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Modules A to Z: Modules starting with R [NWN1]

DISCLAIMER: This list is archival.  That means that everything on it is old, outdated, or otherwise not current.  This list points to the RoloVault, which is a copy of the old NWVault made in 2013.  If you want current material, please perform a search using the search window to the left (use quotes for module titles).

This is a complete index of the files in the RoloVault, organized by the first letter.  Each link will take you to the old vault module page, and the ftp link next to it will give you a list of all the files for that module.  If you hover over the link, you can see the author, votes, and score in a tooltip.

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R&R Quest (DEMO) (ftp)
R1 Hamlet of Bileam (ftp)
Race for President (ftp)
Rage Of Mages 3 (ftp)
Rahasia v1.2 (ftp)
Raid On Tarshys (ftp)
Raindrop Sessions part I: Cedar Woods (ftp)
Raindrop Sessions part I: Cedar Woods (ftp)
Raindrop Sessions part II: Sundabar (ftp)
Raindrop Sessions part II: Sundabar (ftp)
Raising NaVuqqo (HCR) beta (ftp)
Raising NaVuqqo HCR (final) (ftp)
RAM's Chaos (ftp)
Ranan's Colliseum [ALPHA] (ftp)
Random Dungeon (ftp)
Random Dungeon 2 - Crypt of Many Mazes (ftp)
Random Quests/Adventurer's Guild (ftp)
Random Zone (ftp)
Random_Hack (ftp)
Rangers best friend (ftp)
Rappan Athuk (ftp)
Rappan Athuk -- The Dungeon of Graves v 2.0 (ftp)
Rappan Athuk Final v2 (ftp)
Rappan Athuk Final V2 FIX (ftp)
Rappan Athuk Final v3 (ftp)
Rappan Athuk: Dungeon of Graves v. 1.1a (ftp)
RaPS1: Pass of the Spider v1.9 (ftp)
RaPS: Removal v1.9 (ftp)
Ravash of the Bad Mountain =( (ftp)
Raven (ftp)
Raven - Fort Darric Siege (ftp)
Raven's Bluff 1 (ftp)
RavenClaw (ftp)
Ravenloft : Rokushima Taiyoo (en / fr) (ftp)
Ravenloft, Beyond the Gate (ftp)
Ravenloft: A Requiem for Jander (ftp)
Ravenloft: Night of The Walking Dead (ftp)
RDF-1: Into the Ruins (ftp)
RDG9f PRC2.2b v1.2 (ftp)
RDM I - The Rise of Drevin-Mur (ftp)
Re-Roll module (ftp)
Realities Beyond I: die Fremde (ftp)
Realm of Adventure (ftp)
Realm Of Chaos (ftp)
Realm of Destruction 3 alpha (ftp)
Realm of Mages (ftp)
Realm of the PVP Gods (ftp)
Realm of the Rude Web Critics (ftp)
Realm of Travels (ftp)
Realm Quests: Prologue - A New Begining (FINAL) (ftp)
Realms of Arendia v0.55 (ftp)
Realms of DarkSnow (ftp)
Realms of Despair Ver. 1.01 (ftp)
Realms of Netheria - MDF's Update (ftp)
Realms of Netheria PW (ftp)
Realms of Trinity (ftp)
Realms of Trinity II (ftp)
Rebirth of the Phoenix (ftp)
Recipe editor - Createur de recettes pour CNR 3.05 v 1.05 (ftp)
Recipe for Horror (ftp)
Reclaiming Moria (ftp)
Reclaiming Moria version !.2 (ftp)
Recons Arena (ftp)
Red Dragon Battle (ftp)
Red Hand Trail (v0.9) (ftp)
Red Lion Inn (ftp)
Red Moon Rising (ftp)
Red Sisters (ftp)
Red Sisters Lair (ftp)
Red vs Blue (ftp)
Redemption (ftp)
Redemption Sought, Innocence Lost (ftp)
Redspell Part I (ftp)
Regni di Afraris (ftp)
Regni di Kalimpol Demo (ftp)
Reign of Chaos (ftp)
Reign of Chaos (ftp)
Reign of Fire (ftp)
Reincarnation of Lilarcor (ftp)
Reino Oscuro v 0.6 (ftp)
Remake of Menzobarrenzen for dos chapter 1 (ftp)
Renewal (ftp)
Requiem (ftp)
Requiem for Daedalus (ftp)
Rescue the Princess (ftp)
Resident Evil(short version) (ftp)
Resident Medieval (DEMO v1) (ftp)
Resident MEDIEVAL Demo v2.0 (ftp)
Resident MEDIEVAL Demo v3.0 (ftp)
Resistance Utility mod (ftp)
Restenford - Isle of Lendor (ftp)
Restoring the Faith (ftp)
Resurrection Gone Wrong (ftp)
Resurrection Gone Wronger, Romancing the Bob (ftp)
Retour a Kosigan (pisode III des aventures du Btard de Kosigan) (ftp)
Retribution (ftp)
Retribution Wars Act One v1.1 (ftp)
Return of Darkness (ftp)
Return of Mikaila Chapter 1 - The Edge of Nowhere (cooperative) (ftp)
