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Modules A to Z: Modules starting with S [NWN1]

DISCLAIMER: This list is archival.  That means that everything on it is old, outdated, or otherwise not current.  This list points to the RoloVault, which is a copy of the old NWVault made in 2013.  If you want current material, please perform a search using the search window to the left (use quotes for module titles).

This is a complete index of the files in the RoloVault, organized by the first letter.  Each link will take you to the old vault module page, and the ftp link next to it will give you a list of all the files for that module.  If you hover over the link, you can see the author, votes, and score in a tooltip.

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S-4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (ftp)
S1 - Tomb of Horrors (ftp)
S1 - Tomb of Horrors (ftp)
S1 - Tomb of Horrors (3.5 Edition) (ftp)
S2 White Plume Mountain (ftp)
S4 - The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (ftp)
Sabar's Ghosts v. AD (ftp)
Sacred Kingdom leveler (ftp)
Sacrifices (ftp)
Saleron's Gambit: Chapter 1, v. 2.00 (ftp)
Saleron's Gambit: Chapter 2, v2.00 (ftp)
Saleron's Gambit: Chapter 3, v. 2.00 (ftp)
Saleron's Gambit: Chapter 4 - v. 1.02 (ftp)
Saleron's Gambit: Chapter 5 - v. 1.05 (ftp)
Salones de Cimmeria (ftp)
Samhain's Eve - v.1.1 (ftp)
Sample Module - Otherside (ftp)
Sanctity of Wrath (ftp)
Sanctuary (ftp)
Sanctuary (ftp)
Sanctum of the Archmage 1 - The Sight (ftp)
Sanctum of the Archmage 2: The Miracle Worker - Act I (ftp)
Sanders Station (ftp)
Sands of Fate 1 - Shadows over Heliopolis (ftp)
Sands of Fate 2 - Gem Tower (ftp)
Sands of Fate 3 - Pyramid of the Ancients (ftp)
Sands of Time (ftp)
Sandy (ftp)
Sandy Valley Days (ftp)
Sang de Dragon (ftp)
Santa In Trouble (ftp)
Santa is Missing! (ftp)
Sapphire Star (ftp)
Sarge and thee and Baby make three (ftp)
Satan's Demise (ftp)
Satan's Lair (ftp)
Satan's Nest (ftp)
Satanic Chronicles Demo (ftp)
Sathmar - Chapter 1 - Prelude (ftp)
Sauk City (ftp)
Save The Princess! (STP) - v.4.1 (ADULT!) (ftp)
Savetta (ftp)
Savetta (ftp)
Saving Throw (ftp)
Scale of the Beast: Episode I (ftp)
Scale of the Beast: Prelude (ftp)
Scales of Blood (ftp)
Science Macabre (ftp)
Scion - Preview Module (ftp)
Scoundrels of the Underdark (ftp)
Scourge of the SlaveLords: Pt 1 (ftp)
Scourge of the SlaveLords: Pt 2 (ftp)
Scourge of the SlaveLords: Pt 3 (ftp)
Scroll release 2 Beta (ftp)
Sea King's Quest (Cantil) (ftp)
Sea of Fallen Stars build module (ftp)
SeaHub_beta (ftp)
Seakeep 2.10 TTV CNR (ftp)
Search for Nellen (ftp)
Search of the Lost Relic (ftp)
Seaside 1-Captured by Goblins (ftp)
Season of the Witch (ftp)
Second God War (ftp)
secret door (ftp)
secret door update (ftp)
Secret of Avindor Chapter 1 (ftp)
Secret of Saltmarsh (ftp)
Secret of Skean Island (ftp)
Secret of the Silver Blades - Ver 1.10i (ftp)
Secrets of Doglake Part 1 - Deadwood Forest (ftp)
Secrets of Doglake Part 2 - Halls of Harad-Ram (ftp)
Secrets of Doglake Part 3 - Election in Dindor (ftp)
Secrets of Doglake Part 4 - Endgame (ftp)
Secrets of Silduran (ftp)
Secrets of Westgate (ftp)
Seekers of the Storm v1.00 (ftp)
Seige (ftp)
Seloas City (ftp)
Sentry of Tiamat (ftp)
Sephoria (ftp)
Sephoria - Human Invasion (ftp)
