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Voice Acted Modules of NWN2

Voice acting in modules is a good thing for numerous of reasons:

-It gives oppoturnity for more people to show their skills.

-It helps players to sink more deeply into module's world.

-It makes text easier to follow.

In this portfolio are gathered all voice acted modules of NWN2. If some module is missing let me know.

The following people have provided their voice samples to All Sounds category. The list is in submission/updating order.

Eguintir Eligard
Rachel Peterson (Raenemon)
SC (Hetaera)
Dominique Sotto (Melirinda)
Henrik Gyllkrans (Hospitaller)
Matti Mali (ActorOfVeil)
Alexander Oleksiuk (TolenHaznael)
Krys McKean (Kaotiqua)
Lawfully Good
Megara (found from AshleyMarie's samples)
Jered (found from AshleyMarie's samples)
Author   ActorOfVeil
Name Description
Pirate Cards by Adam Miller The first voice acted NWN2 module. Adam Miller shows his versality with the toolset by providing a NWN2 conversion of his NWN1 module Demon Cards. Tons of cards to collect and play with. The voice actors are John Jordan-Cascade, Ariel Sheridan, Jules Lawrence and Wendy Sheridan.
Dark Waters 1 - Highcastle by Adam Miller The first part of Adam Miller's NWN2 saga. It provides a thrilling adventure in a long abandoned castle with detailed world history. The voice actors are Chris Serani, Eshinee Veith, GingerBeer, Jules Lawrence, Derek Achoy, Wendy Sheridan, John Jordan-Cascade, Adam Miller, Jamie Mellor, Robert Veith (Allyndn the Beggar) and Emma Miller.
Bishop's Romance (OC) by Domi Sotto aka Melirinda Dominique Sotto's extra material for OC which contains a romance option for the bad boy of the campaign, Bishop. The voice actors are Rob Dupuis (The Wizard), Jackie Cooper, Daniel Roberts, Shugojin and Wynne.
Dark Waters 2 by Adam Miller Direct sequel to the first part of Adam Miller's NWN2 saga. The player and his/her party must sail around the seas and prevent the world's destruction. While doing that they can also choose to hunting or joining with pirates. The voice actors are Chris Serani, Eshinee Veith, Derek Achoy, Raphael Perry (Balgin Stondraeg), John-Jordan Cascade, Samuel Miller, Robert Veith (Allyndn the Beggar), Lance Meibos, Wendy Sheridan, Christopher Dunn (dunniteowl), Christopher Padar, Emma Miller, Jessica Tischer (Jazhara7), Holgar Krüppel, James Gray, Sadie Miller and Adam Miller.
The Isle of Ash: Chapter 1 by A.M. Oleksiuk Alexander Oleksiuk's first NWN2 module is an exciting research trip to a ash-covered island where no living thing roams. The voice actors are Alexander Oleksiuk (TolenHaznael) and Rachel Peterson (Raenemon).


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