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Configuring Tazpn's 3ds Max MDB Importer/Exporter

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ATM you find Tazpn's NWN2 3ds Max / Gmax MDB Importer/Exporter here:

Setting up the NWN2-MDB-importer:

This refers to my finding with Gmax, but it probably also counts for 3ds Max:

After "installing" Tazpn's NWN2-MDB-importer, make a test import of a "skinned/rigged" mesh, eg. P_HHM_CL_Body01.MDB.

If you are missing something, e.g. the Collision Spheres, check the NWN2Utils.ini:
It sets a few needed paths. And since the time the tool was created by Tazpn, a few other versions of NWN2 were published, e.g. NWN Complete or via GOG, and the installation paths and/or registry entries may have changed.

I have NWN Complete (which installs NWN1+NWN2) and some things seem to have changed in the path (I used regedit to check the paths):

Original ini-setting:

NWN2Install=[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Obsidian\NWN 2\Neverwinter]=@"Path"

For XP:

@"Path" has changed to @"Location" (the rest is the same)


For Win 7 (64):

@"Path" has changed to @"Location"

"Wow6432Node" has been added to the path, so it's

NWN2Install=[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Obsidian\NWN 2\Neverwinter]=@"Location"

And you need the granny2.dll in NWN2 root folder!


Now rigged models are imported with the bones/skeleton and collision spheres!

Still, the importer for Gmax is not working 100%:

- Skeleton is not visualized

- Specular Level on texture gets lost

- Envelopes and weighting is out of place

So, you still need to re-weight the mesh (and set the Specular Level to 115 - maybe that's not for all models!).


Additional Info from Semper:

The GOG version doesn't come with registry entries, so you have to change the nwn2utils.ini manually. And BTW: You don't have to use an entry of the registry, you could also just use the installation path of nwn2.


Confirmed! This is working (example path!):


; Install location for NWN2


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