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Overlooked Module List [Rough Copy] [NWN1]

Top Picks, Master list of overlooked modules based on threads in the Old Bioware Modules-Players forum.

All of these modules were recommended by community members as cases of modules that have not received the attention they deserve thus far.

The purpose of this master list is primarily as an organizational tool to keep track of recommended modules.

- Authors can not recommend their own modules.
- Modules that become well known enough to reach 2,500 downloads and 25 votes will graduate from the list.
- New modules (in top 15 of new modules list) are not eligible.
- Recent modules (released less than three months) are not eligible.
- Modules in the top 15 of the Top NWN Module list are not eligible.
- If the module has more than one file, the highest downloaded one is taken as the download count (which is the current standard used by Hall of Fame).
- Please include a short description of the module you are recommending.

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* Note: Due to the age of the modules, some of them may not work under the latest patch or CEP version. There are a lot of changes in NWN patch and CEP version recently. Feel free to ask the question here. We'll see whether there are any possible workaround. *

The CEP v1 for NWN 1.69 is available here: here

Author   Hmdai/Starlight Revisions by Werelynx and others
Name Description
15 Minute Maps Presents: A Night At Crows End by 15 Minute Maps This is a short, light combat, roleplay/story module. I would say it is suitable for teenage players and older, I recommend level 2-4 but any would do. Your decide to stay in "the lands most haunted hotel...", awaiting you is mystery, tragedy, romance ... ? You'll have to play it to see I found more than the claimed 15 minutes of entertainment and I dare say you will too. (N.B. Uses the 'obsolete' CEP153 patch. If you don't have that it can be replaced by the CEP168 patch with the toolkit) (rec'd by PaulBlay)
The Affairs of Wizards Prologue by Maggot&Bear * Requires 10 more votes, 276 more download to graduate from the list *

A very long and complex prologue with depth and side quests, as well as some original gaming situations. Areas are well designed (rec'd by lebowski).

The Alchemist and Ophelia by Gavin Irby * Requires 4 more votes and 985 downloads to graduate from the list *

It is a short detective module most suitable for first level character. Although it has almost no combat at all, the story does have its own way to impress you. (rec'd by Starlight)

Annals Of The Blade Errant - DEMO by Llyranor Ilfarath * Requires 7 more votes and 774 downloads to graduate from the list *

Another module written by Llyranor Ilfarath, the author of "The Land Of Butterflies And Lollipops" It is really hilarious and I can't help but laughing when I play this module. (Rec'd by Starlight)

Armageddon Clock by Andreas Fairlight This one acts more like an interactive short fiction than a module. It is a fun to see how the story goes on. (rec'd by Starlight)
Atlantis, after the deluge by Gonzo Gygax Imagine the world in times long before any a man has cultivated the lands around him..a period around 12'000 years ago, when perhaps an ancient thriving civilization, far more advanced than presumed, thrived until the gods struck them down for their lack of respect, misuse of their powers... (rec'd by Steve Savicki)
Aylomeigers' Magical Curios by mattd It is a mainly hack'n slash mod and there are not much options inside the dialouge (The only major one is near the ending). It does have some interesting puzzles. Note: There is one area which is quite annoying. Read the readme included before you start the game. (rec'd by Starlight)
B2 & B3 Combo (hotu & sou) by Tim These mods put together are a wonderful low power, low gold multiplayer experience. They really capture the feel of old PnP. By combining the adventures, they have additional play time and scale which makes the effort more rewarding. Some well thought out resting restrictions/food add to capturing the PnP feel. Very nice use of low powered custom items, and the scripting and conversations show attention to detail (rec'd by jfoxtail).
The Battle of Kadir Pass Chapter II by The_Red_Mage Part I speeds you through the levels but the big plus for me was that the combats were very challenging, prob the toughest I have done as gold and magic items are in limited supply. Hence the use of henchmen as Part III xp gain is based on achieving quests (rec'd by ericdoman)
The Battle of Kadir Pass Chapter III by The_Red_Mage Part I speeds you through the levels but the big plus for me was that the combats were very challenging, prob the toughest I have done as gold and magic items are in limited supply. Hence the use of henchmen as Part III xp gain is based on achieving quests (rec'd by ericdoman).

