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Neverwinter Nights World Builder Ultimate DVDS Now available!


Howdy all, been a long time since i posted here.

I am pleased to announce after several years of collecting, scavenging and gathering many hundreds of tutorials

and custom content, that i have uploaded a custom set of custom content dvds, which i have put on mediafire free for download as is, which i have dubbed 'Neverwinter Nights World Builder Ultimate DVDS' which contains many useful tools, progams and the best of the what the old vault had long ago. There is so much to name, but I can say there is everything you might need to do your 3d modeling, scripting, image editing and much more. I have included the free photoshop white rabbit CS5, a trial edition of 3d studio max 2009, irfanview, the dds plugins for PS, nwmax all versions, nmmax plus, veltools, all of the shockwave tutorials for making your own worlds and many many more. there is over 30 something gb of content but i have used a freeware app called freearc to majorly crunch the files down to a 8 gb dvd set. now i realize not everyone has awesome, epic internet, so i used winrar and split up the image files into 200 mb pieces, and also added recovery records should something go wrong with the download. I just thought i would let everyone know of my contribution, and thank all of you all who endured me on nwn2connections irc chat and my wild ideas for contributions. i will give the links upon request for any who wants them. just leave me a message on here expressing interest in helping me - yes there was a secondary reason for this - with my long subjugated nwn campaign. even if not, let me know if you're interested and i will post a thread with the links.

thanks to everyone who helped inspire me to keep going with my custom content, and to the ctp team and the friends who i got to know well back when the #projectq channel was around. you know who you are. ;)


take care all, and see you in faerun!


Ja ne!



#ADDENUM - Links for DVDS Below!#



Enjoy, leave comments suggestions and feedback! This download is provided as is, free of charge. all i ask is you credit me for the time it took me to gather everything and any tutorials or documents inside that i wrote. thanks!


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