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Neverwinter Nights 2 Hall of Fame


I. Legacy List

Here is a list of the 88 modules that achieved Hall of Fame status on the old Vault, ordered by release ID.

14Vordan's Hero CreatorVordan9.30134
23JEGs Training moduleWhatIsSol9.2153
61Pirate CardsAdam Miller9.2073
63Pool of Radiance RemasteredMarkus “Wayne” Schlegel8.94467
75Red Hand of DoomSgt_Why8.0550
82Endless DepthsHavlen7.9532
83Tragedy in TragidorPhoenixus9.09423
92Asylum: A Bet, A CorpseChristian Mayr8.2582
96FRW Character Creatorladydesire8.8269
128Dark Waters 1 – High CastleAdam Miller9.10366
129B2: Keep on the BorderlandsENoa4 (DMFI version by Carlo)8.24148
134Cry WolfLorft8.1435
136The BirthdayMaerduin8.98148
138Grimm BrigadeJason S. Roy8.3670
151Night Howls in Nestlehaven V1.17jackyo1239.28356
153The Subtlety of Thaydirtywick9.09246
171Dark Avenger Chapter 1Wyrin9.16172
173Asylum: A Corpse, A VoteChristian Mayr9.0844
174The Chronicles of Azaelus 1: The Tower in the MarshRasvar8.1137
176Conan Chronicles 1 – The Barbarian ChroniclesJohn McA8.93116
178The Corruption of Kiahorohuman_male8.82144
179Tears of Ilmarid 1 – Blood of the Fallen, v 2.0.1Hohiro Kurita8.7769
182Tomoachan v1.0.3ENoa48.66118
185Moonshadows – Chapter OneAlex “Hugie” Hugon9.21454
188Sands of Solvheil I: The Ruins of KazatharisRaith Veldrin8.5997
193NWN2: Mask of the BetrayerObsidian9.05133
195A Secret in StonePella Douglas8.2274
197Tomb of Horrors Revisited FINALBM Productions8.9948
201Bishop's Romance (OC)Domi Sotto aka Melirinda9.8379
206Harp & ChrysanthemumMaerduin9.65520
222Winds of ChangeElly_S8.4440
223Battle of the Builds, version 1.23.1Franz Perez (a.k.a. Elysius)9.6331
242Sands of Solvheil II: Beneath the HearleforneRaith Veldrin8.4445
246Dark Waters 2Adam Miller9.65148
250Relaid: Sex & the Single Adventuress for NWN2, the Authorized Unauthorized VersionOriginal by Lisa, NWN2 conversion by ChimneyFish9.3658
256Crimson Cherry 2: Demon Womb (Chapter 1)PaladinXtreme8.2629
261Goblin Bandits of the Delimbiyr RouteKevin Carr  
266The Red PrisonSeryn  
270Dark Avenger Chapter 2Wyrin  
275Lute HeroAdam Miller  
287Howls in the DarkRasvar  
290The Shadowdancer's VaultJolly Jenkins  
301A Hunt through the Dark RemasteredMarkus “Wayne” Schlegel  
304Ravenloft: DreamscapeBlackRain Software  
309Legacy of the DragonIllondar  
310Subtlety of Thay – Chapter 2dirtywick   
314The White RoseTeam Jolly  
317Trial and TerrorIndira Lightfoot  
319Conan Chronicles 1 - The Barbarian ChroniclesJohn McA  
320Fate of a CityAmstradHero  
322HalloweenBouncyRock Entertainment  
333The Heist at the Neverwinter Lights CasinoBlackRain Software  
346Icewind Dale (NWN2)IWD NWN2 Team  
347WR2: The Search for ParadiseTeam o' Jolly  
348Romance Pack for NWN2 OC-MotBGibberlings 3 Presents  
362Mysteries of WestgateOssian Studios Inc.  
364Murder in Dunlopalupinu  
370The Last of the DanaanJ.E. McKellar  
376Dark Waters (Full)Adam Miller  
377LolthanchwiMarkus “Wayne” Schlegel  
378ZORK – Rediscovering the Great Underground EmpireAmraphael  
389Live ForeverAzenn  
391Sheep and StonePJ156  
393NWN2 OC Makeover SoZ EditionKaldor Silverwand / Brendan Bellina  
405TrinityE.C.Patterson and Gaming Parents Studios  
406SOZ “Holiday” Expansion ProjectThe NWN2 Community  
408Chapters 1+2+3+4 – Planescape: The Shaper of DreamsFFG  
411Misery StoneBouncyRock Entertainment  
435The Caravan ClubPJ156  
43616 Cygni 1Claudius33  
450The Wizard's ApprenticeMatthew Rieder  
452The Maimed God's SagaTiberius209  
454Legacy of Plume MountainWyrin  
458Risen HeroShaughn78  
46016 Cygni 2Claudius33  
466Path of Evil Campaignkamal  
470A Fairy TaleTsongo  
476The Last Days of the RavenPJ156  
48016 Cygni 3Claudius33  
483Conan Chronicles 2 – The Zamorian ChroniclesJohn McA  
495These Dark Days of WaitingPJ156  
506The Wizard's Apprentice Chapter II: The Talisman and the EyeMatthew Rieder  

II. Posthumous List

These modules from the old Vault achieved a rating of 8 and higher with at least 25 votes, but were not promoted prior to the demise of the site.

277Escape From Lord Treldorn's MineNostrilHair8.3834
295The Isle of Ash: Chapter 1A.M. Oleksiuk8.3433
300Conan Chronicles 3 - The Thing in the Crypt (See Barbarian Chronicles)John McA8.9527
345Chronicles of Charnia - Lanternaslowdive8.7326
351Hearts of EndiaMazena8.1429
367Harvest of Chaos: King's Festival + Queen's Harvest CampaignKaldor Silverwand / Brendan Bellina8.3325
464Islander - The Dagger ForgedEguintir Eligard9.3529
474The Dana'an UnvanquishedJ.E. McKellar9.7225
485The Kitchen BoyPGB9.8130
514From This Comes StrengthPJ1569.6730

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Somebody aught to add pj156's Soul cage CH 1 to the list of Hall of Fame NWN 2 Modules.
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I'm working on an update to the list.

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