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Gmax - Beginner's Guide to weighting/rigging a NWN2 (head) model

Beginner's Guide to weighting/rigging a NWN2 (head) model in Gmax (Version 1.00b - May 2013)
[-> "b" / no "b" = IGN-vault-upload -> same versions!]

Since this was all new to me and there is not much for these models and Gmax out there, I decided to write a tutorial - more for beginners, like myself.
This is a trace back of my work with my first NWN2-model, which is flagged as "SKIN".
It includes a small excursus regarding Blender and weightings.


Edit: This was my first NWN2 tutorial and I was missing a few things (eg. Collision Spheres), since the importer was not set up correctly.

These links might be helpfull:

Additions/Corrections are welcome.

Thanks go out to Hellfire (RWS), who got me started and very special thanks go out to Semper, who actually walked me through this process and double-checked my doings.

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