Beggar's Rattle I - The Fall of Ullad by JSCairns

Shipwrecked on a war-torn island chain, your character's struggle to survive and return home brings him into conflict with one warring faction after another, upsetting the balance of power wherever he goes. Primarily a hack n slash with an episodic storyline, but with interesting dialogue and some original sidequests. Best for a rough-and-tumble fighter or rogue type. (rec'd by yuma_bill)
The Beggar's Rattle II - Olo the Newtslayer by JSCairns Sequel of The Beggar's Rattle (rec'd by yuma_bill)
Beneath the Twisted Tower by LanternGuy A nice little module for level 1-2 characters. It is a good start to build a character at level 1. (rec'd by Starlight)
Black Jails v.1.1 by Variaz It is a short mod which last for 30 minutes. The module is entirely inside some unknown prison. The story is about the characters he/she met and their stories, both told and untold... this is part of a clever concept by the author: dividing the narrative between that which the PC learns or experiences while he/she is awaken and that which happens during dream sequences. (rec'd by Vidalaac)
The Book of the Loremasters - Chapter I: Dark Age by Stefan Fischer * Requires 6 more votes and 710 downloads to graduate from the list *

The mod is quite good to play, especially with a very stealthy characters. Nice cutscenes, in the prologue and during the game. (rec'd by lebowski)

Boutique Du Temps by DrHoo * Requires 7 more votes and 509 downloads to graduate from the list *

Quick pros: Custom items with descriptions that are meaningful to every item! Quick con: Areas rather spacious. Might want to pick up a hasted item in order to move around areas faster. (rec'd by Steve_Savicki)

Cape of Lost Hope by Sir Fink It does contains several dialouge options for role-playing. The combat is challenging. It is good for lvl 1-2 characters. The only short coming is it does not have a definite ending... (rec'd by Starlight)
Celestial Chronicles (Part 1) by MadHenchbot Although it has only two hours and required to use pre-generated character, I do enjoy the story very much. The only problem is it is the first chapter of the series and you want for more! (rec'd by Starlight)
Champion of Horus by LatH123 I had a great time playing this module and decided to plug it whenever possible. It's under-downloaded too.
Chronicles of Charnia - The Exile v1.20 by slowdive_fan Your sister has been abducted. Your main quest is to find your sister and free her. An interesting short module. The author can keep it short but fun. (rec'd by Starlight)
A Cleric of the Silvermarch (part 1) by Clericmodder Its an interesting and well done mod for the Cleric class. It is a good soild middle of the road mod. Nothing that will blow you away, but time well spent (rec'd by todde)
Coldhearth by thegeorge Created by Hall of Fame author thegeorge. It is an interesting module with a lot of side-quests, hidden areas. It is worth to try it out! (rec'd by Starlight)
The Coverts by Erin The module is short but funny. Although it is the first work created by the author, it does the job well to tell the story. The PC is a simple farmer working on PC's own land. One day, a band of goblins wanders through and steals a family ring. So off the PC go to get the ring back. But it's not that simple...(rec'd by Starlight)
Crypt of Medea v2.0 by Chaos_Theocrat A sweet and solid little conversion of a classic text adventure game, with a focus on puzzles. (rec'd by Olivier Leroux)
The Cup of Akbar - Act I (v1.53) by Chuck Crawford Quick Pros: Big punch for only a 2.5 MB size mod - both desert and underground environments - doesn't seem to have any bugs. Quick Con: An issue with money from buying with a merchant may force the player to give him/herself more gold by cheating (using the consolse command), especially if they don't enter the prelude mod in the beginning. (rec'd by Steve Savicki)
Daliconia, Mystery of the Orb by Magistar A supposed first chapter in a series. Although it will no longer be continue, it can be regarded as a complete module. The main plot is interesting and there are many great custom items. The combats are quite repetitive. (rec'd by Starlight)

* The author has passed away on June 4th 2008. May he rest in peace. *

Dark Ages - Chapter 1 by Loveichi * Requires 4 more votes and 960 downloads to graduate from the list *

Very nice, short mod with a lot of atmosphere and an interesting plot (rec'd by lebowski).

