies. Single it out for something less conventional than pain.

Celestial Fire - Page One Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

The fluid landscape shimmered in the cold darkness of night. This surreal planes surface glowed under the unnatural mauve sky, its crystalline rock formations towering upward scraping the sky with their jagged edges. This realm of existence was devoid of life in all its multitude of forms yet on its livid surface walked a figure, garbed in long flowing robes that glistened from the starlight above. The figure stalked warily across the alien landscape.

Page Six - Illusion Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

Roth stared at the combatants. Both Heynard and Jodah were excellent spell casters and neither of them was going to back down. Roth did not want to lose Heynard he was a close friend although a pompous one. Jodah however had always been loyal to Roth, even though the Amulet had the sorcerer under its control there were spells to counteract its effects they just took time. Two wizards, only one must survive, but which.

Page Five - End Game Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

Jodah sat on his throne brooding over the past months events. Of the time he had found Marius, of the duel with the necromancer and the discovery of the amulets power. He thought of his rise to power and of the consequences of that power. He needed a way to control the amulets growth; he had the entire magical staff working in fear on an antidote to the insidious cancer that was the amulet. But the power it fed his feeble frame was intoxicating.

Page Four - Wrath Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

Roth twitched an eyebrow and whispered words of enchantment; without realising it Heynard was picked up by invisible hands and thrown across the large obsidian table stopping inches from the elderly and enraged Archmage. �You are out of line second, you know I rule here, you know I am more powerful than you and�� Roth paused for dramatic effect ��and you still continue to irritate me, with your petty problems and the way you waltz around as if you own the place.� Roth said very calmly, through his gritted teeth. �You brought a power crazed, psychotic very adept wizard slayer here! Do you have no brain?�

Page One - Revival Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

Marius floated over the derelict tomb, he knew of the dark and sinister figure hunched and lurking behind those warded doors, and of their power. He had sought out its hiding place for twenty years and now he had it within his withered grasp, he would make the fools pay for his exile, his humiliation in front of the Halruuan high council, oh they would pay dearly, yes.

Page Three - Ascension Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

Heynard was ready; over the past weeks he had prepared one of the many magic labs at the castle to �accommodate� the sorcerer Jodah when he arrived. Heynard knew for certain that Jodah would arrive, the loss of several familiars to the insane magi�s magic blasts had brought him the news, he would reach the castle tomorrow morning; Heynard knew that he had to be vigilant for the sake of them all.

Page Two - Homeward Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

Three dark cloaked figures sat around a large ornate table, the table its self was constructed from a single slab of green obsidian and runes of power emanated magic from its very core.

�The mage slayer Jodah is lost to us.� Spoke the second figure.

Untitled Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

Dedicated to all NWN fans worldwide:

'Twas the day of Neverwinter and all through the world
Every gamer we knew had their cheetos unfurled.
They chanted and screamed, as they gathered with might
In front of their systems, cackling with delight.

The Party Did Not Move Forward Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 6 months ago

The dwarven warrior looked over suspiciously at the grinning half-elf as they entered the foreboding caverns. HE was positively dancing as he walked! Apparently the troop of ogres they had just slain hadn't shaken him a bit. The dwarf determined to keep his eye on this one.

The party moved forward.

Celestial Fire - Page Two Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

Large dirt encrusted and blood gored claws came down upon the unlucky rouges and the Constable. Beran parried the mighty blow with her steel blade severing a claw from the Ankheg's bulky carapace, milky yellow blood sprayed from the open wound coating Beran in its sickly stench. Aki began conjuring a bolt of fire to incinerate the attacking beast; the magic sparked around Aki�s hair with sparks igniting the air with the pungent after taste of ozone. Grumly however in his normal courageous self began stabbing at the Ankheg's lower regions.

