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Tutorial: How to make PLC Monsters

How to make your own placable based monsters (some assembly required)

Official PLC Creature Assembly Instructions (translated from an un-translatable language):

   1. To make your own PLC-Based Monsters, simply copy an archery or combat dummy 2da entry line.

   2. Find the plc model name you wish to use as a creature, replacing the dummy mdl with the plc model's name.

A sample 2da Snippet demonstrates how to make converted apppearance.2da entries from a variety of placable.2da mdls.

Contents include examples of Standard OC NWN, d20 Modern, CCC, CEP, SWC, Project Q, and other PLC content used as creatures.

As long as the plc orientation is designed so that it's main node faces to the back of the mdl, it will then face forward when used as a creature.





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