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Modules A to Z: Modules starting with O [NWN1]

DISCLAIMER: This list is archival.  That means that everything on it is old, outdated, or otherwise not current.  This list points to the RoloVault, which is a copy of the old NWVault made in 2013.  If you want current material, please perform a search using the search window to the left (use quotes for module titles).

This is a complete index of the files in the RoloVault, organized by the first letter.  Each link will take you to the old vault module page, and the ftp link next to it will give you a list of all the files for that module.  If you hover over the link, you can see the author, votes, and score in a tooltip.

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O calabouo do Frango de Diabo (ftp)
O Despertar - Baseado no Nordock 1.7 (ftp)
Oberon's Diner (ftp)
Oblivion for NWN (ftp)
Occulus Infernum (ftp)
Ocie's Visual Effects Library (ftp)
Oesterk Keep, Part 1 v. 1.1 (ftp)
Of Kings and Desperate Men (ftp)
Of magic and power (ftp)
Of Sword and Spirit (ftp)
Of Time and Death's Feast (ftp)
Of wolves and witches (ftp)
OGP Tournament (ftp)
Oh No Bards 6 1/3 (ftp)
Oh No Bards 6 1/3 Final Version (I will fix if broken) (ftp)
Old Justice (ftp)
Old Lady Item Fetch-A-Thon (ftp)
Old Man Item Fetch-A-Thon (ftp)
Omegaptolemus, The Last Myrmidon (ftp)
On My Honor (ftp)
On the Run part1 (ftp)
One Bad Turn 1.02 (ftp)
One Cool Store (Quick Start to ANY Chapter! Includes LEVELER!) (ftp)
One Cool Store Character Creator/MEGA Shop Supports EPIC LEVELS (HotU v1.62) (ftp)
One Dark Night (ftp)
One hundred Orcs (ftp)
One Impossible mod (ftp)
One Last Riddle (ftp)
One Question - Who Am I? (ftp)
One Stormy Night (ftp)
One Stormy Night (revised) (ftp)
One Way Out v0.3 (ftp)
One Wrong Turn (ftp)
One-Eyed Pete's Tavern (ftp)
Onwards to Adventure - Chapter 1 (ftp)
Onwards to Adventure - Chapter 2 (ftp)
Open to All (ftp)
OpeningScene (ftp)
Opowiesc (ftp)
Oracle - Signs of the Fallen (ftp)
Orb of Doom (Prelude) (ftp)
Orc and Pie (ftp)
Orc and Pie (ftp)
Orc Killer (ftp)
Orc Tower (near final) (ftp)
ORC WARS! PART 1 (ftp)
ORC WARS! Part 2 (ftp)
ORC WARS! Part 3 (ftp)
Orcish Barracks (ftp)
Orcs 1 - The Awakening of Arak-Hur ///// L'veil d'Arak-Hur ///// Bilingual Version (English&French) (ftp)
Orcs 2 - Return to Al-Dha ///// Retour a Al-Dha ///// Bilingual Version (English&French) (ftp)
Orcs And Humans (ftp)
Orcs of Dragoon Mountain (ftp)
Orcs Vs Dwarves (ftp)
Orcs, Tigers, and Giants Oh My (ftp)
Order of the Griffon 2 (1.4) (ftp)
Order of Time - The Fateful Coin (ftp)
Orein Lands (ftp)
Origen de una Leyenda (ftp)
Oslan Legacy (ftp)
Out of the Shadows (ftp)
Outbreak (ftp)
Outcast Housing Sample (ftp)
Outcasts (ftp)
Outfitters R Us (ftp)
OutKast (ftp)
OutKast - version 3 (ftp)
Outpost of the Empire CEP persistent world (ftp)
Outpost_Beta_Open Source Community Module (ftp)
Outsiders Below - FINAL (ftp)
Overland Travel System Demo (ftp)
overlord assasination (demo- finished version is out soon..) (ftp)
overlord assasination final version (ftp)
Overstayed Welcome (ftp)


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