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Design of Area (Area Lighting, Sound, and Design Tricks)


Design of Area

Area lighting, sound and design tricks.

By Phoenixus.

A while back I was asked by Maximus to share a few little tricks of lighting and design that were used in Tragedy in Tragidor area layout for those who were planning on building modules of their own to add a little bit of spice to BioWare tilesets. If there is one thing I would like to do, it's to give something to the module building community that other module builders can use to make full use of the tilesets and make really detailed areas. For the demonstration I chose to show the first area in the building of the sequel to Tragedy in Tragidor as an example of the detail I like to go into in a single area.

To Start... the area itself is 14x26.

If you notice, the title of the area isn't a dry description like... "Western Forest". Since this is the introduction of the module and the first thing the player will see on the loading screen, we want to give it an opening story feel.

This is why we use..."Coming Home Again". It tells the player that the opening of the adventure is traveling back home again to see your friends in Silverymoon, that you originally met in Tragidor. This gives the player a much better feel rather than just "West Forest_01". The area is divided into 3 sections for the purpose of this initial article. We will cover the first two here.


Here is the starting stage of the western 3rd.


It will eventually become... this.


To begin with, we need to take a good look at the base starting point. Notice that if you leave it the way it is, it's really bland and unexciting. This is a rather uninspiring start point...