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Modules A to Z: Modules starting with U [NWN1]

DISCLAIMER: This list is archival.  That means that everything on it is old, outdated, or otherwise not current.  This list points to the RoloVault, which is a copy of the old NWVault made in 2013.  If you want current material, please perform a search using the search window to the left (use quotes for module titles).

This is a complete index of the files in the RoloVault, organized by the first letter.  Each link will take you to the old vault module page, and the ftp link next to it will give you a list of all the files for that module.  If you hover over the link, you can see the author, votes, and score in a tooltip.

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U1 O Sinistro Segredo de Saltmarsh (ftp)
U1 The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (v3) (ftp)
U1 The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh DM Version v2 (ftp)
U2 Danger at Dunwater (v1) (ftp)
U3 The Final Enemy (v3) (ftp)
Uber AI Bot Mod (ftp)
Uber Regen (ftp)
Uberlicious By Genisys (ftp)
Uilanirm Village (ftp)
UK2 - The Sentinel (v-1-4b) (ftp)
UK5 Eye of the Serpent v1.0 (ftp)
Ultima 8 - Pagan (ftp)
Ultima IV Reborn (ftp)
Ultima IV Reborn 1.1.0 (ftp)
Ultima IV Reborn 1.2.0 (ftp)
Ultima Online (ftp)
Ultima Online for NWN (ftp)
Ultima Thule 1: Lost Items (ftp)
Ultimate Cookie Dough Starter Kit For Builders (ftp)
Ultimate Level Up Module (ftp)
Ultimate PvP Arena (ftp)
Ultimate PvP Arena (ftp)
Ultimate PvP Arena Revised (ftp)
Ultimate Test 1 (ftp)
Ultimes Catacombes (Fr.) (ftp)
Ultimo PvP Arena (ftp)
Uluvin II - The Crumbling Stair (Updated Hak Version) (ftp)
Uluvin: Trouble in the Hills (Updated Hak Version) (ftp)
Uma Prova... de Orgulho? vrs0.7a (ftp)
UMNG2: Strada Nord (ftp)
Un Coin de Paradis (ftp)
Un mago nei guai (ftp)
Un vecchio amico (ftp)
UN#1-Lost Tower (ftp)
Una Nuova Avventura (ftp)
Unath Beta ver1.2 (ftp)
Uncertain Memories and Tenacious Souls (ftp)
Uncovered Caverns (ftp)
Uncovered! (ftp)
Undead (ftp)
Undead III: Lost Memories (ftp)
Undead Invasion v1.02 (ftp)
Undead Saga Chapters 1 & 2 Re-Upload (ftp)
Undead Saga Final (ftp)
Undead Saga Mass Update/Light Version (ftp)
Undead Update Demon Cards (ftp)
Undeath (ftp)
Under Siege - Test (ftp)
Under the Banner of the Wyrm (ftp)
Under the Desert (ftp)
Under the Moonlight v. 2.0 - Multi-player version (ftp)
Under the Moonlight v. 2.0 - Single player version (ftp)
Under the Underdark (ftp)
Underdark Blues Part 1 -- Brain Damage (ftp)
Underdark Blues Part 2 -- Farewell to Sanity (v2) (ftp)
Underdark Blues Part 3: The Spiral (ftp)
Underdark Blues Part 4 -- Wrath of Poon (ftp)
UnderDark: Night Below Book 1 VERSION 1.02 (ftp)
UnderDark: NightBelow Book 1 (ftp)
Undergraduate Research Project (ftp)
Underground city (ftp)
Undermountain Level 1 (ftp)
UnderMountain1 (ftp)
Undermountain: The Lost Level (ftp)
Underwater (ftp)
Underworld - CEP v2.1 (ftp)
Unearthing the Past (ftp)
Uneasy Alliance (ftp)
Unforgiving Realms (ftp)
Unholy Symbol 1 (Final) (ftp)
Unicorn Run (ftp)
Universal Merchant House (ftp)
Unlikely Heroes beta v0.03 (ftp)
Unlimited 1, Frontier City (ftp)
Unlimited 2, No Excuses (ftp)
Unofficial Harvest of Souls 1.26 Beta 33+ (ftp)
Unter Verdacht (ftp)
Unterwegs in Sachen Liebe (ftp)
Untitled v .20 (ftp)
Unwelcome Guests of Hillsfar (Revised) (ftp)
UO's Britannia (ftp)
Urath Test Leveler Plus! (ftp)
Urdu (ftp)
Urgent Message 1 (ftp)
Urgent Message 2 (ftp)
Uriel's Bluff (ftp)
Urius Jogara 1 (ftp)
Urius Jogara 2 (ftp)
Useful weapons and armor (ftp)
UTB 2: The Room of Doom (ftp)


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