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NWN Script University (Encounter System Workflow)

Don Moar, BioWare Tools Programmer for NWN

Encounter System Workflow

by Don Moar, BioWare Tools Programmer for NWN

Nov. 19th, 2001



In the NWToolset, the encounter system works like this (subject to change pending further usability tests):

1. Open Module in NWToolset

2. Open Area in Module

3. Select Desired Encounter from List

4. Draw Activation Region Polygon in Area

5. Place Spawn Points in Area


6. Open Properties Window of this Encounter

7. Modify Creature List

8. Set Encounter Difficulty

9. Close Encounter Properties Window


10. Save and Close Module

When a Player crosses the activation radius in the game, the Encounter System (subject to change pending further usability and 'fun' factor testing):

1. Determines the 'strength' or 'power' of the Players in the encounter zone (not the activation radius).

2. Randomly selects a number of creatures from that encounter's list, appropriate to the 'strength' or 'power' of the Players and the encounter's difficulty.

3. Spawns the creatures in randomly at the points specified in the NWToolset, giving preference to points not in the line of sight of any of the PCs.

This has several implications:

1. It is possible to design encounters that groups of low level Players will not activate (there aren't creatures in the list of low enough level).

2. Simply changing the encounter's difficulty (Easy - Monstrous) can have drastic results on the survivability of the Players.

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