Dark Halls of Myrandir by Gravelooter A nice H&S module. The settings for the hall is interesting and the enemies give the players some challenge. (rec'd by Starlight)
The Dark Ruins of Jharol by Blitz74 A pretty basic HnS module but one where strategy is very important. There are no companions so not sure if spellcasters (W, S and B) would survive. Although resting in most areas is OK. Maybe a couple of summoned creatures as well. You will begin at 1st lvl and will probably finish on 9th. There is a part 2 in the making. Most items can be purchased although gold found is well balanced as are the combats. Found no bugs but you will have to do some running around. (rec'd by ericdoman)
A day in life of Evil by Hellix Another short story that can be completed within an hour, with rich detail and challenging combat: You play a powerful (pre-generated) evil wizard but you have to plan ahead and be economical with your spells since you have to run through the entire mod without resting, if I recall correctly. It was fun to play and an interesting dark story with some humor on top. Be a bad guy for one day - but one of the smart ones and with style. (rec'd by Olivier Leroux)
(DD1) Dwarves in the Woodwork by MJ Harnish & C Willy PC is a children of a farmer which adventure to search for a cure for an unknown illness that killing the livestocks of their village. He/She will find out the illness is not what it seems... It is a nice series that is suitable for low level character. It is sad that the author does not appears for a long time and it seems DD3 will not exist... Note: There are some logical problem on the dialouge. Please read the post of the forum before you start. (rec'd by Starlight)
Dead Gods by The_Red_Mage here is an underrated module I enjoyed, though I played it some time ago (rec'd by Haildodge)
The Defence of Fort Tremagne by Guthlac An amazing module with a special alignment reward which encourage the player to play along with their alignment. Also, there is a merchant which can be barter with. The plot twist at the end is a real shock! (rec'd by Starlight)
DemonSoul 1 - Cradle Of Darkness by mrmonko The PC is the children of a man who run a less than legitimate business in town. The PC is one of his staff to intimate people who do not pay in time or even rid out some who offend father. The PC carry out his "business" today and will find out his/her life will be completely changed from now on. This is a short mod with an interesting story and good PC-henceman interaction. However, as the author has not appeared for more that a year, it could almost say that part 2 will not appear. (rec'd by Starlight)
Doom of Stormouth by wakster&LordOfGas * Requires 7 more votes and 522 downloads to graduate from the list *

Although all of the areas in this mod is small. It does has an interesting story. I think the only weird scenery is the author using some strange script to respawn NPC/monster in the main town. (It is quite a wonder when you find that NPC keep dropping from the sky to the ground) (rec'd by Starlight)

Dovedale by Qobalt It is a nice little module. The henchpeople respond to the alignment of the player and they will determine whether they join with the player. I also enjoy using the whole issue could be resolved by negotiation instead of bloodshed. (red'd by Starlight)
The Dragonarm Companions - Chapter 1 by Dragonlord It is designed for a party (best 4-8) of level 1 adventurers who, after an unfortunate incident at sea, are looking for a means to return home. There are quests aplenty which keep the story moving forward and the land is very much live like. It will provide around 30 hours of adventure for you and your party. (rec'd by Joseph_Skyrim)
The Emeralden Forest - Griggstone Vale by J.D. Evans It is a decent adventure module which requires the PC to save his/her friend and find out the reason of goblin invasion. The story and scripts run smoothly and there is not major flaws. (rec'd by Starlight)
Eternal Devotion by Joseph Lollback (Antistar) A short and creepy module. It can really give you shiver! (rec'd by Starlight)
An Expedition to Emyn Uial v1-2 by Ocie1 An exploration module with a great atmosphere, unique creatures and items and outstanding special/visual effects. (rec'd by Mirgalen) Important Note: You need to reset the starting point before playing this or walk back South to the farming area.
Fall of the Empires Book I: Lands of the Forsaken v 1.5 by Devan Crowe * Requires 14 more votes to graduate from the list *

At first, the PC is only a scout for an army. After a series of events the PC become more and more involved into the central story. The story is breath-taking and attractive (especially in the Ch.3). The author has announced that he currently work for the last part of the module. (rec'd by Starlight)

Fall of the Empires Book II: Whispers of Rebellion v 1.35 *Updated!* by Devan Crowe * Requires 14 more votes to graduate from the list *

At first, the PC is only a scout for an army. After a series of events the PC become more and more involved into the central story. The story is breath-taking and attractive (especially in the Ch.3). The author has announced that he currently work for the last part of the module. (rec'd by Starlight)

