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A Lower Bandwidth Method of Transferring Files To NeverwinterVault

This is a tutorial on one way of transfering files from other sites to here without having to first download them to your computer. The actual tutorial consists of a pair of pdf files that are enclosed within the 7zip archive featured on this page. It is split into two so that the old vault specific information is kept separate from the general (applies to all relevant sites) information. By relevant sites I mean any site that you have permission to transfer the files and that you do not have to be logged in to the site in order to do so.

The reason that they are pdf files is because I have chosen to make them illustrated and most, if not all, people will have some means of reading them. Further, those who are fortunate enough to have an ebook reader (kindle, nook, kobo, etc.) may well be able to view it on their device as well.

While I didn't include it in the tutorial I do have a suggestion that concerns one part of the project form. It is simply this - I think it is a very good idea to use your user name (and any shortened versons) as one of the tags that you enter in the textbox provided for them. This will help people searching for any other things that you have made.

Should you choose to download the tutorial, I hope that it is of use to you.

TR (7/7/2013)

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