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Character Builds
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Devastating Rogue Sachie 2014-07-22 5 years 7 months ago

This is one of the old character builds that was on Bioware's site, which I've recovered using the web archive.

Fan Fiction
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Devil's Water - Short Excerpt Migrate Wizard 2015-10-07 4 years 7 months ago

A short excerpt from fanfic piece 'Devil's Water': deep in the snowy wastes, at the Weeping Willow Inn, a roguish adventurer and his vampire companion finally track down a renegade wizard responsible for a murder in Waterdeep.

Drums from the Deep Migrate Wizard 2015-10-16 4 years 7 months ago

This is a poem I wrote while playing around with the Toolset. And then I accidently recalled the scene of The Mines of Moria where Pippin drops the skeleton, chain and bucket into the well.

This poem is written in the idea of the feeling, which was most probably shared by every member of the Fellowship, while awaiting the drums drawing closer. I tried to capture the fright which must have reigned while standing there, hearing that repeatitive drumming noise echoing through the mines.

Feel free to use it, or comment (constructive) on it. I would love to hear what such users as yourself feel and think while reading this, and your experience. Please vote as well, so I could have a reflection of the users' opinion.

Dustlifter - A Hero is Born (Chapter One) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-22 4 years 7 months ago

"Magnificence? My boy, these roads were built by need of transportation, the alphabet by need of recording..." He pauses, speaking only with his hands in an oratory hiatos to replace the description of all things built within the last two decades. "These have been designed not in search for greatness, but by their necessity and usefulness. Do you even remember Red Calindra?"

Dustlifter - The Villain's Names (Chapter Two) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-22 4 years 7 months ago

For a long while, there was darkness. There still is, keeping its dominion from the lights of the outside world. This may take its place somewhere in the barrows of an orc army, or it may have never taken place yet, perhaps even now its consequences storm into the south. Whatever it is, it stays as dark as the most somber night that passed above Calindra, a city, a hole in the world it was made out of. The azure pillars of marble reaching out to hold its loft remain covered in a veil of nothingness, and even if our Lady ever did take pity on them, summoned its beauty to shine off their highest facets, the minced fragments below would still not be exposed. These minced fragments, however, are far more worthy of watch than the lifeless columns that stand above them, for stones do not march about the land in its own name unless stirred up by earthquakes and volcanoes. These short men had no need of such, as they were earthquakes and volcanoes themselves. There were four of them marching at a steady foot-second pace, with one rushing ahead to messenger their approach through the cloud darkness. Each bore a great black hammer in his grey steel gauntlets, pounding the granite stairs with his saldiem boots as the group went onward grim-faced stone-spirited. The sounds they launched were so strong they matched thunder, as if intended to send word of their presence to someone still hidden behind the doors. Pressing the floor, they kept their march orderly as they stepped on escalating stone steps, once, twice and the final one was gone behind them. As their leader shouted at the doors in an uncomprehensible tongue amidst uncomprehensible sounds, the granite dove back into its matron floor and revealed a hollow cylinder filled with seven pillars around a circle of stairs, the missing eighth facing what seconds before were the doors. Atop that circle, raised at half the room's level stood an elaborate adamantine throne to match the chamber in its entirety: tall carvings of ruby-bearded heroes stepped their golden sandals or blue saldiem boots on the floor that was a gem mine, each stone placed in one of the detailed mosaics telling the world's ever-changing tales. A cluster of emeralds covered the front, with crimson stones running from their side to the room's center. The chart stopped at the stairs and pillars, for they were to hold things far more sacred than this world in its entirety. Filling the lenght of each circle-step and spiraling from the height of every column, the glyphs marked in adamantine spoke the very words of the earth, words which would never be stepped on or crushed by anyone but the earth itself. This sanctity known to the group, they approached only as close as the stone guards standing one against a pillar and went down on their knees to honor that which was above on their throne.

Embers of Black - Chapter Eight Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

The sounds a scuffle woke Talomanes from his dozing slumber. An unknown feminine voice swore loudly, which caused a stir in the dozing woman beside the paladin. Something cold and metal brushed past his arm, causing him to recoil. A blade? His hazy mind was still trying to anchor itself firmly back in reality.

