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Short Exterior Area Texturing Tutorial

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Description When working on my NWN2-module, “ZORK – The Great Underground Empire revisited”, I found that it was hard to texture outdoor areas as the pro’s. These are my notes from learning how to do it a bit better. I hope you will find it useful to get you past the first frustrating moments working with textures in the toolset and that my less than good English is excused. For this short tutorial we use 5 different textures that works fine together. It'll end up as an open woodland type of landscape. Files Name Type Size Downloads Texturing_tutorial.pdfTexturing_tutorial.pdf Submitted: 02-13-2008 / Last Updated: 02-13-2008 pdf 3.9Mb 1031 Amraphael's Short Exterior Area tutorial. You'll need a PDF-reader.

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