Fall of the Empires Book III: The Dark War - v 1.1 by Devan Crowe At first, the PC is only a scout for an army. After a series of events the PC become more and more involved into the central story. The story is breath-taking and attractive (especially in the Ch.3). The author has announced that he currently work for the last part of the module. (rec'd by Starlight)
Falkner's Folly - Part 1 by Kieron Scott You start as a prisoner of the drow, and your mission is to make an escape and guide a group of fellow prisoners safely through the Underdark with hopes of finding a way to the Surface. Since most of the many companions you lead are quite fragile and helpless, stealth and intelligent tactics are of the essence while a hack and slash attitude will probably end in desaster. It's different and refreshing and has great atmosphere, NPC interactions and even some small puzzles, as far as I recall. The downside is that it's only part 1 and I haven't ever heard of a sequel in the making. Maybe the author didn't get enough encouragement... (rec'd by Olivier Leroux)
FK The Shadow Relic by fkirenicus Very good planar module, stand-alone without sequels, beautiful alien areas using all the custom content required by the mod. You really won't regret the big download. Mainly it's an hack'n'slash style of adventure but the few convo can get a bit tricky. Bridge SOU to HotU (lebowski)
For the love of Winter(Part One) by Ombra Scura A short mod (not more that an hour playing time I think) with some interesting idea. How long have you not doing a quest for a lich? (not a evil one) It is a shame that there is no part 2... (rec'd by Starlight)
The Grimshade Run by styzygy Pretty challenging module lvls 6 - 11 based on numbers of players and or class. All equipment is stripped from you, except robe and club. You will find very good customized equipment throughout mod and your equipment at end of mod. (rec'd by ericdoman)
HeavensGate & The Kingdom of Crystals by Brad W. Bartram An Epic length module that will have you hooked for days on end. Great plot, really cool areas, great action, cool new monsters and very challenging. Also highly re-playable. Was an AME finalist for Debut Author last year. (rec'd by laisee)
Her Father's Sword by Nicholas Piachaud Although I think this mod still need a lot of improvement, it brings out some interesting idea. This is the conclusion of the series and it is worth to try. (rec'd by Starlight)
Heroes of Ildara by Joern Preine * Requires 10 more votes to graduate from the list *

Basically a cult once thought to have been destroyed has risen again and you need to find and then persuade the heroes to work together on helping to defeat it. That is the main quest and plot but there are numerous other quest/sub plots around (over 40). Be careful when you enter homes? You will start at 1st lvl and will be told to go to the academy to train. You can prob reach "X" lvl here ( a minor flaw) but 4th should be ok. There are quite a lot of henchmen around ftr types, rogues BUT you will have to look around to find them. One of the sub quests consisted in helping a bard to write a poem/song (you type in the lyrics) which I thought was a vg idea. There is a walkthrough but only use it as a last resort as you will prob glimpse other answers to other quests. Because there are so many sub quests around this mod will prob be about 40+ hours long. You'll prob finish 13th lvl. (rec'd by ericdoman)

