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Neverwinter Nights (1) Miscellany (Great collection on how to create CC and more!)

Paul Ste. Marie

Neverwinter Nights (1) Miscellany
Compiled By Paul Ste. Marie

Game Configuration    3
Disabling Intro Splash Screens    3
Enable OC Campaign Modules in the Toolset    3
How Do I Run NWN in a Window?    3
That's it. Also Popovod mentioned that if you hit maximize in the window it will take you to full screen mode. If you want to get back to the windowed mode from full screen mode, hit ALT+Enter. nVidia 3D Graphics Control    4
nVidia 3D Graphics Control    5
Windows Vista/Windows 7 Configuration    6
Custom Content Creation    7
Custom Content Essentials    7
Portrait Creator In-Game Console Command    8
DDS Compression Tool    8
DDS Tools – Limitations and Known Issues    8
NWN Explorer - Extracting a Script as a .Txt File    9
NWN Explorer - Extracting a TGA Texture from a DDS Texture    9
Padding a .Set File    10
Using the Override Directory    11
3DS Studio Max/GMAX (NWMax and Vel’s Tools)    12
Setting Up 3ds or GMax to Run in Windows Vista    12
GMAX Hot Keys    13
Alpha Channels    14
What is an Alpha Channel?    14
Slicing and Dicing    14
Animating Emitters    15
Dummy Animation Node    15
SpawnType    15
Animation Keys    15
Emitters Explained    15
Animating Day/Night Window Transitions    18
AuroraDlight. Light Nodes in NWN    36
Cloning Verts    41
Quick Mounted Models    41
Quick Mounted Models (Alternate Method)    42
Selfillumcolor and Setfillumcolor    42
Self Illum. Color and Ambient/Diffuse/Specular    43
Self Ilum. Color    43
Ambient, Diffuse, and Specular    43
Shininess    43
Shortcut for Snapping Verts    43
Texture Editing (Flip, Mirror, Rotate)    44
UVW Mapping: What It Is and How to Save Time While Doing It    44
What's a UVW Map?    44
How Do I Modify a UVW Map?    44
Exporting Your Model    45
Saving and Reloading a UVW Map    46
UVW Mapping: Map Channels    47
The Aurora Toolset    48
Deleting Module Resources    48
Setting Up Projectile Traps on Doors and Placeables    48
Toolset Errors    49
The First Rule of Toolset Errors    49
Access Violations    50
Invalid Pointer Operation    51
List Index Out of Bounds    51
Rapid Camera Movement    51
sqrt: DOMAIN error    52

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