Sephoria Beta (ftp)
Seppuku (hara-kiri) v1.02 (Espaol/English) (ftp)
Seredagost -The Ghostgate (ftp)
Serenity, Roman and the Hag (ftp)
Seris' House of Fashion (ftp)
Servant's Ascension (ftp)
Servants of the Spider Queen (ftp)
Serving the Mystery (ftp)
Sethai's Halls of Advanced Training (ftp)
Sethal's Progeny: Wisdom of Wyrms (ftp)
SetIsTemporaryNeutral bug demo (ftp)
Setupville (ftp)
Seviss Isles (R4b) (ftp)
Seviss R3 (ftp)
Sewers of Homelands (ftp)
Sewers of Power (ftp)
Sewers of Power (ftp)
Sex & The Single Adventuress (ftp)
Sex & The Single Adventuress by Lisa. Russian version (ftp)
Sex Utopia (ftp)
SF0 universe delivery system (ftp)
SFS - Builder and Test Module (ftp)
Shackled City: Secrets of the Soul Pillars (ftp)
Shackled City: Test of the Smoking Eye (ftp)
Shackled City: The Demonskar Legacy (ftp)
Shackled City: Zenith Trajectory (ftp)
Shade - Le Avventure di un Ladro [Final] (ftp)
Shade : A Thief adventures (Final) (ftp)
Shades of Moonshae (ftp)
Shades of Moonshae 2.0 (ftp)
Shadewood (ftp)
Shadohaunt (ftp)
Shadow from a Soul on Fire (ftp)
Shadow of Death (ftp)
Shadow of the Underdark v 1.8 (ftp)
Shadow Over Innsmouth (ftp)
Shadow Over Innsmouth Beta (ftp)
Shadow Soul (ftp)
Shadowdale sotto assedio (ftp)
Shadowdale v 1.1 (ftp)
Shadowed Faith (ftp)
ShadowGuard (BioWare Premium Module) (ftp)
Shadowlords (1) - Russian Version (ftp)
Shadowlords (2) - Russian Version (ftp)
Shadowlords (3) - Russian Version (ftp)
Shadowlords (4) - Russian Version (ftp)
Shadowlords (5) - Russian Version (ftp)
Shadowlords 1 - The Message (Japanese Version) (ftp)
Shadowlords 1 - The Message (v 1.20) (ftp)
Shadowlords 2 - Hill's Edge (1.12) (ftp)
Shadowlords 2 - Hill's Edge (Japanese Version) (ftp)
Shadowlords 3 - Skull Gorge (Japanese Version) (ftp)
Shadowlords 3 - Skull Gorge (v. 1.10) (ftp)
Shadowlords 4 - Stonemeet (Japanese Version) (ftp)
Shadowlords 4 - Stonemeet (v 1.08) (ftp)
Shadowlords 5 - Enter the Shadow (Japanese Version) (ftp)
Shadowlords 5 - Enter the Shadow (v1.09) (ftp)
Shadowlords, Dreamcatcher, and Demon campaigns (ftp)
ShadowRealm Genesis (ftp)
ShadowRealm Genesis PW (ftp)
Shadowrealm Genesis Server (ftp)
ShadowRealm Legacy (ftp)
ShadowrunnerNights Beta Demo Release (ftp)
Shadows and Stars - Interlude - The Void - Preview, v1.01 (ftp)
Shadows Call v. AV A good start for you to make a Game world. (ftp)
Shadows Falling (ftp)
Shadows in the Dark (ftp)
Shadows in the Glade - SID Pt. 2 (ftp)
Shadows of a King's Justice (Director's Cut) (ftp)
Shadows of Chondath (ftp)
Shadows of Darkmoon: Chapter 1 (ftp)
Shadows of Divinity: Trials of the Unmasker (ftp)
Shadows of Madness (ftp)
Shadows of the Past (ftp)
Shadows Over Koln (ftp)
ShadowsFallen (ftp)
Shard (ftp)
Shards of Grace - Prologue, After the End v1.0 (ftp)
Shargast v5.1 a & b FINAL and all other works (ftp)
Shattered Past (ftp)
Shattered Trust Awakening Of The Phantom Dragon (ftp)
Shays Inn (ftp)
Shelter from the Storm (ftp)
Shiek's Leftover Modules (ftp)
ShiftWorld (Beta Version\Preview) (ftp)
Shinto (ftp)
Ship at Sea (ftp)
Shipwrecked! -- Dark Heart of Moonshae Book 1 (v1.36) (ftp)
Shire Adventures the Old Forest. (ftp)
Shirewood Adventures - Maps Only (ftp)
Shirewood Graveyard HCR (ftp)
Shirewood Graveyard II (v2.1) (ftp)
Shokian Grove (ftp)
Shokian Grove V0.3 (ftp)