Heroes Of Orvahm by Aranos Peacecraft It is a nice little module. Although the plot is not strong, it does let the player has a good time in half an hour. (rec'd by Starlight)
IAT1 - Time Becomes A Loop by Andrea & Wes Landaker Interesting story by using time travel as the main theme. However, the main problem of the mod is that the dialogs of the "time guard" is too complicated (or technical?) to understand. I can't even understand most of the meanings of these dialogs...(rec'd by Starlight)
In The Dead Of The Night by gpeddino As you cross the creepy Hullack Forest, you find yourself and a group of adventurers surrounded by zombies. They come from Skelgaunt, a village nearby that has been invaded by hordes of undead. With the help of these three warriors, find out who or what is responsible for this tragedy. A fun little module with almost no bugs at all. It is worth to have a try. (rec'd by Starlight)
Island Holiday by Bob Stewart The player char intends to get a holiday off adventuring but soon finds himself kneedeep in saving the population of a small island from an undead infestation and mercenary invaders - this module isn 't just brawns but brains too: lots of nice gimmicks hidden and a nice puzzle (reunite the spirit of a lost son with his family by finding out his name and typing it within convo in front of... hey, no more spoilers - quest just for clerics). IIRC rangers / druids have additional options too Warning: -don't use area of effect spells when friendly npc are close - don't use area of effect spells when farm animals (that includes dogs too!) are around *Showstopper!* Edit: the mod can be even more fun in multiplayer (rec'd by Charion de Celeste)
Jack and the Beanstalk by Dave Crowell Another module intended for child(The other one is Missing Dragons). The module has translated the story well and there is no bugs in it. Also, there are some mini-game which children will enjoy very much. (rec'd by Starlight)
A Journey to Remember by Daniel Swingle It is around 30 minutes and it is a hack and slash mod. However, the little twist in the ending is interesting and I think it is worth to mention it here. (rec'd by Starlight)
Legacy of the Liosalfar by Gilthonym This is a short and nice mod (not more than 2 hrs). This is the first mod I have played that almost have no combat at all (except those Bioware contest mod). It is not suitable for power gamers or those who like hack'n slash. However, this short mod does looks like a bedtime story. It also give me a new aspect for "hero". "Hero" does not mean you have to fight any evil, any monsters or save the country or the world. "Hero" just mean the one who could offer help to the people when they are in needs. (rec'd by Starlight)
Legend of Honor: A Cure for Mara by J. Marshall An ordinary module with hack n' slash, some role-playing options. There is not much new monster or element used. However, the author does add a little bit interesting element inside the mods. Also, how long do our heros go on an adventure which is not for fame, money, treature, but cure for their own sister? (rec'd by Starlight)
Legend of Honor: State of Mind by J. Marshall This is a hack'n slash mod with some interesting ideas. A prince has suddenly lost all of his emotion and mind. He lives but he could not respond to the outside environment anymore. The task before the PC is to enter his dream and save him. (rec'd by Starlight)
A Line in the Sand - Dark Artifact v1.02 by Brian J. Audette Written by Brian J. Audette (The author of City of Wonders - A Tale From The Rift World) It is a short and fun module. Although the author has modified the background story such that it conflict with that of City of Wonders - A Tale From The Rift World, it is a good module on its own. In the module, the PC is an orphan and he need to search for work. He/She end up stumble across the ruins of Rhyvia and find out there are something sinister lurking within... (rec'd by Starlight)
M's All in One Equipment Modifier - BlackSmith - Trainer - Module by Mjolnin Pro's - High powered gear that I haven't found in any other store leveler mod and it's not uber... the item description gives the item's history. Cons - obviously no game play or storyline, but for the store goodies, there's really nothing to complain about. (rec'd by steve savicki)
Madman at the Ruins! Remastered Edition by Kelkesh123 / Sam Dramstad A short and creepy D20 modern module. It almost make me jump off the seat when I'm playing it. (rec'd by Starlight)
The Mysterious Tower by Original: Joseph Goodman (NWN vs. by Schatten9) * Requires 9 more votes, 274 more download to graduate from the list *

custom content NO MUSIC - yet it has that haunting low bass sound in the background - surprises occur instantly. Meant for a party of beginning adventurers - NOTE: High spot skills is ESSENTIAL! (rec'd by Steve Savicki)

Medieval Dead by SMetze I did write a review for the Vault on this module, and I really would like to see this module get a lot more attention. The documentation is great. This module has tons of lovely scripting, sounds, and plenty of spooky atmosphere. (rec'd by QSW)
Mirendell Tales Whispers of the Past by Adam A Planescape: Torment homage adventure that stands on its own. Nonlinear story progression and twists make for a nice, promising story (rec'd by lebowski).
Missing Dragon by makeham This is a unique genre - "Family Entertainment" if you will. "Missing Dragon is unique in its scope; it offers NWN entertainment for young children and their parents. The mod itself is obviously "non-complex" but if you are a parent who loves NWN, be sure to download and try this mod with your children. It features Baking, simple math, hide and seek, treasure hunts, and popular non threatening versions of NWN monsters. A wonderful creation in a niche never thought of before" (rec'd by jfoxtail)
Missing Persons by peej0000 * Requires 667 downloads to graduate from the list *

It was a fun mod with a good story well rendered (I gave it a 9.0), and it has 240 or so DL's since being posted on 30 May. (rec'd by El Dano)

Mummy Dust (NWN1) - Puzzle Solutions and Special-Item Functions by Module author: Terminus, Document Writer: Erik Karlsson "Berra" The story is not a huge part of the module, it's mostly a exploration and treasure hunting mod that uses many uniqe systems like a teleportation ring, items that may remove certain obstacles and the most interesting part: challenging and interesting puzzles. Some are pretty hard to find the solutions for. The atmoshpere is also a very nice part of the module. It manages to create a uniqe atmoshpere of being somewhere that no one has been to in many decades. (rec'd by Berra)

Note: Berra has also written a walkthrough for this module. Just check the link provided.