Embers of Black - Chapter Eleven Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

Overcoming her surprised quickly, Naestra asked, "Who are you?" She knew the reputation of the drow and had even dealt with one or two during some of her darker moments in the Alliance. They were bloodthirsty, vicious warriors who raiding anyone who wasn't drow and killed anyone who was that wasn't an ally. Friends were unknown and love was reviled.

Embers of Black - Chapter Fifteen Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

Trundling forward as best he could on the contraptions strapped to his feet, Talomanes made better time across the shifting snow than he would have otherwise. Snowshoes, the man had called them. The paladin had purchased them from the fellow who ran a small supply and sundries store on the edge of Germyn's Rest where he had left a letter explaining his absence.

Embers of Black - Chapter Five Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

Cold and dark pervaded everything. Each movement brought agonizing pain in a stomach that felt strangely warm. Probing fingers came away hot and sticky, sending shooting pains up and down a body that felt battered beyond belief. Rocks dug into skin from above as well as below.

Embers of Black - Chapter Four Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

As the sun passed well into midday, a column of riders several hundred strong wormed its way out of Develor, bearing southeast. A breeze whistle across the frozen plains, snapping pennants and flags, no two alike. The expedition of Lord Ithad had begun its ride.

Embers of Black - Chapter Fourteen Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

A softly-glowing ball of magical radiance flashed into being in the night above the score of orcs in the patrol and then faded, blinding their sensitive eyes.

The white-clad figures that rose from the snow in a semi-circle on the orcs' flank had been careful to keep their eyes closed then that magical light had appeared, and they saw quite well in the pale moonlight, arrows leaping from polished bows, finding targets in the ranks of the bedazzled orcs. Within a matter of moments, the entire patrol was down, lithe shapes making their way among the groaning humanoids, finishing off the wounded with quick motions of sword or dagger.

Embers of Black - Chapter Nine Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

The kiss seemed to stretch on for an eternity before Naestra finally moved her lips from his. Touching the tear that trailed down Talomanes' cheek, she whispered, "Why?"

The paladin chuckled softly. "Well, I couldn't let you die on me after we've come so far together."

Embers of Black - Chapter One Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

The wind came howling across the frozen plains, sounding like a beast possessed as it tore at the man's clothing, trying to rip his cloak from around his body and pierce him with its needle-thin blades of ice. Muttering to himself, the green-eyed man drew the hood of his cloak lower, hunkering down to seek a little bit more warmth from his horse as he rode. Shifting in his saddle slightly, he turned to peer at his companion.

Embers of Black - Chapter Seven Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

The dim light that suffused the air didn't do much to help the silver-eyed man see in the dark tunnel he found himself in. Looking back over his shoulder, he saw that the skeletons were still milling about at the entrance to the passageway, prevented by some force from entering.

Embers of Black - Chapter Seventeen Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

A shining sun hung overhead as the party left the cavern the next morning. Talomanes led the way, leading them by memory. Anluriel trudged along in his wake, her and the two other drow caught in the ambush moving stiffly from their still-healing wounds. The red-cloaked Anjolina made her way as best she could behind the drow, her heavy clothing sometimes bogging her down in the snow. Korg came next, his axe slung across his right shoulder as he carried a satchel loaded down with books across his left. Illandra and Corenne came after the orc, talking quietly amongst themselves, one of them occasionally moving up beside Korg to ask him a question. Maezinessa and Jaezil held the rear position, keen drow eyes keeping a vigilant watch for another ambush.

Embers of Black - Chapter Six Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

As the sun touched the western horizon, the wind had picked up again, howling fitfully across the tundra. It pulled and tugged at the trailing tatters of Talomanes' cloak, threatening to tear away what little protection the ragged fabric gave. The gale was like a living thing, seeking to drive its icy fingers into his heart.

Embers of Black - Chapter Sixteen Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

The ground was frozen, making it all the harder for the small spade to bite deeply. It took longer than had been anticipated to finish this hole, though it was the last of the three. Already the sun was touching the far horizon, staining the sky an ugly red.

Embers of Black - Chapter Ten Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

Head turning left and right, looking for any possible danger, Naestra sprinted across the tundra. The war cries of the paladin had cut off abruptly, though she didn't want to think what that must mean.

Embers of Black - Chapter Thirteen Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

Bitter cold hung in the air as dark storm clouds blocked out the moon, throwing the wind-blasted tundra into near total darkness. The wind howled with berserker fury as it scoured the plains for any spark of warmth to steal. From the dark clouds above, a light snow had begun, being driven on whirling eddies by the lustful winds.