Return of the Champion - Prelude v1.24 (ftp)
Return of the Champion 1 - Journey to the Capital v1.21 (ftp)
Return of the Clones (ftp)
Return of Xzygestrial. (ftp)
Return to Firetop Mountain (ftp)
Return to Kesmai (ftp)
Return to Ravenloft (ftp)
Return to the Keep on the Borderlands (ftp)
Return to the Keep on the Borderlands version 0.1 (ftp)
Return to the Spine v5 (ftp)
Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil (ftp)
Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil - Part 1 (ftp)
Return To the Temple of Elemental Evil - Part 1 (ftp)
Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil v0.90 (ftp)
Return To The Temple of Elemental Evil, Part One (ftp)
Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil: Part One (ftp)
Return to Torgan's Delve (ftp)
Return to White Plume Mountain (ftp)
Reunion With An Archdevil (DEMO) (ftp)
Reuqiem (ftp)
Revelations and Blood and Tears (bastard of Kosigan, episode 3 and 4) (ftp)
Revenant (ftp)
Revenge (ftp)
Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold! v1.23 (ftp)
Revenge is Bitter Sweet ver1.0 (ftp)
Revenge of the Dead (ftp)
Revenge on the dragon BETA (ftp)
Revised Neverwinter Chess (ftp)
Reynault's Tomb (ftp)
Rhiannon Monestary (ftp)
Rhun (Rise of the Underdark) (ftp)
Richard's Inn (ftp)
Richterm's Retreat - Land of Nordock 2008 (ftp)
Riddle Of The Flea (ftp)
Riddles of the Kings (ftp)
Riding Academy 1.69 (ftp)
Righteous butt-kicking (ftp)
Ring of the Balor (ftp)
Rings Of Linux (ftp)
Rings of Linux (ftp)
Riptensteins Monster (ftp)
Rise of Mortesh I: The Orc Stronghold (ver 1.3) (ftp)
Rise of the Dead PtI - Staedwall City (ftp)
Rise of the Hellblades, pt. 1 (ftp)
Rise of the OverLich (ftp)
Rise of the Phoenix (ftp)
Rise of the Revolution - Chapter One (ftp)
Rise of the Revolution - Chapter One *FINAL* (ftp)
Risen Hero -Alpha (ftp)
Rising Shadow - The Outpost (ftp)
Rites of Ascension, Chapter 1: Turmoil in Sosiane (ftp)
Rites of Ascension, Chapter 2: Race Against the Coming Tempest (ftp)
Rites of Ascension, Chapter 3: Vengeance of the StormSon (ftp)
Rites of Passage (ftp)
Ritorno a Thundertree (ftp)
Rival Kingdoms II v1.0 (ftp)
Riverhaven (ftp)
RKP - Adventure, Equip, & Mega-Fight (ftp)
RLCore Ravenloft Core Modules (ftp)
ROA modified (ftp)
Road to nowhere (ftp)
Road To PHOENIX (ftp)
Road to Ruin (ftp)
Road to the Dark Temple (ftp)
Road to Waterdeep (ftp)
Roadside Lodge (ftp)
Roevor's Limit (ftp)
Rogue Life - Part One (2K7 Release Vs.3.1) (ftp)
Rogue Life - Part Two (Final 1.0) (ftp)
Roleplaying/Medium size (ftp)
RoME - Return of Middle Earth PW (ftp)
Ronin, Kensai of Kyoto Demo V1 (ftp)
Ronin, Kensai of Kyoto Version 1.05 (NWN 1.65) (ftp)
Root of All Evil II: The Kurst Murders (ftp)
Roots of Evil Chapter 1 (ftp)
Roses for Rosa (Writing Contest) (ftp)
Royal Rumble (ftp)
RSP 2 -- The War Against Chaos (ftp)
RSP1 -- An Invitation to Power (ftp)
RSP3 -- might and menace (ftp)
RT0 Crossroads (ftp)
RT1 Gravedigger 1.2 (ftp)
RT2 The Rift 1.2 (ftp)
RT3 The Coming Storm 1.1 (ftp)
RTS - Harvest of Souls 1.11 (ftp)
RTS - Harvest of Souls 1.25 (ftp)
RTS - Harvest of Souls 1.26b33 (ftp)
Ruby's Conquest: Orcs of Flame (ftp)
Ruined Temple of Nerull (ftp)
Ruined Temple of Nerull ver 2.0 (ftp)
Ruins (Chapter 1) (ftp)
Ruins of Carthage Final (ftp)
Ruins of Kunark (ftp)
Ruins of Netheril (ftp)
Ruins of the Spider Queen! 'A Land In Need - A Hero Indeed' mini quest! (ftp)
Ruins of Undermountain Part I (ftp)
Rune: Subliminal Darkness (ftp)
Runes of Blood (ftp)
Runes of Draiden DEMO (ftp)
Running Man (ftp)
Rural Nightmare (ftp)
Rusty Constabulary (ftp)
Rvlations: une aventure du btard de Kosigan (pisode IV) (ftp)
Ryuku Island Chain (ftp)


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