Shokien Grove V.02 (ftp)
Shooting Gallery (ftp)
Shooting Gallery CEP Style (ftp)
shop n fight (ftp)
Shopton (ftp)
Shrine of Eth'Barat Part II (ftp)
Shrine of the Eth'barat (HotU) (ftp)
Shrum Castle (ftp)
Shuler's Path (ftp)
Shyr (ftp)
Sick Jokes, Twisted Time (ftp)
Siege - Tnevda Castle (ftp)
Siege of Aldera (ftp)
Siege of Angband (ftp)
Siege of Lamen (ftp)
Siege of Sol Gunar (ftp)
Siege of the Heavens v1_04 (ftp)
Sigil - City of Doors (ftp)
Sigrogana Legend - Tale of Oniga, Episode 1 (ftp)
Sigrogana Legend - Tale of Oniga, Episode 2 (ftp)
Silberwald Saga: Dunkle Sonne (ftp)
Silberwald: Der Ring des Schicksals (ftp)
Silent Horror (ftp)
Silent Nights (ftp)
Silifi of the Crimson Stars (v 1.05) (ftp)
Silstrei Knell v2.01 (ftp)
Silver Darkness - Chapter One (v1.04) (ftp)
Silver Princess (ftp)
Silver Princess (ftp)
Silverdale Village (ftp)
Silverthorne Keep (Part I) (ftp)
Simple Ways (ftp)
Since I've Been Loving You (ftp)
Sinister inc. - episode 1 - Dilating Dimensions (ftp)
Sinister inc. 2 - Hail To The King (ftp)
SinXce PvP (ftp)
Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight and other Arthurian Tales (ftp)
Sistema de Germinacin de Marihuana (SGM) (ftp)
Sivtara (ftp)
Six-Realms 0, The Road to Whittershins (ftp)
Six-Realms 0, The Road to Whittershins (Japanese Version) (ftp)
Six-Realms 1, Whittershins (ftp)
Six-Realms 1, Whittershins (Japanese Version) (ftp)
Six-Realms 2, South Therford (ftp)
Six-Realms 2, South Therford (Japanese Version) (ftp)
Six-Realms 3, Return to Whittershins (ftp)
Six-Realms 3, Return to Whittershins (Japanese Version) (ftp)
SK1 City of Stormskeep (ftp)
SK1- A New Beginning (ftp)
SK2 - No Sleep 'Til Divytown (ftp)
Skametch Thorn chapitre 1 (ftp)
SklavenhSndler (ftp)
Skomar's First Module (ftp)
SKS1 - The Ruins of Tcheou Cherng (ftp)
Skullington Falls (ftp)
Slave Pits (ftp)
Sleeper Story (ftp)
Sleeper Story v1.2 (ftp)
Sleepers of Ancient Myth (ftp)
Sleepers of the Southern Shires (P1) (ftp)
Sleeping Otter - Bearly An Adult (ftp)
Sleepwalker 1 : Desert Greed (ftp)
Sleepwalker 2 : Breaking and Entering (ftp)
Sleepy Hollow (ftp)
Slimed! (ftp)
Small Village Woes v1.23 (ftp)
SmallTown (ftp)
Smart Ogre Level-up (ftp)
Snickersnack! (ftp)
Sniezyca : Zaginieni (wersja alpha 1) (ftp)
Snowball Fight! (demo module) (ftp)
Snowbound (ftp)
Snugglesburg (ftp)
Snugglesburg (all files) (ftp)
So You Want to be a Hero? (ftp)
Soap Drops (ftp)
Sodomy Jack 1 (ftp)
Sodomy Jack 3: Apocalypse (ftp)
Sodomy Jack 4: Redemption (ftp)
Sodomy Jack 5: Origins (ftp)
Sodomy Jack 6 Holocaust (ftp)
Sodomy Jack 7: Shoot Out at the Golden Corral (ftp)
Sodomy Jack 8: Jack takes on New York (ftp)
Soigo's Badlands Character Build Tester (ftp)
Sojourner Rising Sun (Demo) (ftp)
SoL Battle Arena (Final Update) (ftp)
Solace (ftp)
Soldier's Grave (ftp)
Some Distant Shore (ftp)
Something In The Air (ftp)
Something worse than... pt.1 - Sometimes v. 1.01 Rus Mod (ftp)
Somf's Black Market (ftp)
Sommerset's Tower (ftp)
Somnus Est Frater Mortis (ftp)
Son of Darkness ( PART 1 - Escape from the slavers ) (ftp)
Son of Darkness ( PART 1) (ftp)
Song for a Sacrifice (ftp)
Sorfeylia : Ep1 Lost Innocence v1.5 (ftp)
Soul Keep (ftp)
Soul of Darkness (ftp)
Soul Shaker (ftp)
Souls of Time (A Dark Sequel) (ftp)
Sounds of War (ftp)
Southwind Challenge 1.0 (ftp)