Northern Realms of Psam: Part I, Guiding Principles by John W. Carlton It is a very big module and is HCR, ie food when resting. Also the first module I can remember where crafting was involved and the only one I know is that you have to visit a trainer to level up. You will lose any xp you gained after hitting the level. Depending on your class you also start at different towns or villages. The author states you can finish on Level 20 hence the size. (rec'd by ericdoman)
Not My First Choice - Prelude by Kevin I played it about 10 months ago and have only noticed 2 votes (inc mine). (rec'd by ericdoman)
Not My First Choice - Chapter 1 by Kevin I played it about 10 months ago and have only noticed 2 votes (inc mine). (rec'd by ericdoman)
Of Time and Death's Feast by Tyndrel * Requires 858 downloads to graduate from the list *

A dangerous hunting trip turns out to be something more...It is the story that really attracts me to it. (rec'd by Starlight)

Oslan Legacy by Rhysca A long, slow adventure that has way too few dl's. It doesn't guide you along, the author is determined to let you find your own way, but has lots of interesting aspects. A great module for DMed games (rec'd by caesarbear).
A Passage to the West by Blakavare Short and very forced linear but original and atmospheric with interesting NPC and henchmen. (lebowski)
Phantasie 3.05 by Kurt Rickerd Beautiful areas, compelling plot, great action,cool puzzles, highly re-playable. The first issuance had too many areas that were much too large, but subsequent revisions corrected that. (would have been a finalist in AME last year if the revisions had been made earlier) A wonderful mod that is easy to get lost in Lvl 1-15... (rec'd by laisee)
Prologue - Quest for the Soul Stones by Nicholas Bair A call for heroes ripples across the ether of the Universe. A terrible shadow is descending on the innocent townsfolk of Deep Creek and her surrounding cities. Will you answer her plea for help, and risk your life in order to unravel the mystery which threatens the helpless men and women of the Emerald Valley? This module begins the story of the Quest for the Soul Stones. The rest of the tale will most likely be told using the NWN 2 engine, unless something changes. (rec'd by ericdoman)
The Quick and the Dead by Von Django Very short mod that uses the Firefly D20 system. It's mostly a post-apocalyptic adventure with some horror hooks, challenging fights and not too many conversations. Also it's so innovative that it's like playing a different game - be aware that reading the read me is a real must here (rec'd by lebowski).
Rappan Athuk -- The Dungeon of Graves v 2.0 by dutch206 A very good and highly overlooked module. The module is flawless and work like a charm with HotU 1.67 and CEP. Could not complete one or two quests and had some hard time with a couple of bosses (make sense) but overall the module was very enjoyable and had a true PnP feeling. IMHO the best conversion of Bill Webb and Clark Peterson original work. I highly recommend it if you like PnP conversions. Note: This is an appreciation vote not an actual review. (rec'd by Mirgalen)
Revenge is Bitter Sweet ver1.0 by Duffus After 20 years the time has come for vengeance! A long SP mod with a lot of challenging h'n's, many areas using all the tilesets of NWN+SOU create a varied enough feel, but the real fun come from the challenge of defeating the enemy. For a fast paced and tough h'n's mod this one is surely a good pick (rec'd by lebowski).
RKP - Adventure, Equip, & Mega-Fight by Tigwa 3-in-1 module. (1) Create new characters of whatever class(es) and level, and equip them for taking into other modules. (2) Clever adventure game, with the prize of being able to give your character a lot of advantages in future play. (3) Extreme mini high-level hack & slash with only the toughest monsters. (rec'd by Steve Savicki)
Road to Ruin by Eldar Featel Another great short story mod from the BioWare World Contest 2007, and on top of it one of the very few mods set in the Planescape Multiverse. So a must for Planescape fans. And if you don't know anything about Sigil and the factions, don't let the recommendation for a basic knowledge of the setting discourage you from playing it. I believe this mod could actually serve as a partial introduction to Planescape and might be even more exciting if the background is still a mystery to you. In particular this mod introduces you to the philosophy of the Doomguard faction, a guild embracing entropy (and you're part of that guild in times of change). (rec'd by Olivier Leroux)
The Rule of Three: Volume 1 by Adam Stillwell Mixed feeling but generally well done and with the right atmosphere. Many things could have been done better but it's a good start. Also you play the Nameless One after the ending of PS: Torment. (lebowski)
Sanctuary by Grymmly It is a nice and short hack-n-slash module. The protagonist take on a ship to set sail. In order to avoid a storm they park at an isolated island. The player explore the island and find out something dark lurks within...(rec'd by Starlight)
Santa In Trouble by Ugleberg Santa and Rudolph must defeat the evil boss in order to retrieve back the stolen present! An unusual twist for a wonderful Christmas. (rec'd by Starlight)
Seppuku (hara-kiri) v1.02 (Español/English) by Th3Pr0ph3t Superb use of cutscenes, and an original story. You return from the dead to demand justice and protect your wife and daughter. You are a zombie (but a weapon master (katana) at the same time, don't worry ;)). It's short, intense, and impressive. It deserves far more consideration, right now it only has three votes, one of them being mine. (rec'd by Kenrae)
Shadows of Divinity: Trials of the Unmasker by TolenHaznael This is a prelude the author plan to made for his NWN2 Series. He does tell a great story and design an interesting background for the world. (rec'd by Starlight)
Shadow of the Underdark v 1.8 by Mattias Wåhlén * Requires 5 more votes, 224 more download to graduate from the list *

