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Modules A to Z: Modules starting with V [NWN1]

DISCLAIMER: This list is archival.  That means that everything on it is old, outdated, or otherwise not current.  This list points to the RoloVault, which is a copy of the old NWVault made in 2013.  If you want current material, please perform a search using the search window to the left (use quotes for module titles).

This is a complete index of the files in the RoloVault, organized by the first letter.  Each link will take you to the old vault module page, and the ftp link next to it will give you a list of all the files for that module.  If you hover over the link, you can see the author, votes, and score in a tooltip.

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V 0.5 - The Sunless Citadel (ftp)
VA 1 Gates of the Abyss (ftp)
Vailgoth's Maze (ftp)
VAL001 The Salt Crypt [HCR] (ftp)
Vald's LOTR (ftp)
Valdorme (FR) (ftp)
Vale o Sorrows V13 (ftp)
Vale of Sorrows (ftp)
Valen Chapter 3 Update for Macs (ftp)
Valgard Keep (ftp)
Valinor Crumbles.mod (ftp)
Valley of dawn (ftp)
Valley of Shadows (ftp)
Valley Of Shadows (ftp)
Valtam's Dilemma (ftp)
Valthar Keep (ftp)
Vampire ? Heaven Defied (ftp)
Vampire Hunter v1.1 (ftp)
Vampire kit (ftp)
Vampire the Masquerade: DEMO (ftp)
Van Epic Chapter 1 (ftp)
Vancouver (ftp)
Vandree Legacy (ftp)
Vane Village Woods (ftp)
Varenor's Vengeance 1 - It Begins v1.0 (ftp)
Vault of the Drow (D3) v1.31 (ftp)
Veil of Shadows (ftp)
Veild Peaks (ftp)
Vendetta! (ftp)
Vengeance is Thine (ftp)
Vengeance of a Mage-Chapter 1-Mad Dwarf Disease (ftp)
Veritas (ftp)
Vermin of Velune (ftp)
Vertex I - The State of the Union (ftp)
VFX Viewer 1.69 (ftp)
Vic Character Tester (ftp)
Vice (ftp)
Vie Commune (ftp)
Village of Hommlet (ftp)
Village of Hommlet(complete version) (ftp)
Village of Longs View (ftp)
Village of Staedwall (ftp)
Village of Staedwall, Rural, 1.1 (ftp)
Village of the Dead (v2.1) (ftp)
Village of Thoryn (ftp)
Village under Siege (ftp)
Vincent's Arena/Adventure (ftp)
Vines Missing Family (ftp)
Vis et Virtus - Chapter 1 (ftp)
Vis et Virtus - Chapter 2 (ftp)
Vis et Virtus - Chapter 3 (ftp)
Vis et Virtus - Chapter 4 (ftp)
Vis et Virtus - Chapter 5 (ftp)
Vis et Virtus - Chapter 6 (ftp)
Vis et Virtus - Chapter 7 (ftp)
Vis et Virtus - Chapter 8 (ftp)
Vis et Virtus - Prologue (ftp)
Vision of Ethere I v2 (ftp)
Visual Effects Gallery (ftp)
Von Wolfen und bosen Hexen (ftp)
Voracity of a Madman (ftp)
Vortex Plane (ftp)
Voyage of Despair (ftp)
Voyage of the Zephyr Chapter 1: Skyward (ftp)
Voyage to Loudwater (ftp)
Vryahen y Quielan (ftp)
Vul'tur: the mourning past - 1st Vision: the dying pond of wishes ver 1.1 (ftp)
Vul'tur: the mourning past - 3rd add-on: Insigne of Oblivion (ftp)


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