Embers of Black - Chapter Three Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

The man slipped through the eastward-facing doorway of the small stone church quietly, making sure not to disturb the figure clad in a pale rose-colored robe who kneeling in front of the icon of the Morninglord. It was just barely sunrise and there was just the two of them in the building.

Embers of Black - Chapter Twelve Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

As she was lifted into the air, Naestra lashed out behind her with her feet, trying to kick her opponent somewhere that would loosen the grip that held her fast. Her foot connected with what felt like a knee, but the blow jarred her as much as it did her assailant.

Embers of Black - Chapter Two Migrate Wizard 2015-09-29 4 years 7 months ago

"I dun care iff'n yer mother was a priestess o'Tymora! Y'can't win tha' many hands inna row, Ix!" The one-eyed man across the table snarled, scraping his chair back and getting unsteadily to his feet as he slapped his cards down onto the table.

Escape Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 7 months ago

The lock is old and rusted from the dank air that fills my hole in this god-forsaken dungeon. The cell is barely five feet long and as only as much again wide. The floor is hard and cold and all I have to sleep on is a rude wooden pallet with a threadbare blanket well chewed by the rats that visit me at night to nibble my toes and fingers. I cannot stretch out when sleeping. There just isn't enough room. In any case I need to curl into a ball to keep my extremities in close and as much as possible away from the rats.

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DLA Video Tutorials: Lesson 1 : Toolset Basics Kanis 2014-08-02 5 years 7 months ago

Description This is the first video tutorial in a series from DLA. Lesson 1 deals with toolset basics for the beginner.

Do it in Blender - Addition (Apply texture parts to selected faces) Black Rider 2016-12-28 3 years 6 months ago

This Blender tutorial shows one way on how to apply certain parts of an exsisting texture to selected faces of a mesh.


Editing a .ITP File Migrate Wizard 2015-11-13 4 years 8 months ago

What is a .ITP file? ITP files are simply files that define what shows up on the selection lists for tiles, creatures, placeables, and the other lists within the toolset. Tileset ITP files are really the only ones you would want to edit, since Bioware provided a custom list for every other type of list.

Effects, their applications, remarks and secrets Shadooow 2017-09-11 2 years 10 months ago

Reposting from NWN Lexicon where I published it originally.

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DM Gameplay Review Migrate Wizard 2015-11-09 4 years 7 months ago

This review covers a gameplay session that Maximus conducted in testing the concept of a DM Pack, which is a module that has a lot of atmosphere and areas, but no specific quest in place. Basically a world in which the DM can create adventures. The DM pack used was City of Leer prefab done by Silirrion. - Ed. Note

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DMF Certified Modules [NWN2] - Dungeon Master Friendly List [Rough Copy] Werelynx 2013-05-30 5 years 7 months ago

Here are the modules that have been approved by the Dungeon

DMFI Certified Modules - Dungeon Master Friendly List [UPDATED March 2019] Carlo 2013-05-30 11 months 2 weeks ago

DMing in a Persistent World Environment Carlo 2019-05-21 1 year 1 month ago

This is a revised and updated guide to techniques for effective DMing on a PW.

Dungeon Magazine Information (pdf) ShadowM 2016-09-04 3 years 10 months ago

This is a PDF break down of Dungeon magazine issues 1-150, include a by level/edition breakdown with short description of area/type of each a

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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition -

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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition -

Enhanced Edition v75.8176 NOW LIVE! NWN News 2018-06-01 2 years 1 month ago

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DMing a Successful Persistent Online World Migrate Wizard 2015-11-09 4 years 7 months ago

Dungeon Mastering is an art, and to be a successful artist you have to know how to weave an intriguing story, make believable, realistic characters, and keep combat exciting for many more people than you would in a pen and paper campaign. Online DMs find themselves not having to take care of dice rolls or the character acting that is the trademark of a good PnP DM, making life a bit easier. Yet at the same time they lack the same environment that is having 6 people in the same room, sharing the energy, and having the body language to make their whole story believable. Online DMs also have a set world, with a set history and set rules in which they have to work with- the story and mechanics are not entirely up to them. PnP and Online games are far from alike, this is clear.

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Dragon Dominant Walkthrough Document Migrate Wizard 2013-06-08 5 years 5 months ago

Dragon Dominant Walkthrough