Chosen of Eilistraee Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

The soothing notes of a harp danced through the fresh morning air. Like a fairy causing ripples on a clear, spring pond it touched upon the children already out to play in the orange gleam of the dawn sun. Swirling through the open doors and windows of the small hamlet, it moved around the cobbler' s workplace, defied the beat of the smith's hammer and pulled the people from their homes. As tendrils of smoke spreading from house to house it soon had all those able standing in the street to see the source of the pleasant music.

The Chronicles of Galen Jax "Sethenon" Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

CHAPTER I THE LAST DARK NIGHT, A NEW DARK STRANGER It was cold and raining and of course dark. It was always dark. It seemed to be a life time since he had seen the sun, but it had only been six years, six years here in the void. But tomorrow he will se

A Tear Lost In the Rain Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

The day had been overcast since mid-morning and the clouds had grown darker and heavier as it had passed into evening, finally releasing a torrent of rain, wind and lightning not too long ago. Smythe Higgins sat near the doorway just inside the roadside inn�s front door sipping at a cup of dandelion tea, waiting and watching the people now pouring into the tavern. The crowd was much larger tonight at the Edmond�s Tavern and Inn then usual because of the storm, which suited him just fine. He was only after two people in particular and having lots of people around to confirm he was in the inn made things much easier.

Friendship Proved Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

The crowd was light at the Red Fern this day, mainly because most people were just waking up and beginning their day�s business. The sun had only broke the horizon recently and the group of adventurers actually had to awaken the innkeeper to get some breakfast, which consisted of boiled eggs, cheese, some bread left over from the day before and goat�s milk or water to wash it down.

Tale From The World of Argyle - The Storm Rises Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

Greywolfe sat near the door to the large storage room turned prison that their captors had tossed them into for 'safe keeping'. All his companions were still alive and surprisingly well considering who their captors were. Drow are not known for their kindness nor for their lack of quick action. This reputation added with the gruesome deaths of the dwarven and gnomish miners and guards made the group look despairingly at each sound that came from outside the door. The drow sleeping drug had long since worn off everyone, who were now wide awake and scared. Apart from the six companions, no other survivors had been seen or even heard of the fifty or so miners and guards. Greywolfe figured that they were all dead from what they had seen before. Probably taken unaware in a fight that was hard fought but all to short for the defenders. He looked over his companions in the dim light of the lone candle lantern that was in the room. Apart from a wound on Gath's side, the only thing really hurt was their pride. But, each of them was bound hand and foot and had a gag securely placed in their mouths. He tried to break the ropes one more time and again, like all the other times, couldn't do it. In fact, his wrists were very sore now, as the rope had rubbed them raw. He slumped back against the wall dejectedly and began to pray again. After all, it was truly the only thing left he could do.

Order of Mithril Warhammers - Lord Simeron Steelhammer (Trial and Triumph) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

This tome is the story of a dwarf, his life and the Order he has founded. You may or may not know of the Mithril Warhammers but, throughout many lands, their battle cry of �For the Light!� has been and continues to be a welcome sound to the hearts of those evil preys upon and a baneful shriek of destruction to the evil ones themselves. Jerrel Swiftwind, Bard and Scribe to the Elven Lords of the Black Forest, wrote of the Order of the Mithril Warhammers these words:

Tale From The World of Argyle - The Darkness Falls Migrate Wizard 2015-09-30 4 years 6 months ago

Dor grimaced into the wind as the bite of the cold air crossed his face. It was not the cold however that had brought the sour expression there, Greywolfe and the Lightning Company had not returned last night nor during the day. That could only mean one thing, something had gone terribly wrong up at the mine. The other townsfolk were beginning to show signs of worry also though, none spoke what was in their hearts. All feared for their friend�s lives even more then their own. The sun had already sunk behind the mountains and the cold night was just beginning, few were still out, save the sentries at their posts, huddles about their fires for what little warmth they could find. Dor turned from the door to his forge, shutting it with an absentminded push and returned to beating on the beginnings of an axe head on his anvil. He never even heard the door open up and was taken by surprise when a deep dwarven voice bellowed,