Registers a paltry number of downloads which I'm hoping is just a glitch on the page (rec'd by caesarbear)

SKS1 - The Ruins of Tcheou Cherng by -vendalus- I know I have used this before but this mod is excellent. Without giving too much away you have to find a certain stone and wither work with a faction or none at all. (rec'd by ericdoman)
Sleeper Story v1.2 by Terminus You have been put into the prison and you don't remember why. Suddenly, a women open the door for you and lead you away. It is time for "Prison Break", is that so? It is a fun mod with some plot twists which are really shocking! However, it does has some bugs which require some techniques to overcome (I have mentioned it inside the mod comment session) (rec'd by Starlight)
Sleeping Otter - Bearly An Adult by dugfromthearth One of the few nice nature-themed module. You will have a nice 1-2 hr while trying this, trust me. (rec'd by Starlight)
Sleepwalker 1 : Desert Greed by Phalanges * Requires 3 more votes and 741 downloads to graduate from the list *

Puzzles, strategy, roleplaying, desert, humorous adventure. What to ask more? (lebowski)

Snickersnack! by nereng The third proof that the BioWare World Design Contest 2007 actually produced very enjoyable and highly original mods (well, not the contest per se, but the contestants). Snickersnack! is a short adventure for kobold lovers with nice scripting ideas and lots of funny NPC interactions. (rec'd by Olivier Leroux)
Soul Shaker by Lance Botelle The module is set in a demi-plane with many original features and once the player gets used to this new environment, it provides many hours of adventure based on a developed background story. Although the author advertises the module as playable by any character from lvl 1-20, I would highly recommend to play it with a PC between lvls 12-16 because of the few feats and skills that are still applicable in the demi-plane. (rec'd by HerrJeff)
Strange Alliance I - Trouble in the Silverwood by KCSolberg A short but nice first level module with an amazing night-day cycle, some well designed areas, and many well scripted situations. A shame it has been undetected for so long. The mod can be a bit tough for single player, but it's possible to play it in HCR or non-HCR, the last one being easier (rec'd by lebowski).
Strange Alliance I - Trouble in the Silverwood (Non HCR version) by KCSolberg A short but nice first level module with an amazing night-day cycle, some well designed areas, and many well scripted situations. A shame it has been undetected for so long. The mod can be a bit tough for single player, but it's possible to play it in HCR or non-HCR, the last one being easier (rec'd by lebowski).
Sultan's Guard by Grey Harrower A very authenic-feeling Arabian setting with an exotic soundtrack. A good amount of custom content, and simple but compelling mystery. Start off as a palace guard and end up possibly saving the day! ---or, failing.. (rec'd by hannya)
The Sunken Shrine of Ahmenkatja (Non-Contest Version) by Jesse Sky If I recall correctly it was the winner of the BioWare World Design Contest 2007, and the award was well-deserved because it's a flawless short story mod with a gripping story in a unique setting of the author's invention, challenging combat and puzzles, and it can be completed in less than an hour, so there aren't that many reasons not to give it a try and see for yourself. (rec'd by Olivier Leroux)
Sunken Cemetery Redux (Tales of the Hullack Forest) ver 2.0 by Lord Niah This is a dungeon crawl module warp up with a nice background story. The PC stumble across a group of Purple Dragon Knights. They are investigating a cemetery where a great evil is sealed inside...However...(rec'd by Starlight)
Tales from the Seven Sheaves by Scott Free 1) No real plot, couple of sidequests but was reviewed recently and still not into double figures of players. (rec'd by ericdoman)
Temple of Torm by Ian Liew This is a very nice little adventure for preferably good-aligned characters. The writing was quite good; the atmosphere was somehow very cute. Champions of Torm or paladin would probably be pretty cool (although CoTs presumably won't get any dialogue options of their own - the mod is last updated in 2002). It worked well with my lawful good katana master, too. I leveled from 11 to 12. (rec'd by jfoxtail & Lariam)
Temple of Urth 2 - Urthlands by Keebs Quick Pros: Many tilesets used in such a small module. Quick Cons: Some mini map areas oversized (rec'd by Steve Savicki)
A Thief in the Night by btowle This mod offers a very original puzzle for 10-20 minutes of entertainment. Your PC can switch places with different NPCs by way of mind control and needs to use this talent to get into the good king's castle without being detected. Linear but with three possible endings, so you might want to play it more than once. (rec'd by Olivier Leroux)
The Thing on the Island by Menigal The module is nice and the story flow smoothly. The atmosphere created really fit the theme. The player has just escaped the slaver and reached an island. However, there is some really wrong about the island you cannot name...(rec'd Starlight)
Tirloch: The Spirit Guardian by John Mavin It is a nice mini module which has a good story, terrific snow storm environment and combat which require you make use of your resources on hand. I enjoy it very much. (rec'd by Starlight)
To cheat Death by Hellix The story is appealing and has some interesting aspect about the background. The PC received a prophecy that he/she will die in a few weeks. How can he/she avoid this terrible? The module has three endings and is more geared towards neutral and evil players (rec'd by Starlight)
The Triangles of Fate by Eldani A nice module with a lot of custom area and monsters which add a lot of fun into the module. However, the suggested starting level, i.e. level 1 is too low. I think using a level 2 or 3 character is better. (rec'd by Starlight)
Twilight Calling by thegeorge An epic hack-n-slash module which can be played in solo or Mulitplayer. (However, it is more geared towards the latter). The player(s) now living the mansion which are purchased by the PC and his/her fellow adventurers. One day, a strange rush into the mansion. Before he drop dead, he has uttered something like "Guardian Mesa". Could you solve the mystery? (rec'd by Starlight)
Valley Of Shadows by Travis Sidelinger * Requires 9 more votes to graduate from the list *