SP Builder's Module (ftp)
SP1 - The Gathering Storm (SOU) - v. 1.5.0 (ftp)
SP1 - The Gathering Storm v1.4.1 (ftp)
SP2 - The Sword of Potency v 1.1.7 (ftp)
SP3 -- The Sirens of Doom v. 1.0.0 (ftp)
Sparta! (ftp)
Spawn of Earendale (ftp)
Special Golden Modules Pack (ftp)
Spell Hurler's Promenade (ftp)
Spellhook Test Mod (ftp)
Spiders and more spiders (ftp)
Spires of Ravenloft 1.68CEP (ftp)
Spires of Ravenloft CEP 2.x (ftp)
Spirewood (ftp)
SpiritBreaker I- Torture In Mistwood (ftp)
Spiritual Conflict - After Math (ftp)
Spooner's Module (V2) (ftp)
Sprug's Dungeon System chapter One (ftp)
Spyra (ftp)
SQ2: The Pawns of Darkness ? the Remake. (ftp)
Squadian Island (ftp)
Squee's Daemonenjaeger - Eine unvergessliche Nacht (ftp)
Squee's Robe Emporium (ftp)
Squires Tale (ftp)
SR - Keep on the Borderlands (v 1.45) (ftp)
Staff of Yukimori (ftp)
Star Riders (ftp)
Star Trek Rendezvous - Episode 1 (ftp)
Star Wars Mod v 1.0 (ftp)
Stargate Part I: Bandit Country (ftp)
Starter Area Lvl 5 (ftp)
Starting Area (ftp)
Steadfast Isle (ftp)
Steading of the Hill Giants (ftp)
Steading of the Hill Giants v1.2 (ftp)
Steadtler Oriental Adventure Chapter one (ftp)
Stealth - The Fortress (ftp)
Steamloft Murder Mystery (ftp)
Steppenhall Angel Arena (ftp)
Steves Social and Arena Mod V. 1 (ftp)
Stick a Fork in Me (ftp)
Stiev's Big Day (ftp)
Stinkender Eber (ftp)
Stockhome: The Peril of the Past (ftp)
Stonevalley (ftp)
Storm (ftp)
Storm of Dread (ftp)
Stormcrow Spire v1.1 (ftp)
Stormlight (ftp)
Stormlight CEP Version 2.3 (ftp)
Stormwind Paradigm Builder's Module (ftp)
Stormy Night (ftp)
Strange Alliance I - Trouble in the Silverwood (ftp)
Strange Alliance I - Trouble in the Silverwood (Non HCR version) (ftp)
Stranger's Dream (ftp)
Streams Of Darkness (ftp)
Streets of Calimport (ftp)
Strife in Grimbone (new version) (ftp)
Strife in Grimbone (NWN v1.29) (ftp)
Strife in Grimbone v1.4 (no added music) (ftp)
Strife in Grimbone v1.4 (SOU version) (ftp)
stripitem (ftp)
Stronghold infiltration -claiming of the Supermetal Giewont Greatsword.mod (ftp)
Stronghold of the Glacier Giant King (ftp)
Structured Conversations Demo Module (ftp)
StylezCTF (ftp)
Subraces and Level Up (fixed!) (ftp)
Subterra: Dark Tidings (ftp)
Subterra: Gathering Darkness (ftp)
Subterra: ManaStone (ftp)
Subterra: Mischief at the Docks (ftp)
Subterra: The Last Manaquake (ftp)
Subterra: Vuldana's Plot (ftp)
Suit of Sroth (ftp)
Sultan's Guard (ftp)
Summer's End - Chapter 1: The Stone and the Sentinel (ftp)
Sune Masquerade (ftp)
Sunken Cemetery Redux (Tales of the Hullack Forest) ver 2.0 (ftp)
Sunless Citadel (ftp)
Sunlight Requiem (ftp)
Sunrise's Uber - 2da & Module (ftp)
Sunset of Flame (ftp)
Super Large Character Creator/Testing and Training v1.20 (ftp)
Super pvp (ftp)
Super Setupville (ftp)
Superflys Q test module (ftp)
Surmarsh Prelude Mod (ftp)
Surviving Horror 1 - v.2.2 (ftp)
SWardCo's Training Camp (ftp)
SWEDISH: Stenmarknaden (ftp)
Swimming demo-module (ftp)
Swimming With Anemones (ftp)
Sword and the Sorcerer (ftp)
Sword of Fate Trilogy:Sword and the Sorcerer (ftp)
Swordflight Chapter One (ftp)
Swordflight Chapter Two (ftp)
Syluna's Dragons (ftp)
Sylvan Lake Slavers v1.06 (ftp)
Symmetry Preview (ftp)
Syran Island (ftp)


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