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Moder's Readme - Tips from Jesse for Module Builders

Jesse Beach

Tales of the Unknown

The Bard’s Tale©


MODer’s ReadMe.txt


Jesse Beach

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Before anything else, I need to cover something very important.  This module is based on Copyrighted material.  Tales of the Unknown, The Bard’s Tale™ is NOT owned by me and belongs to some combination of Electronic Arts, Interplay and Brian Fargo. 

This Neverwinter Nights module can never be used to produce income for anyone, except perhaps the copyright holders.  It has never been my intention to make this module for sale.

This ReadMe file is intended for module designers either just starting out or who have specific questions about more advanced topics.  After spending eighteen months working on this module, I decided to document a few things that took me a great deal of time to understand.

In the following sections, I’m going to describe what I’ve learned about Neverwinter Nights scripting and module development as a whole.  First, I will cover the basics of NWScript development from a concept point of view.  Then I will discuss my observations of the pre-packaged scripts and objects already available from the Platinum edition (NWN, SoU and HoTU).  Finally, I will discuss elements I’ve created myself from scratch in Tales of the Unknown, The Bard’s Tale (TotU, TBT).

I will frequently refer the reader to the NWN Lexicon for further reading as this resource has been tremendously valuable and it is not my intention to produce a reference guide.

Finally, this document is admittedly not complete and may contain minor errors or omissions.  Please accept my apologies up front.

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