this one's recent and looks like a lot of work went into it, but nobody is voting on it (rec'd by caesarbear).

A Visit To Fennvale - Final Beta Version by Zejan the Wonder Monkey This is a fine RP module that keeps you thinking and has very interesting conversations with the addition of a ton of scripting. It was one of those modules that you sit down and play thinking you're only going to play for an hour or two but actually it takes 6 hours. I was drawn in by the gameplay, intuitive conversations, a real immersive world and the overall quality of the module. Zejan the Wonder Monkey has never released a module before. It's hard to believe that this is his first module. (rec'd by Tybae)
War of Tableegh Trilogy by Muneer bin Alan A Sou/Hotu module for level 15+ character. Listed as pure combat it is rather well done and fit the niche of module in the 15-25 lvl range. The adventure was made for some underdark type monk but can be played with other races/characters as well. (rec'd by Mirgalen)
Wendel's Woes by Jason Robinson * Requires 597 more download to graduate from the list *

a fun, albeit brief, module. I can't go into much detail as it's been a while since I played it, but I remember being pleased with it. Considering it was made by a Hall of Fame creator, the low number of downloads and votes is rather perplexing. It was released just prior to Christmas last year but currently has less than 800 downloads. (rec'd by Alklau)

Wings of Kephel by Katie Irvin This is a short and fun mod. The PC has just received a message. His/Her mother is ill seriously and there is not much time left for her. You go back to the place of birth and listen to her last words. After that, you need to find out your heritage. However, you just start to pick up the main plot, the mod ends. The author wants to continue the mod on NWN2. (Rec'd by Starlight)
The Wish by Eric Westerkamp Very nice module with a fairly good immersion factor in the pure PnP tradition where a single spell could change the face of a Kingdom. Sure it might be linear but the story does make sense and it is still working. (rec'd by Mirgalen)
Worlds Apart Chapter 1 - God has a Problem by rdz * Requires 5 more votes, 411 more download to graduate from the list *

decidedly different than your standard module, and with a tremendous twist. Rating's about right (maybe), but only 650 downloads (rec'd by Berliad).


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